Saturday, December 31, 2011

Orca Bay-7 and Henry

 Henry is a happy boy.  He went to the vet this morning.  That was not the happy part.  There was a lot of meowing going on on the ride back and forth.  But the good news is that his back is healed and he no longer needs to wear the cone.  I actually took it off last night to see what he would do.  The area is completely healed but the vet says that the fur may not grow back.  (not the worst thing in the world).

Bonnie put up part 7 yesterday.  We are in the home stretch and final construction.  I started working on it last night and finished it up today.  I am still in the dark as to how it will finally go together.  I,m thinking that the red string pieces will somehow surround  the Ohio stars.  But what's with the 2 quarter square triangles and what about those blue blocks?   Part 8 goes live tomorrow and then we'll know!

Henry, Willie, Spooky and I are planning a quiet evening watching tv and waiting for the new year.

3 wonderful peoplecomments:

A Quilter Awakens said...

Good for beautiful Henry! I think he needs a gold medal to wear although it might make him look a little rap star-ish. Good work on your quilt block parts. Happy New Year! Karmen

Michelle said...

Glad to hear your kitty is all healed up. :) Good job on the mystery...I'm ready to go too! It's amazing how Bonnie ties it all together!

Margaret said...

I surfed over from Karen's blog after watching how to wrap a present. Great Smile a post or two back