Saturday, October 31, 2009

Willie's thoughts on Lillie

What is she thinking? Is it not enough that I must share with Henry and Spooky? I hope that Lillie does not think that I am an adorable fuzzy toy for her to play with. I am quite the handsome boy, however. I have important duties here and have no time for canine foolishness. There is quilt inspections that need to be completed. I also must continue to test out finished objects for suitability.

Friday, October 30, 2009


I just checked the Sweet Home site and Bad Melisa has a good giveaway this week. Love the line..check it out-it's Moda!

I know for sure I have turned into my mother. I had refrigerator issues this week. The repair man came yesterday and was unable to fix it in one day...needs to come back. Great..I was sure that this man would never show up today and I would be sitting here cooling my heels. I was wrong. He got here shortly after I got here and now the refrigerator is fixed. I have a mess on the kitchen floor as there is still water that needs to evaporate in the drip pan or so says the man (who was not easy to understand)! So I now have a refrigerator/freezer with very little in it. My frozen stuff is over at Sue's house..need another trip over there to retrieve it.

Also want to get over to see Alice this weekend. She got a good report from the pediatrician today.

NOw I guess I should figure out what I can eat tonight!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Guest Blogger reports

I am not fond of being photographed. And yet Mom is always trying with her fancy dancy camera. Last evening Meena came over for supper and Mom tried to poison her! Well I guess it was not really a poisoning because they both ate the same thing...I don't know because none was offered to moi. I got a bone with some peanut butter in it which was quite good although not very filling. I think Meena ate bread and water.
Mom told Meena to aim her camera at me to keep me away. I had to hang out under the table to prevent photo ops. Mom says I need to go for a visit to Meena's house so I can meet Willie. I am not sure what Willie is-I hope he likes to play. I like playing with Ayla and Lainie no Brainie but they are bigger than me. I hope Willie is little.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Alice Gabrielle has arrived

Miss Alice is already letting her parents know who is in charge as she decided that she wanted to celebrate Halloween. She was born this morning via c section. Alice and her parents are doing fine. She is 6lb 15oz and 20 inches long. She has a full head of light brown hair that just might be curly-hopefully not as curly as her mom. Don't know what color her eyes are because she wouldn't open them!! I just couldn't wait to hold her and this child I will have to share as her other grandma also lives here. Not so much a problem with Sarah and Emma. They are beside themselves today. Emma asked, "did she come out?"

Friday, October 23, 2009

The need to eat some thin mints....

I am working on a quilt for Sarah for Christmas. It is made from the Girl Scout materials. It is a very happy quilt. I am doing the disappearing nine patch which makes for a quickie! I also am not making it that big because who knows how long she will be a Girl Scout! But in the meantime I am sewing up thin mints, tagalongs, samoas and trefoils. The representation of the cookies is quite good. Too bad this is not cookie season...or maybe that is a good thing!

I have to touch base with Sue to see when Sarah will be available to work on the rag quilt for her try-it badge. I had planned to get an oil change for the car but after work it was so yucky out, all I wanted to do was come I did!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Whining about the weather..

I checked the calendar and it is, in fact, October. But I had to succumb and turn the heat on over the weekend and it is still on! I hate the cold and always have. I think my boys do as well. Henry has taken up his position under the covers at night and stays close on one of the quilts while we watch tv at night. I hope the weather people are correct and the temp will moderate soon,

Sunday's activity was to "help" Sue create a costume for a school project. My job-make a skirt. It was one of those real quickies. Sue the sewer neglected to purchase thread when she bought the fabric. So it was constructed with the thread that I use for all my projects-light gray thread. The skirt is a orange/black fabric that looks like fire. It only shows on the hem. Sarah got involved with making a rag quilt. Sue cut out fabric squares and Sarah began sewing the blocks. Sue discovered that Sarah can use the project for a try-it badge. Sue should get a badge as well! I forget what the character is that Sue is supposed to represent-a book about a school teacher and a magic bus...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Christmas Lights

I finished putting on the borders of the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt-Christmas Lights. Now I need to find a backing for it. I like it as it does not scream that it is a holiday only quilt.

When I looked back, I realized that quilts completed for the year so far...13!!! Emma's quilt is 2009-13.
Off to Sue's after church. I found some cute bear fabric and I hope to help Sarah make a rag quilt. Main objective however, is the project for Sue.

Let's lengthen Saturday and Sunday

Yesterday was Thimbles. The time there flew by..I hate that now it will be another month before we can be together. We had a good time except for Sarah who cut her finger while using the rotary cutter. We had visitors as well. It was fun.

2009-11 this is Winter is coming soon-stay warm. It is cold here now-I used it already! The fabric is called Winter (Moda) and pattern is from second Jelly roll book.

2009-12 This is my happy quilt. It is for Emma for Christmas. Pattern is Sassy 16. I made the top start to finish at camp. Vicki quilted it and returned it to me this week. I love the back as well and it really shows off the quilting. Quilting is not as visible on the front.

When I got home yesterday the latest block was there from Fat Quarter Shop. Gotta work on that soon. I also got the fabbies from there this week for a future quilt. I saw and bought part of the line out at Sweet Home and found some more on the FQ site. 1-800-gotta have!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Bad Melisa has a giveaway and plans for the weekend..

B.M.-E.T. (Louise's name for our wacky but wonderful Bad Melisa) has a new thing going on. A Friday something or any rate go to the Sweet Home site and check it out but I REALLY want to be the winner on this one. A MODA book...(Moda Man has sent out yet another message via the "waves")!

And now to the weekend...BIG PLANS!!
It is a Thimbles weekend so we will be sewing and laughing and cutting up tomorrow. Don't think I'll make it tonight..too much to do! Not sure what I will be sewing tomorrow.
Vicki delivered my Sassy 16 quilt and I am sewing on the binding...that is an in front of the tv project. I have to get started on the quilt for Sarah for Christmas out of the girl scout material..I am thinking a disappearing nine patch for that one!

My precious, wonderful but crazy oldest daughter informed me yesterday that she needs a costume for school. She bought some fabric for me to sew. She says it is an easy project...this from the girl that forgot to buy straight pins to pin the pattern to the fabric. That is the Sunday after church project. I think that Sarah will be a better helper than Sue. Sarah wanted to sew last weekend and I think I will give her some fabric and help her make her own rag quilt. (if she is in the mood).

Somewhere in the weekend, I have to do the usual stuff like laundry, etc.
But right now I had better do some work so I can keep the Moda Man and Melisa happy!

Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm a happy camper!

Sometimes it only takes a little thing to make me happy. This morning, driving to work (in the pouring rain), the radio waves were buzzing again. Randy and Spiff are back together again! They are the morning guys on the oldies station. I have followed them from station to station. Hopefully, the powers that be won't change the format again. I was excited to find Spiff a few months ago but didn't know what happened to Randy. When they went to an AM station awhile ago, I couldn't get the reception and I really wasn't in to the talking....but now I am happy!

Survived the weekend and the living room is put back together after the little girl's sleepover! We had a good time but I needed a nap yesterday afternoon. Saturday morning, Cindi and I went out to Sweet Home. I donned the colander but was not too successful. Pictures to follow. But now that I think about it, there was no Moda in the purchases......maybe it does work????

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Christmas Lights and lull in blogland

It is only Wednesday but I feel like I have worked non stop for 2 weeks. For those of you familiar with the nursing home system, the "state" was in this week on annual survey. This process is done to assure that the residents are properly cared for and that the facility follows all guidelines. It is a very necessary and important tool but it makes for a gutwrentching, headache producing, stressful time for all involved. The team arrived Monday morning and departed today. I am physically and emotionally exhausted right now but tonight I will sleep well and tomorrow I can go to work when it is light out! Parkwood was deficiency free on this survey!!!!!!!!

As for any other part of my life...non existant for 3 days. But this evening, after a little nap, I started the assembly of Christmas Lights. I have to get back to finishing up the curtain for Snugglebutt's room. Just a little hand sewing on the loops.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Postscript to Christmas Lights

I could not contain myself and decided I would begin the construction of part 3 of the pattern. I have a construction error in part one-of the 12 blocks, I put 6 of the them together wrong...and I never saw it until this morning. Now I am going to do some unsewing. I did put 2 rows together and it is going to pop!

Yesterday was the baby shower for Kris, Tyler and Snugglebutt. Laurie was the shower coordinator, and Sue supplied the house. Me, I bought some beer for the boys! There were presents galore and I don't know where they will put all the stuff they got! Ans Snugglebutt will have to have her clothes changed multiple times s day to wear all of the little outfits.

Yesterday afternoon I drove over to Marietta. In one of the emails I get from the shops over there, they had sent notice of girl scout material available. I did buy a piece for a backing for the quilt I plan for Sarah but not enough selection for the front. Fat quarter shop has it though. I had a good time just looking at the fabbies over there. I usually only get over there for Shop Hop because "my" shops meet most of my needs. (I think I am needing a visit to Bad Melisa to see what the Temptress is up to these days!) Also need to see if she has the book I need for the Quilting by the Bay retreat in January.

Yesterday the Quiltmaker magazine came and the third part of the Bonnie Hunter mystery. It is going to be pretty. I want to start to work on it!