Saturday, December 31, 2011

Orca Bay-7 and Henry

 Henry is a happy boy.  He went to the vet this morning.  That was not the happy part.  There was a lot of meowing going on on the ride back and forth.  But the good news is that his back is healed and he no longer needs to wear the cone.  I actually took it off last night to see what he would do.  The area is completely healed but the vet says that the fur may not grow back.  (not the worst thing in the world).

Bonnie put up part 7 yesterday.  We are in the home stretch and final construction.  I started working on it last night and finished it up today.  I am still in the dark as to how it will finally go together.  I,m thinking that the red string pieces will somehow surround  the Ohio stars.  But what's with the 2 quarter square triangles and what about those blue blocks?   Part 8 goes live tomorrow and then we'll know!

Henry, Willie, Spooky and I are planning a quiet evening watching tv and waiting for the new year.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

I have been fooling around with blog all morning.  And I am frustrated.  Must get my tech support to help me.  If this goes, I will be very surprised!

Working on Orca Bay Part 6  Half done.  The meatballs were made yesterday and the coffeecake is on it's rise.  And I seem to be a head of schdedule.

Here goes.....did it work?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I luv this face

I luv this little girl too!  Alice is all set for Santa to come down the chimney.  Sure hope he knows about Ayla and brings a dog cookie

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Silver Thimbles-Part Deux

Thimbles is responsible for any weight gain. Man more food today! I don't want to think about all the carbs and fat that were on the counter. It was awesome! I forgot to take my camera today. Sarah no blog continued working on pg 71 of THE BOOK. She is doing Pat's creation in color as opposed to neutrals. I can't wait to see it finished. Kristie is also doing Orca Bay and spent a good portion of the time cutting the 700 triangles needed for part 5. Cindi was cutting-working on Christmas presents.

I continued working on part 5 as well. I think I have about 100 more to go. I ran out of triangles and need to cut some more.

After Thimbles some of us went over to Patchwork Cottage. I am sad that Mita is closing. This is the closest shop to me. I did pick up a couple of pieces of fabric.
Now I am home...and guess who is sitting on my lap. (clue: he is sweet and orange).

Thimbles Weekend Part 1, Orca Bay Part 5

I LOVE my thimbles peeps! Since I was on vacation this week, I am doing a double Thimble. I decided to work on little projects to start. The December meeting brings lots of food (an understatement). What a spread yesterday! So much that my 10 minute table runner took an hour and a half! Time out for eating and sampling AND doing a little jigsaw puzzle that Marti was giving away. Cute little quilt puzzle.
Downloaded Orca part 5 before I went over to Grayson. Cut 700 little triangles to add on to Part 3. This is going to take awhile. I am cutting and sewing batches. Today I also need to cut some pieces for Havenstone Dark and Creepy.

Henry update: He is still suffering thru his cone but doing better. He is not walking into things anymore and last night he even got under the covers in bed. The sore on his back is nice and dry but I can still feel some cellulitis under it. I think he has enjoyed having me home and every time I sit down, he is on my lap. Spooky is no longer growling and also on the bed at night. Things are almost back to normal here!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Henry's not so excellent adventure

How pitiful is this precious face? My poor boy had to visit the vet this morning. He developed a sore on his back and has licked the fur off of it. It looked clean but I knew that we needed a cone to keep the pesky tongue away. The sore is about quarter size. There is some underlying cellulitis as well. He got an antibiotic shot (cha-ching). I feel so bad as he keeps walking into things. It is going to be a long few days. He has to wear the cone. I'm not sure about how we are going to sleep tonight. i will worry about that later.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Orca Bay-Part 4

Finally some red in the directions. More paper piecing. Back to the yellow pages-64 pieces 5.5 inch squares. Makes me laugh-cut up the phone book, cut up fabric into assorted size strips. Then sew the strips together. Then after squaring the block, cut it in half, remove the yellow pages now in itty pieces. Quilters (piecers are a funny bunch!

Now that I have finished this step, I guess I really should start thinking about Christmas (2 weeks from today). I guess I will start tomorrow. Because today I am not getting dressed! I am still eating on the stew I made last weekend. And there is cookies from the girls cookie bake yesterday. I am good to go!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Care Package from Mahopac

Some things you just can't get in Georgia. Drake's cakes and chocolate pudding are the two things I miss. I've lived here almost 12 years. My import source is Kathy. Drake's cakes are available on Amazon (who knew) but who knows how old they are either. As for the chocolate pudding, Jello just doesn't cut it. It leaves an after taste. And I have been eating My-T-Fine since I was a little girl.
The presents are sitting on the stove. Yes, I have one. No, I don't use it (except to make chocolate pudding).

And here is the proof. I bought this stove in 2008. It does not have a self-cleaning oven. I have yet to need to clean it. the aluminum foil- sometimes I change it, if it gets yucky. Can't remember the last time. This baby does not have much mileage on her!

I am now going to make myself a cup of coffee and enjoy a crumb cake.

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Bad Boy

I don't think I am a bad boy. I think I am just a quite handsome feline with lots of imagination. I used to like to play in the bathroom with this funny roll. I could unroll lots of paper and it was fun to shred. My person was not happy when I did it and THEN she stopped putting it on the roller thing. No more fun. I had to chase Spooky or Henry for some entertainment.

Then lately, I noticed the paper was back. Take a break guys, I found a new toy to play with. Boy was she mad when she got up this morning and found the mountain! She told me I was a very bad boy. I still don't think it is a big deal. What do you think?

Sincerely, Wild Willie

Weekend Finish

Kris needed a mantle cover for her living room. Yesterday was the day. I asked her if she wanted "traditional" fabric or fun. She chose fun. I had pattern that I liked so much that I bought it twice. It is called Candied Tile Runner and Mantle Scarf. I did not read the table runner directions )and maybe I should have) but the mantle scarf directions were not great. But it is done and ready to be delivered.

Henry is not happy with me this morning.. I disturbed him by getting out of bed and then insisted on taking his picture while he was sitting on my lap. Sorry, Henry

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Orca Bay-Part 3

Bag o' half square triangles completed. Yes, Gretch I have finished it. But in my defense, I have to work it on the weekend because by the time I get home from that awful place where I spend my weekdays, I am so tired all I can do is vegg on the couch.

Being the Bonnie Hunter groupie, I looked in my notebook and last year's mystery required 600 of these little HSQs. This step only required 350! But it does go quickly using the Easy Angle ruler.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Princess Alice

don't you just want to gobble this one up? I was talking to her mommy last night and she wanted to see me. It was all I could do not to get in the car and go there. But it was her bedtime anyway. Soon my sweet Alice, soon. And Meena's got something to give you too!