Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dysfunctional winter?

This morning I saw 2 robins and the birds were chirping.  Since it was in the 80's last week in Fla, I guess they are thinking it is time to head north.  Note to birds: the week after next is the retreat up in Ellijay and it has snowed on that weekend for the last 2 years.  Hunkerdown birds!

Yes that is a new use for the otherwise infrequently used appliance.  I have been lusting after this fabric since I first saw it on the Little Quilts blog.  It is Battle Hymn.  I even found a pattern while thumbing through old magazines.  Actually I was looking for something else.  Cindi and I were planning a trip over there during the week and planned it for next Saturday.  Change of plans...we went today..road trip with Marti and Marie.  such fun.  Since were all the way over in Marietta (the other side of the world) it made sense to check out Tiny Stitches as well.

Then after all that serious fabric fondling, a need for reenergizing.  And although we passed The Big Chicken, we went to the Marietta Diner.  I haven't found many diners down here-not like up in NY.  Oh my was it good.  Sovlakyi yum!!!-  I wonder how the rice pudding is?  But I was way to full for dessert.  And speaking of desserts...OMG the cakes in the counter were to die for.  I think the calories migrated through the glass while I was waiting to pay.

Home again and nothing to do but rest up for awhile!!!  I really MUST get started on preparing my projects for Ellijay as I don't want to have to cut anything up there but just sew.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weekend af Meena's

 The Polly Pocket girls are out to play.  Moda Man and Bolt are also enjoying the day.  Moda Man is in the castle resting.  Rough night?
 One of Sarah's dolls is practciing her violin and Willie is observing.  House well on the way to being trashed and it is only Saturday!
 Emma the cook is busy making cookies.....
 ..while Sarah works on decorating the red wagon
And Willie is being just plain cute.  Second cutest...Remy Brock is #1 cute (but he is just baby cute).

We had a busy morning.  Breakfast at Waffle House.  Quite the experience for me.  I think it is my second time in 12 years.  And I am good for another 12 years.  Then a stop at the J store for some crafting supplies for the afternoon and Publix for cookies (and milk).

Thursday, January 12, 2012

R.I.P. my sweet Henry

It was so fast.  One day he was fine and the next....
Last evening, he had a syncopal attack.  I took him to an emergency vet who did xrays and ekg.  2 hours later, he seemed fine and I took him home.  This morning i took him to the regular vet.  Long story short, heart, kidneys okay but blood work showed severe problems in his liver.  He was definitely suffering.
My heart is breaking.  I know I did the right thing.  At least he was not sick long.

I got Henry as s kitten.  He has always been my sweet boy.  Even last night, he came to bed and slept on the pillow.  There is a hollow spot in my heart.  I told him to wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Orca Bay ...completed top

The top is done!!  I really love the way this mystery turned out.  Now I have to get a backing for it.  My plan is to piece a back in shades of blue just like the ocean!

In the meantime, I guess the top will go live with Roll. roll.  Also in need of a backing.  BUT I have one for it-just needs to be pieced together.
Yesterday, while I was out and about (in Marietta-at Tiny Stitches...busted)  O got to see another Orca Bay completed.  It was done in the same colors.  My reason for the trip, was to see if they had Reenuzit 2 in.  I want to see what the line looks like.  I guess I will have to wait.

Some of my quilting buds have made lists of projects for 2012 completion.  I am only listing 7 because that was all I could think of and probably won't get them done anyway.  So here they are:

1. Dark and Creepy-Havenstone
2. Roll, Roll cotton Boll
3. Orca Bay
4. Go Tell it on the Mountain  (blueberry crumb line)
5. 2011 quilt camp project
6. 2001 blue and tan swap
7. Comfort and Joy-this one falls into the highly unlikely to ever be completed list.  And I am going to hear about this from Pat.

so that is my list-there are lots more projects but I am being realistic

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Orca Bay revealed

Up early this morning to view part 8.  Bonnie has not disappointed!  I wanted to do some since tomorrow I have to work.  I have all the rows sewed together and have connected six of the rows.  I think there are 11 more rows to go.  I will do the inner border in a tone on tone neutral.  And then construct the outer border.
I love the way there are secondary patterns that pop as you look at it.