Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Orange Crush and Stuff

I am intrigued by Bonnie's mystery quilt. I really don't need to jump in on this one as I have several works in progress right now! I need to quilt the baby quilt for Sue to give to her teaching assistant, Laurie's Far East quilt needs work...I still have to adjust the design. LQS called last evening and another quilt is ready to be picked up....yeah Peace in the Valley is quilted!! I asked about the rickrack in the border and Pam(the quilter) said it went much better than she thought. If I can contain myself, I will pick it up at "sisters" on Saturday. Back to the UFO's-that is the "active" ones....I started working on an early sisters quilt last month. Have not done a thing on that one since last sisters!!! Back in the plastic bag for you. Then there is the fabric I bought last week X2 with quilts in mind-ZaZa and the fabric from Sweet Home on Saturday. I want to work on them all!!! I get myself in sooo much trouble :c)
Yesterday afternoon I went into the sewing room.....boy I wish someone would straighten that one for me-just sort and pick up...nothing in there needs to be discarded! I started pulling some 2 inch strips. Step one is to make 150 four patch blocks...I made one! 149 to go. I have to sew some more dark/light strips so I can make more blocks. Right now I have 74 pairs and I need a total of 300. But it does go fast because I did not spend very much time on sewing last evening.
Countdown to Bailey-5 days....My poor boys....I am going to move a bunch of quilts into my room for them to sleep on since my bedroom is off limits for the dog. Bailey comes right before shedding season begins as if my house did not have enough shed animal hair. Bailey sheds in clumps!

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