Friday, October 12, 2007


Friday is my favorite day of the week. I love Friday night because I know I am looking forward to the next two days away from work. The weather is beautiful-although not a hint of rain which is not a good thing. We are drying up!!

The question is-what will I do to fill up my weekend. What I should do is clean the house, especially the sewing room. I am not sure there is a floor in there anymore. The ktchen and bathroom floors are in need too. How did Bailey get her dog fur in my bathroom? WonderPup is just that! Now I know in my heart of hearts that the cleaning thing is just not going to happen. I suppose I will run the vacuum and clean up the fur in the living room. Beyond that......

Sunday is ssecond Sunday and day to pick up the next block for block of the month. Also Peggy is going to be at Stitch to sign her book. I must have a copy even if I never make one of her quilts. I still have the one from the cruise that I have not touched since March. Pretty sure it is somewhere in the sewing room!

The projects are calling my name but I don't seem to get much done. Poor Laur has been waiting for over a year for the French fabric one. The top is done-somewhere in the sewing room. Do you see a pattern developing? Now if I were to win the lottery, all the quilt tops would go to the longarmer and I could start over.

I am half way through the Patterson book and anxious to see what diabolical thing will happen in this book. San Francisco does not seem like such a nice place despite the pretty pictures Laur took.

I guess I will just sit back and see what happens next.........

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