Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I think I might have issues....

either that or bipolar symptoms! So while I was sitting here at the computer this morning at dark thiry, I looked down at my orange crush main fabrics and changed them again. I am substituting mulberry red for the purple. Now my main colors are tan, red, hunter green and dark brown. I think it will go better with the scraps that I have started to sew together.
Then there is Laurie's Far East quilt. I am having issues with that as well. So after work I went back to Intown to look at their fabrics. I am going to substitute a fabric in this one as well. Talk about UFO's!
Got home and their was a message on the machine. Another quilt is ready at LQS. First I thought it was 2 calls for one quilt...then when I looked at my paperwork., I took 2 quilts in. Good grief.....Peace in the Valley and Friendship Crossing are both ready. Yikes!!!!

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