Sunday, March 27, 2011

Greater Atlanta Shop Hop

I think this is year 12 of Shop Hop. I have done part or all of most of them. Cindi and I headed out bright and early yesterday morning. first stop (of course) was Sweet Home. I picked up my Atlanta fabric. I am thinking of a just can't cut it quilt in the future. I also will be making one of my new fabric bags. That cute bundle just jumped into my hand, so I needed to take that home as well. Becky and Kristie were already there shopping when we arrived. Also met friend Louise and her hubby Mike. Cindi and I had only planned on 2 shops but since Becky and Kristie were heading south to Scarlet Thread, we decided to follow.

Note-also picked up month 3 of Comfort and Joy. And so beginneth the applique. Support group should be on standby. I looked at it when I got home. WHAT WAS I THINKING!! This month is house construction.
We drove down and found the new location for Scarlet without a problem. The new shop is a wow! And right at the door as I walked in, what did I spy? A whole display of Lilac Hill. I did need another charm pack for my schnibble that will be part of the backing. And then I decided that I am going to make the quilt bigger than originally planned, so I need more yardage and another jelly roll. Cindi also needed some Lilac Hill and when Louise got there, she did too! Karmen-let Mom know just how much we love this line.

I also saw a cute bag pattern, so I got that and the handles as well.

We also visited Patchwork Cottage. Also featured at the entrance....yup-Lilac Hill. Could it be that it is a fav since lilacs don't grow in this area. But you can almost smell them as you look at the fabric. I miss lilacs in the Spring.

I headed home as I had an urgent appointment with the couch. It has been another awful week at work and I am exhausted. I am rapidly reaching the breaking point now. If there is no improvement, I will need to make some choices but I will wait until after the cruise to decide.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thimbles Weekend

It was so good to see all of the gals at Thimbles although Saturday group was a bit scimpy this month. I dropped in on Friday night for a little while to visit there as well. Gretch was working on a schnibble since she had to be in Decatur on Saturday for work (bummer). Also got to visit with Brenda as she was being a sharecropper on Saturday! On Saturday Kristie continued with her project -cutting almost 3000 one inch squares. Can you say she needs her head examined? But she will create a beauty I am sure. Cindi came late as she had a gardening workshop in the AM. It was a glorious day weather wise.
Took care of the feet with a pedi. They were in bad shape. Then had dinner with Laurie. Nice way to end up the day.

I am continuing to work on my project (above). I have 10 blocks completed. The picture does not do the fabric justice. Lilac Hill is beautiful. I just might have to enlarge this quilt!

I had to disturb Henry this morning so that I could check my email and blogs. He was NOT happy. Here he is being regal.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Not to be outdone by Gretch...

..I got "Happy Mail" yesterday as well. I had started working on my Lilac Hill jelly roll on Sunday. I will take a picture when I have made a couple of more blocks. This line is sooooo yummy. I had an idea in the back of my mind, so I hopped on over to Fat Quarter Shop. My rationale was that gas prices are so high......Of course I would have spent less (probably) if I drove back over to Tiny Stitches..but Mr. Computer is just so easy. At any rate I came home yesterday to a loaded mailbox. Oh Happy Day!!! The charm pack will become a Schnibble for the back of the quilt..pattern yet to be determined. So Happy Mail was abundant yesterday in the ATL!!

Wild Willie was looking pensive yesterday..or maybe he was just being regal. He likes to sit on the back of my chair when I am on the computer.
Work a light in the darkness....keep repeating over and over again. I am presenting a happy face at work but deep down inside....not so much

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sarah, Emma and Wild Willie. Ahh...the Disney Channel

Emma, Wild Willie, Moda Man and the Polly Pockets

We had a sleepover last night.. Sorry-no room is currently disaster central!
The girls arrived and Emma headed for the toys in record time. She began her usual set up of castle, Pollys and rolling stock. "Where's Moda Man?" I am not sure as I haven't seen him in awhile-probably since last Thimbles. He evidently has abandoned Fat Quarter as she was in her usual spot on her bed! After a short search, he was located in the sewing room on the floor. (He could have been lost forever!)

I think Wild Willie thinks he is a dog. He has followed Emma around since she got here. Could it be that he knows she will feed him french fries? He is one happy pussycat even without the food. I think he likes the people closer to the ground. Henry was on the sidelines and Spooky decided being scarce was his best option. He did come out after dark.

I really enjoy having the girls come visit. We got the Janome out and both of them did a little sewing. I think there is hope that there will be s sewer in the bunch.

I finished month two of Comfort yesterday morning, And now it is on to heinous applique...remind me again why I signed up for this project...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lilac Hill

As I am a purple person, I have been waiting for this line to be released. When I saw it noted on Tiny Stitches web site, I had to go see it in person. 1-800-GOTTA HAVE. I rewarded myself for my new attitude! Home my lovely jelly roll came. (With no idea for pattern). I have spent the time just fondling the fabric. IT IS DELICIOUS!!!!! I need to get four fat quarters. Hope I don't need another Marietta trip.

This morning, I found a pattern in the first jelly roll book from the girls in England. It is called Damask Rose. It is now officially on the to do list. (Not much on the to done list lately).

I need to work on month 2 of Comfort and Joy. Next month starts heinous applique.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Being a light in the dark..

I have not blogged in over a week. I had nothing to say. Had not done any sewing. Big event...went to the dentist..had a crown replaced.

I have been in a funk lately. Maybe it is seasonal affective disorder...maybe not. At any rate, I sat myself down the other evening and had a chat with me about attitude. The job has been a challenge to say the least since the rainbow people took it over. We had to live through the annual survey. There has been a lot of discontent throughout the facility. My 2 coworkers have resigned and I toyed with the idea as well. But actually, all SNF's are basically the same. The grass is not usually greener. So I will stay put.

So I have decided that I will go into work everyday and smile and acknowledge the poor CNA's who work hard for not enough money. I know I would not be able to do all that they have to do on a daily basis. I am going to try to be a light in the darkness that the workplace has become.

So my dear friends, please remind me of this blog when I start bitching again!

BTW-I did complete the Morris Brandon raffle quilt. Check one thing off the list!

And I have the cruise to look forward to as well! AND the Bradford Pear trees are in full pretty to look at as long as you don't have to smell them...forsythia,daffies,,,,Spring is coming. (of course that means pollen but I can deal).