Sunday, April 20, 2008

Georgia Shortcoming

There is not too much I find fault with my adopted home state. Yes, the pollen in the spring can be uncomfortable. But it really doesn't last that long. Also there is the elevated tornado threat in these months as well. I slept throught the other day's earthquake so that doesn't even count! BUT....the lack of Drake's coffee cakes really does bother me! I grew up on them. When I was a very little girl, they were called "mousie cakes" because when my mother brought it home (then it only came in a large round "cake"), I would eat the cinnamon top off-thus a mouse must have gotten to it! They are little individual ones now and I think they are oh so good!
They became available in Ga about a year after I moved but then they were gone. I was so sad. So when I visit my friends in NY, I come back with a suitcase full of Drake's coffee cakes. (Also My-T-Fine chocolate pudding-another Ga. deficit). While Sue was in Fla. last week, she found some there and yes, this morning I had "mousie cake" for breakfast. Yum! My friend Kathy is coming for a visit in a couple of weeks. I need to call her and tell her to bring some too. I would gladly give up Brewster's ice cream, if I could have Friendly's. But at least I can have Carvel now. I mortified my children when I persued a Carvel man in a supermarket parking lot. Knocking on his window. He really must have wondered about this crazy Southern woman! But I am not really southern and Carvel was another staple in NY. Ahh-jamoca almond fudge!!

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Becky said...

Drake's coffee cakes. Hmmm! You'll just have to bring some to Sisters. Not an item we had in Louisiana either. Of course, there are Louisiana items we don't have here in Georgia either - Savoie's rice dressing mix, Savoie's Roux, Poupart's French Bread..... but we can get Blue Bell ice cream and Community Coffee. Life is good! What are the dates of your friend, Kathy's visit?

Hope that you had a wonderful Sunday!

Judy laquidara said...

The things we miss that we get used to having. Being from Louisiana, I've had to learn to live without a lot of things that aren't around these parts of MO so I know how you feel.