Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bestest Friend

Kathy and I go away back-our girls were little when we first met. Now we are both grandmothers-go figure! Anyway she is still a northerner and I miss her terribly. We have shared a lot. And she is a great cook too! I miss that too!!

This evening when I got home, there on my porch was the box. I had asked her to send me a calendar with pictures of the Hudson River Valley. The calendar is published and supports a local charity. The photographer is a man named Joe Deutch. His photographs are take your breath away beautiful. Now I have the calendar with the pictures to look at. It is a weather calendar as well and tells when to expect snow or other forms of bad weather. AND in the box was extra treats. Bless her heart, she sent me Drake's coofee cakes and my-t-fine chocolate pudding too! Breakfast tomorrow...yum!! Thank you, best bud.

Laurie is home from Japan. I have had high anxiety over the past couple of days. Don't know why but I did. Chalk it up to being a mother I guess. So I left work a little early today and drove over to her house. I beat her home from the airport. She looks well although tired from the long flight. Kris joined us for supper and then we all went home to go to bed. Well I'm not there yet, but soon!

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