Sunday, March 25, 2012

2012 Shop Hop

I decided this year that i Really didn't need to do shop hop.    My sewing room runneth over!!  That being said, Thursday afternoon I headed for Sweet Home.  After is half way between my house and Bad Melisa's.  Just a hop, skip and a jump down to Conyers.  I even said to Melisa that I was not doing shop hop this year but had to come see her.  I managed to purchase a few things-a lovely bundle of  FQ that looks like Spring minus the pollen.  I also could not resist the Peanuts fabric for little girl pillowcases.  I patted myself on the back and headed home.  A new piece of bling for Moda Man.

I was good on Friday...I promise you that!!!!

Sarah no blog emailed about going "south" on Saturday.  I could NOT let her drive all that way by herself after all.  So yesterday morning we headed off to Scarlet Thread  I made her buy a new toy there.  It seems though that Carol Yates already has one.  At any rate now 3 of us have this excellent gotta have toy!  I also bought another toy that makes prarie points.  I am planning on making fabric rick rack for border design  (I will have to applique it on...hee hee)
Back on the interstate, a stop at Quilts n' fixins in Jonesboro.  There animal fabrics are the best.  pig fabric!  We stopped for lunch and fortunately did not get food poisoning.  I forgot to check the score on the way in-the servers left a little to be desired.
We did a drive through at Toco Hills Sbx to see if Gretch was there.  She was not but we did stop for a little bit at Intown

All that hopping made me very tired and I needed a nap.  I was pretty much done for the rest of the day.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The boys got mail

Purfect Play is a site Gretch told me about.  They have great catnip and toys.  (They also have stuff for dogs but dogs just drool)  At any rate the good toys have been MIA.  And I used up all the loose catnip at Christmas.  The new ones arrived yesterday.
Would you believe that little white mouse that Wild Willie is smelling is already missing.  Have not got a clue where it is.  I found the tail in the kitchen this mornin  As for the rest....gone

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Yesterday morning I put the last border on the top I began at Ellijay.  Surely it did not look this big in the picture American Patchwork Quilt June 2011  The bed looked like a queen size.My bed is a queen size as well and this quilt goes nearly to the floor.  I love the fabric line Battle Hymn by Moda. (maybe).  Ready to go off to the quilter along with Orca Bay.

I need to get back to Dark and Creepy and the other project started at Ellijay.  I need to cut 85 gazillion 1 1/2 strips for our next swap as well.  Just need to stay awake long enough to do these things.