Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saturday was a fun day

Part 2 of Thimbles weekend. I continued working on nine patches for Scrappy Nines. I have 12 blocks done. Only 8 million 56 thousand more to go! It took me 2 trips to put all my stuff back in the car to bring it home. mountains of one and a half inch strips! This coming week is the stitch in. unfortunately, I do need to work. But I did decide to go next Saturday.

Sarah and Emma came for a sleepover. Sue told me they would probably go to sleep early as they had been swimming all morning. Hah-like that happened. I went to bed at midnight and Sarah was still awake. We varied our picnic routine slightly. We had a variety. Chick filet and McDonalds. They are at opposite ends of the parking lot. Willie loves the routine because he always get fries with his kibble.
Emma spotted Moda Man in my sewing stuff and wanted to know if he was Jesus. Must have been the beard not the bling. At any rate, Moda Man, Bolt and the kittens were being entertained by the Polly Pocket crew. I am not quite sure where he is right now. Probably needed to find a quiet place to sleep! The living room is like an obstacle course at the moment. The girls are passed out on the couch.

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Becky said...

Yahoo! So glad you will be at the Stitch-in on Saturday!