Monday, April 7, 2008

Just another manic Monday......

When winding up my sewing last evening, I put the four patch blocks into sets of 10 per Bonnie's direction in step one of the mystery quilt. Would you believe I came up with 149! I was going to recount the batches but decided it would probably be faster just to make another 4 patch. So I did....done!!! Now I have to wait for step 2 on the web site.
On to the Far East quilt. I have finished the half square triangle pieces for the remaining 7 blocks. I should be able to knock off the blocks after work today.
Bailey update.....last night I added some of her "wet food" to her dry food and she gobbled it all up. This morning she also ate nearly all of her food. Also the water bowl in her bedroom was empty this morning. Right now she is napping (go figure). I will put her behind the barricade in the kitchen while I am at work.
Cat update....the boys are not happy. Henry is spending a lot of time in my closet. Spiff and Spooky were on the bed yesterday afternoon. I think Henry was in bed with me last night..someone was!!
Sure hope it warms up a little today. It was such a gray damp weekend. I guess it is good for the pollen count though.
Nothing really manic about today....just another day and now on to another day at the "home"!!

2 wonderful peoplecomments:

laurie said...

I love reading the Daily Bailey update! It's like nanny-cam but with blogging!! :)

Becky said...

Glad that Bailey is settling in with grandma. Your projects are coming along too. Are you feeling rested?