Sunday, April 13, 2008

Far East quilt top completed

The maiden voyage of the klutz fingers are a little too short for it but at least they are protected!

The quilt top is completed and takes up half the kitchen!! I think the outer border helps to balance the blues that are in the body of the quilt. Now that this part is completed, I have to think about the construction of the back. I will piece it and use leftover fabric from the front. Additionally, Laurie purchased a panel that will be the largest section of the back. I am thinking about not centering that so that when the quilt goes to the longarmer, it's poistion will not be as important. The quilt also is constructed so that it is wider than longer. This one is going to be a bear to put the binding on!

4 wonderful peoplecomments:

Becky said...

The Far East quilt looks fabulous!!!! Wow! You did a great job designing this one. Glad to see that you are using your klutz glove. I haven't tried mine on yet.

Take care!

laurie said...

but it's so worth it! I can see it now with red accent pillows on my bed!!! I love it!

Melisa @ Sweet Home said...

Perfect choice of borders to balance out all the blue...I know you were worried about it being "too blue." No need, cause it looks great! The red is the perfect accent.

Gretchen said...

Magnifique!!!! Love it! What does Bailey think?