Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I have created a monster......

I think I am in real trouble. Now Bailey is making noise BEFORE I get out of bed. She is up before 11Alive hits the airwaves! So it is slightly after 5AM and she has already been out and had breakfast! laurie is going to love getting up at the butt crack of dawn.

You would think that since I too am up at dark thirty, I could get some sewing done. I downloaded step three of the orange crush mystery quilt. Unfortunately (sp) I have not even started step 2! I hope Gretch and Becky are doing better than me. Ooops! And I still have not got the little quilt for Sue even close to being done.

Kathy arrives tomorrow so tonight I have to straighten up. I need to think of some fun things to do while she is here. I want to go to the Spruill Center on Sat to support Laurie's pottery group and the scholarship in honor of her departed friend Marianne. Other than that, I thought about Stone Mtn as Kathy has never been there. If it is a nice day, that would be fun!

But right now I am in desperate need for a cup of coffee!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Yeah for Tuesday

Yeah for Tues. because I am only working 3 days this week!! Wootwoot!!! Kathy arrives bright and early thrs morning and then she will see just how boring my life really is. But the truth of the matter is I really enjoy boring! I started reading a new book last night by the author of the Secret Fan. This story takes place in modern day China. So far, so good. I have not done any sewing since I finished the binding on Friendship Crossing. I am looking at the piles of UFO's by the computer..and then there are the other works in excuse offered!!
I spoke to Laurie this morning, back from Kyoto and I am awaiting upload of her pictures. She had a wonderful time. I sent another picture of Bailey so she could see her silly dog. Laurie is really going to love getting up with Bailey at 5AM now that that is Bailey's new routine!
Emma and Sarah called me tonight and I have not got a clue what Emma was talking about-little aunt blabby! I think they are having a party for one of Sarah's webkins. And I thought I had it bad with cabage patch kids!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Friendship Crossing is the first quilt of the Stitchnsisters club. It was started in (would you believe) 2004. It has been sitting in it's bag since about 2 months ago. It is part of my plan to "finish it up". I picked it up yesterday and today instead of cleaning, I put the binding on. Now another quilt is completed-11 so far in 2008!

I did do a little straigthening up and ran the vacuum since Bailey is dropping fur like crazy. Tomorrow I need to layer up the quilt that Sue is giving to her aide-as it is getting close to the end of the school year. Gotta get it done!

I have a few more finished tops that I need to finish the process. "Rotten Vegeatbles" is the next one to go to the longarmer.

Friday, April 25, 2008

the saga continues....

I sure hope the dementia does not progress quickly because this email change is going to cause serious headaches! I keep thinking about people that I receive email from and then send them a note to change my address. I remembered Melisa at Sweet Home this morning and shot her a note. I'm not quite sure how to to the stitch n sisters email and Laurie is somwehere on her way to Kyoto. I spoke to her last evening-had to check to make sure skype still worked. She was still sleeping when I called her but she was due to get up shortly. She has lots of good things on tap for the weekend and I am looking forward to pictures. I guess I will email the sister superior.

I have to clean this weekend. Kathy arrives on Thrsday. I am so excited to be seeing her. She knows what kind of a housekeeper I really am, so it will just be the basics. Laurie did remind me last night that Kathy has to lay hands on Bailey as she has always had a geriatric pet family. Who has a guinea pig that lives 6 or 7 years? i remember the Sunday that it finally departed and she had to go home to do the final preparations. Amazing I can't remember last week but I remember that Sunday. Go figure!

I also need to get into the sewing room and pick out stuff for step 2 of the mystery quilt but I am afraid thatwhat happened to Gretch will happen to me too! Ah well in the meantime I guess I should go get ready to head off to work. Yuk-I'd much rather stay home!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

So here is the scoop......
Since I have long distance minutes on my cell phone, I decided to call at&t and cancel my long distance service thereon the land line. (I should have stayed at work!)
One hour on the phone with a lovely lady who discovered that I was being double billed for my internet service and she was fixing it for me and applying a refund.
Now I just knew that this was going to cause problems.......and I was correct. Later on, I decided to go online and check my service. So I call at&t and get routed to India -like his name was "Jason"....not. So 45 minutes later Jason tells me that the problem is somewhere in the line and I need to call the service company to come out and, I am not doing that. Call at&t again and back I go to India again-this time to talk to "Kevin"......more time but at least Kevin got the situation fixed as you can see as I am now back on line. Of course, I have a new user name which I will email to y'all. Good grief.....I have such a headache. And that is why I left work early today because my head ache just would not go away.
Now I think I will fedd the dog and the cats and open a bottle of wine!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Missing You

Here is bad influence Bailey. I have noticed that she spends a lot of time resting! She seems to recline a lot! Yesterday evening after her supper, I took her outside to "go" (she did) but she also developed an interest in the kids that were playing outside-not the basketball ones next door but little kids on bicycles. It was funny. I had never seen her do that before. Then she came in and decided to play a little with her toy. She has pretty much destroyed it. But she does carry it around like that Petsmart commerical. So cute!

The bad influence-well it is rubbing off on me. I end up doing "the Bailey" after work. I am reading a tea mystery but it is taking me forever. I keep falling asleep. It doesn't help that there is Nothing on tv worth watching either.
So glad it is "hump day".

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Georgia Shortcoming

There is not too much I find fault with my adopted home state. Yes, the pollen in the spring can be uncomfortable. But it really doesn't last that long. Also there is the elevated tornado threat in these months as well. I slept throught the other day's earthquake so that doesn't even count! BUT....the lack of Drake's coffee cakes really does bother me! I grew up on them. When I was a very little girl, they were called "mousie cakes" because when my mother brought it home (then it only came in a large round "cake"), I would eat the cinnamon top off-thus a mouse must have gotten to it! They are little individual ones now and I think they are oh so good!
They became available in Ga about a year after I moved but then they were gone. I was so sad. So when I visit my friends in NY, I come back with a suitcase full of Drake's coffee cakes. (Also My-T-Fine chocolate pudding-another Ga. deficit). While Sue was in Fla. last week, she found some there and yes, this morning I had "mousie cake" for breakfast. Yum! My friend Kathy is coming for a visit in a couple of weeks. I need to call her and tell her to bring some too. I would gladly give up Brewster's ice cream, if I could have Friendly's. But at least I can have Carvel now. I mortified my children when I persued a Carvel man in a supermarket parking lot. Knocking on his window. He really must have wondered about this crazy Southern woman! But I am not really southern and Carvel was another staple in NY. Ahh-jamoca almond fudge!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Les fleurs de Jardin is completed. This makes #10 for completed quilts this year!!
I am quite pleased with myself to say the least! I still have one more to be picked up.

Today as turned out quite nice, weather wise. Not that I have been outside much. I picked up Sarah and Emma at Kris's house this morning and took them back home. Then I played "ponopoly" with Sarah while Rob took Emma to dance class. Sarah has sort of bent the rules with the game. Borrowing from the bank is okay. (Later I found out you are supposed to pay it back when you have the money, but Sarah forgot that little detail!) Then Rob took Sarah to soccer and I had Emma. Emma however, disappeared upstairs. All this activity kind of tired me out so when I came home, Bailey and I rested and napped on the couch. Bailey is a very bad influence on me!

When I spoke to Laurie last evening, she was planning on a little exploring. I can't wait to see if she did. I really need to get something accomplished this weekend. But so far, it does not look too promising!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Done until the Fall

Yesterday went as expected. I left home at 6:30 and walked into home office at 8:35. The trip up 85 was not bad at all, I guess the truckers were sleeping in! The meeting went as expected-boring as hell. It went on way too long. I wonder why they don't understand that you can talk at people for a certain amount of time and after that they just shut down. I wanted to scream!! Back on the road again shortly after 5. Poor Bailey. I was in my driveway at 6:45. I really booked it to get home. I had Bailey barricaded in the kitchen since I knew it was going to be a longer day than usual and I figured an "accident" in the kitchen would be an easy clean up. Bailey did not feel she needed to be in the kitchen however and had once again escaped into the rest of the house. I know, Laurie, such a smart dog. Long story short-she left me no surprises! Good dog!
I worked on binding on the quilt picked up this week but not much-just too tired! I printed off step 2 of the mystery quilt but that is as far as that went as well.
Talked to Sarah and Emma last evening. Sarah was talking about how she had to be very quiet at school and thanks to Becky, now I understand why. Have not got a clue as to Emma's conversation becasue she was on a mission and I only get about every third word when talking to her on the phone.
Glad it is Friday because I am really tired this morning and I don't really feel like coping with stupid stuff at work today. I hope it will go quickly so I can come home and vegg on the couch. Nobody better cross me or they will get it-right between the eyes. I am not about to take any crap today!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mandatory Road Trip

Twice a year there is a case management meeting at the home office in Easley, So Carolina. Today is the day....Have you already got the feeling that I hate this trip? Well, I hate this trip and I hate this meeting. It is usually a colossoal waste of time. The trip takes at least 2 and a quarter hours and is a very boring drive. Since I have Bailey, I could not go up last night and get a dinner out of the deal. So I guess I had better get my rear in gear and get myself ready to head up the road. Usually the trip home is pretty awful part of the way due to the angle of the sun shining right in your eyes. Usually gets better when I hit the Ga border.
On a much lighter note...I picked up one of the quilts yesterday and it is really pretty. I chose a sunflower quilting pattern. The binding is sewn on and now I have to do the handwork to finish it up.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fabric Acquistion Support Group

I am so glad I have one! My morning routine-feed the cats, let the dog out, make coffee, let the dog back in, feed the dog and then check the computer. And so this morning I did do that. First checked my emails-read some, deleted most. Laurie sent representation of her name in Japanese(relly neat). And then on to find out what my blogging buddies are up to! we all seem to have this acquistion problem and fabric that lures us. Gretchen pieced a really yummy top and Becky is collecting some awesome fabric for a future quilt. They have both been productive. My recent production has been only on the aquisition end since I finished Laurie's quilt top. Have I thought about the back??? Well, nooo not yet. I have 2 quilts to be picked up and Sue's to be layered up and quilted.
So last evening I finished Sleeping With Ward Cleever (the book-not the character). It did call to mind some of my past life although I never ran a marathon or "did it" in an elevator. Hmmm....
Back to the present-maybe this weekend I will get my head into sewing again although I will be spending part of Saturday with my little girls while Sue goes to a conference. Sarah has soccer and Emma has a dance class. Rob will wait at home for appliance delivery. I haven't seen the little ones in a couple of weeks, so I am looking forward to it. I probably will have to play "ponopoly" Sarah always wins and it is not like I let her-she just does!
Time for coffee.....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baby it's cold outside....

The weather pixie had to go to her closet and get her coat out again....what happened to Spring? Sure we still have the pollen but good grief- Bailey-it's cold outside! This morning she was out about a minute and a half. Then she came back in selectively ate her breakfast and is now on the couch watching the news!
I had hoped to turn the heat off by now but I refuse to freeze. I am worth being comfortable. It is supposed to be worse tonight. Sleeping is okay because I moved some of my recently completed quilts onto the end of my bed so the guys would be warm and comfortable. Henry of course, sleeps on the pillow next to my shoulder for most of the night.
I started a new book last evening...."Sleeping With Ward Cleever". It is a Pat Sloan selection from her book club. Some of it reminds me of my life...hmmm! I finished Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and really enjoyed it. I also got another one of her books from the library.
The backing for the Far East quilt is not yet speaking to me so I am taking a break on it. I really have to get the baby quilt for Sue's teachers aide done because school only has a few weeks left-6 maybe. Oh boy-no school buses.....I am a school bus Grinch! But it is not really the school buses...or even the teachers going to is all the little darlings who have to be driven to school. And now I have beaten this dead horse enough!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Far East quilt top completed

The maiden voyage of the klutz fingers are a little too short for it but at least they are protected!

The quilt top is completed and takes up half the kitchen!! I think the outer border helps to balance the blues that are in the body of the quilt. Now that this part is completed, I have to think about the construction of the back. I will piece it and use leftover fabric from the front. Additionally, Laurie purchased a panel that will be the largest section of the back. I am thinking about not centering that so that when the quilt goes to the longarmer, it's poistion will not be as important. The quilt also is constructed so that it is wider than longer. This one is going to be a bear to put the binding on!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Maybe I'll blame Mike..

It is not my fault....the car took control and decided to go to Conyers. I was just along for the ride. Melisa just refuses to buy ugly fabric. I told her that I had no business being there this morning, it just happened. And there on the shelf was this beautiful piece of fabric. 1-800-gotta have! Now do I know what I will do with it? Not even a slight clue...but isn't it pretty?
The rest of today Bailey and I just hung out. And it is just a rainy day in Georgia! I think the pollen count must be down a little bit today because my head is not aching the way it has been for the past couple of days.

Saturday stuff to do...

My girls asked me what is on tap for this weekend. I have an exciting life-"life in the slow lane" is just about it!
Well there is the laundry (did most of it last evening), then there is the cleaning-ongoing and right now slightly out of control as I have baby gates all over my house to separate the cats and the dog. Henry actually ventured out of the bedroom this morning while I was on my way to releasing Bailey from "her room" so she could go outside for a minute. What was he thinking? So now she is in the living room after her breakfast-she ate nearly all of it but had dry food left from last night- and the boys and Harry are safe in my bedroom.
My friend Becky was talking about a trip to Sweet Home in her blog. Last time she did that, Gretchen, Becky and I met out there. I really shouldn't go.....but I soooo love that store. And I need to stop at JoAnn's and see if I can find a klutz glove that she was talking about...that is in Snellville and Conyers is not that much further.....
I received a nice email from my nephew yesterday in response to an email I sent him. He is coming to Atlanta on a book tour in May. I really would like to go see him-it has been many years. I am hoping that I will be able to get at least one of the girls to go with me. It is "ITP".
Not looking forward to the cold air that is due in later this weekend. Bailey and I have enjoyed having the door open...not the front door-that makes her a little crazy with the action outside.
Laurie and I talked skype to skype last evening (her sat morning). It was good to be able to see her. She was moving into her new apartment later on that day. I got to see the view out of her hotel window as well. I am looking forward to a tour of her apartment.
So that is the excitement so far.....

Friday, April 11, 2008

Tops in Progress


When I get up on Friday morning, it is with the knowledge that there are only 8 more hours of work this week. Hopefully it will be a quiet day. Then comes my favorite night of the week (that's because I have the next 2 days off!)
Last evening I assembled all of the blocks for the Far East quilt. I hope it will be big enough for Laur's bed. Bailey got her first peek at it but I told her she could not walk on it until it is completed! She is in the kitchen at the moment picking out the wet food from her dry food and dropping dry food around her bowl. Laurie has such a smart dog! Did I say that?
The upcoming weekend weather does not look good. First some more rain and thunderstorms coming in from Alabama and then the temperature is supposed to drop. February weather in April...goodie! Pollen only made it to 2900+ yesterday brings on a dull headache and sniffy nose.
Today is the last day of Spring break and no school buses but Monday looms. It is so nice to sail across Oak Rd to work without sitting and waiting for the buses. And all the poor little darlings that are driven to school in their SUV's. I hope those cars get like 4 MPG. My kids had no problem riding a school bus-so there! Don't these mothers know what a great vocabulary builder school bus riding is?
This weekend I am going to try to get the borders on the quilt. Then I need to think about the backing. We bought a panel which will be the center section of the back. I have some blocks made that were in the top but I took out as I did not have enough fabric and also wanted for contrast-they will go in too. I guess it will end up as a work in progress until I complete it. I think I am going to have Peggy do the quilting on this one when it is done.
Coffe is ready and I need an infusion!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

babble on.....

Yesterday afternoon the weather was beautiful. It was warm-not too hot yet. The pollen count promises to go over 3000 today-yesterday it was 2700+. That did not stop me from opening both the front and back doors to be able to enjoy the pretty day. Bailey got some good exercise running between the doors checking front and backyard. She did seem to be annoyed by the kids outside though. Good thing the daily basketball "game" was not going on!
I finished "Snow Flower" last evening. It was a good first book for the book club. All in all, I guess it is a good thing to be a woman in 21st century America as opposed to what women in China had to accept in the nineteenth century.

I put 2 rows together on the Far East quilt. It is looking good if I say so myself.

I am glad it is already thursd morning. I am tired today despite sleeping okay. This weekend I think I need to start picking up around the house. I only have 3 weeks until Kathy gets here!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Daily Bailey

I decided to try skype last evening. Since Tokyo is 13 hours ahead, I called Laurie early in the morning. I figured she would be up and getting ready for work. Well the phone rang and then I got a leave a message instruction in Japanese! My Japanese is limited to mushi mushi and sayonara! So I left a message with hopes that I had called the correct number. Shortly my telephone rang with an unknown 678 number "LLM Services". What the heck-last night I told off some woman calling from the kidney foundation. (They seem to be using people's own phones to solicit). But I was feeling adventursome. At any rate, it was Laurie-go figure. The last time she called the caller id was unknown name with a 000 number. I still don't know how this works but it is so nice to be able to talk to her.
She calls the "daily Bailey" nanny cam on the blog! Nothing new. Bailey did do the houdini out of the kitchen yesterday while I was at work. I guess she feels that the bed is more appropriate for snoozing than the kitchen floor. As long as she doesn't leave me any surprises she can stay in the bedroom. She stayed in her bedroom last night and has already been out and had her breakfast. We seem to be getting into a pretty good routine. This weekend it is supposed to be getting cold again, so I am not looking forward to outside stuff with her.
I am continuing to read Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and I am enjoying it. It is the first book for the Silver Thimble book club. It is a good choice and I find myself immersed in the characters. I was going to start the assembly process on the Far East quilt but read instead. Today is another day.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fear of calculating

My friend Becky has calculated her purchases of fabric vs. used fabric from her stash for the year. Congrats Becky-you are doing really well!! I am on the other side of the fence, I fear. I have purchased fabric this year. I have used some of it but I am sure I am on the deficit side.
On completed projects....Peace in the Valley is 2008-9 on my quilt list (or the 9th quilt I have completed in 2008, so that is good, at least. There is another quilt to be picked up at the shop and another one ready to go. I completed the blocks for Laurie's quilt last evening-nothing on tv!! Also started reading Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. I am enjoying it.
Daily Bailey report....she slept well last night, I am assuming and rushed outside this morning but came right back in after a short time and headed directly to the kitchen for breakfast. She belongs to the clean bowl club this morning and is now wandering about the house. Last night I checked in with Kris(she is the dog consultant) and she was happy about how Bailey is eating.
I enjoyed talking to Laurie last evening also. (it was Tuedsday morning for her and she was getting ready to go to work.) Pictures are coming this weekend of her new digs. Technology-great-being able to talk to her makes it sooo much better. Crap what a mush I am!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Just another manic Monday......

When winding up my sewing last evening, I put the four patch blocks into sets of 10 per Bonnie's direction in step one of the mystery quilt. Would you believe I came up with 149! I was going to recount the batches but decided it would probably be faster just to make another 4 patch. So I did....done!!! Now I have to wait for step 2 on the web site.
On to the Far East quilt. I have finished the half square triangle pieces for the remaining 7 blocks. I should be able to knock off the blocks after work today.
Bailey update.....last night I added some of her "wet food" to her dry food and she gobbled it all up. This morning she also ate nearly all of her food. Also the water bowl in her bedroom was empty this morning. Right now she is napping (go figure). I will put her behind the barricade in the kitchen while I am at work.
Cat update....the boys are not happy. Henry is spending a lot of time in my closet. Spiff and Spooky were on the bed yesterday afternoon. I think Henry was in bed with me last night..someone was!!
Sure hope it warms up a little today. It was such a gray damp weekend. I guess it is good for the pollen count though.
Nothing really manic about today....just another day and now on to another day at the "home"!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Quilty Sunday

Peace in the Valley is comlpleted!!!!
I also completed the four patches for orange crush mystery-they all need to be pressed and wait for the next step.
Also worked some more on Laurie's Far East quilt. Those blocks need pressing and construction of the block.
Bailey has spent most of the day on the couch watching tv. She seems to like the History channel. I guess she takes after her grandfather!!

Mushi mushi

Telephone rang this morning at 6AM. I emant to bring it into the bedroom when I went to bed last night but of course, I forgot. Laurie was calling from her hotel room in Tokyo. The connection is great-she could be calling from Alpharetta! Tokyo is 13 hours ahead of us so she was calling Sunday night. I had a really hard time figuring out what day it was when she was in India last year.
Yesterday was uneventful after the airport. I made it back up to Alpharetta and picked up Bailey and all of her paraphenalia (spelling?). Then brought her back here and settled her in. Then I went to sisters. I actually didn't feel like going but I wanted to check in with Gretchen and Becky regarding all the weeks news and Orange Crush. I am glad I went because I needed to be around friends. I was feeling quite sad at leaving Laurie at the airport. Don't get me worng. I am really happy for her-what an opportunity and adventure! I'm being just a mother and worrying about her so far from home and ME!! The older I get the more I worry about being far away from the girls. What a psycho!!
At sisters I picked up "Peace" (which was another reason I wanted to go. It really came out well and the rickrack is dynomite! When I finish the binding I will post pictures. This was the first back that I pieced and if I say so myself, it came out quite well. I am short blocks for the mystery quilt. I have to make some more strips so that I can finish. I am only short about 34 blocks, so I should be able to knock this part off this weekend.
After sisters, I came home and then BAiley and I took naps on the couch. I really didn't sleep well the night before and my couch is quite comfortable. I did wake up with an awful headache (sinus or allergy). Advil did the trick. I was going to go to the supermarket but that didn't happen. Will have to do that today. No milk-no coffee-not good!
Bailey did well last night. She is sleeping in the guest room. When I checked on her while talking to Laurie this morning, she was smack dab in the middle of the bed and not too eager to get up. After an early morning outing in the front yard, she is back on the couch. She brings new meaning to the word "couch potato". Maybe it should be "couch dog"?

Friday, April 4, 2008

Orange Crush Mystery Revisions

This morning when I got on the computer, in my email was one from my friend Becky. Good-her computer issues are fixed...well actually-she emailed this on Monday and it has been floating around since then! I know since she responded to my selections for the mystery quilt that I have since changed. BUT this morning I removed the tan as she suggested (too light) and put back the purple. So now the colors are hunter green, a medium red, purple and dark brown. I will bring them tomorrow to sisters for a better look. I have been working on the 2" strips and I think I probably have enough to begin sewing the four patches. Needs to be 300.
Also yesterday I worked more on Laurie's quilt and I have only 7 more of the blocks to construct before the assembly begins! I' bring that with me tonight for her to look at in person. Tomorrow is her big day....on to Japan. I'll take her to the airport in the morning and then swing back and pick up Bailey to bring her back here before I go to sisters.
I';; pick up Peace in the Valley tomorrow too. I am going to be quite busy!! The Frieds leave for Fla and Disney tomorrow too. Spring school buses yeah!!!!!!
Sure hope BEcky gets her computer fixed soon. I miss the blogs. And I hope Gretchen has better luck with her Bernina. It is amazing how accustomed I have become to checking on the blogs for what is going on!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I think I like it....

I worked on the Far East quilt this afternoon. I cut some of the pieces for block (the block without the people). I think it is a go.....hope Laurabo likes it too

Dark thirty Piecing

I am a morning person. I do my best thinking and working in the morning. Come 8 PM, I'm done! No matter how hard I try to stay awake, it doesn't happen. If I plop down on the couch with the guys, we are all napping before long. But 5:30 in the morning-bright eyed and bushy tailed. This morning I am looking at the 2 pieces of fabric I got yesterday for the Far East quilt. I laid them out on the table last night to see if they would speak to me. This morning they did! I have made one block and I think I like it. Last night I "unsewed" the block that I made over the weekend. I think some of this fabric/blocks will be part of the back of the quilt-all is not wasted. I have a glimmer of a plan for that too!
After work this afternoon, I will cut the rest of the pieces so I can begin working on this block. I need to make 14 more of these blocks..or maybe 13-I'll see after I have a total of 14 made. I have sent so may pix to Laurie she told me that I should surprize her. So I will! Trust me Laurie!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I think I might have issues....

either that or bipolar symptoms! So while I was sitting here at the computer this morning at dark thiry, I looked down at my orange crush main fabrics and changed them again. I am substituting mulberry red for the purple. Now my main colors are tan, red, hunter green and dark brown. I think it will go better with the scraps that I have started to sew together.
Then there is Laurie's Far East quilt. I am having issues with that as well. So after work I went back to Intown to look at their fabrics. I am going to substitute a fabric in this one as well. Talk about UFO's!
Got home and their was a message on the machine. Another quilt is ready at LQS. First I thought it was 2 calls for one quilt...then when I looked at my paperwork., I took 2 quilts in. Good grief.....Peace in the Valley and Friendship Crossing are both ready. Yikes!!!!

Orange Crush and Stuff

I am intrigued by Bonnie's mystery quilt. I really don't need to jump in on this one as I have several works in progress right now! I need to quilt the baby quilt for Sue to give to her teaching assistant, Laurie's Far East quilt needs work...I still have to adjust the design. LQS called last evening and another quilt is ready to be picked up....yeah Peace in the Valley is quilted!! I asked about the rickrack in the border and Pam(the quilter) said it went much better than she thought. If I can contain myself, I will pick it up at "sisters" on Saturday. Back to the UFO's-that is the "active" ones....I started working on an early sisters quilt last month. Have not done a thing on that one since last sisters!!! Back in the plastic bag for you. Then there is the fabric I bought last week X2 with quilts in mind-ZaZa and the fabric from Sweet Home on Saturday. I want to work on them all!!! I get myself in sooo much trouble :c)
Yesterday afternoon I went into the sewing room.....boy I wish someone would straighten that one for me-just sort and pick up...nothing in there needs to be discarded! I started pulling some 2 inch strips. Step one is to make 150 four patch blocks...I made one! 149 to go. I have to sew some more dark/light strips so I can make more blocks. Right now I have 74 pairs and I need a total of 300. But it does go fast because I did not spend very much time on sewing last evening.
Countdown to Bailey-5 days....My poor boys....I am going to move a bunch of quilts into my room for them to sleep on since my bedroom is off limits for the dog. Bailey comes right before shedding season begins as if my house did not have enough shed animal hair. Bailey sheds in clumps!