Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fear of calculating

My friend Becky has calculated her purchases of fabric vs. used fabric from her stash for the year. Congrats Becky-you are doing really well!! I am on the other side of the fence, I fear. I have purchased fabric this year. I have used some of it but I am sure I am on the deficit side.
On completed projects....Peace in the Valley is 2008-9 on my quilt list (or the 9th quilt I have completed in 2008, so that is good, at least. There is another quilt to be picked up at the shop and another one ready to go. I completed the blocks for Laurie's quilt last evening-nothing on tv!! Also started reading Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. I am enjoying it.
Daily Bailey report....she slept well last night, I am assuming and rushed outside this morning but came right back in after a short time and headed directly to the kitchen for breakfast. She belongs to the clean bowl club this morning and is now wandering about the house. Last night I checked in with Kris(she is the dog consultant) and she was happy about how Bailey is eating.
I enjoyed talking to Laurie last evening also. (it was Tuedsday morning for her and she was getting ready to go to work.) Pictures are coming this weekend of her new digs. Technology-great-being able to talk to her makes it sooo much better. Crap what a mush I am!!!

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Becky said...

You might be pleasantly surprised how much fabric you've used. You have finished quilts, backing and binding. That adds up!

Take care,