Sunday, November 27, 2011

Orca Bay-Part 2

72 string pieced squares completed. These guys are small-only 3.5 inches square. It is nice that I was able to complete this this weekend. I also completed the 20 blocks of Dark and Creepy. I need to take a picture of that as well. I guess that just leaves getting dressed for today.....or maybe why bother as it is already 2 PM.

Good day..sewing and playing in fabric and NCIS marathon on.. Life is good. Also Henry close by. He is sitting on my lap every chance he gets.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Gobblle Jog-2011

Here is Sweet Sarah. Sarah coordinates. Notice the braces?-match the jacket. Sarah got her ears pierced this week and the earrings match as well. Sarah got her ears pierced now because her Mom got hers pierced when she was two months short of 10 as well.

Here we are waiting at the start of the race. Laurie was acting as the photographer. I look a whole lot better than I did at the end of the race. Note to self: probably not a good idea to try to walk when your back is already stiff and hurting. But I made the whole race!

Mass of humanity. I think someone said there were about ten thousand walkers/runners. Also lots of dogs.

Back to Alpharetta after the race. Lots of good food and family. It was a good Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Orca Bay Part 1

Bonnie's directions: make 244 quarter square triangles. Done! I think I have a few extra to boot.
Ready for next step-due Friday .......and I am work for 4 days.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Second half of my Thimbles Weekend

I went back today to play some more. And I took my camera to capture our red wagons. Sarah has decorated her with garlands. She really has a great horn! Henry and Alice were visiting as you can see in Sarah's wagon. If you look REALLY close, you can spot Moda Man in the basket!

I worked some on Dark and Creepy HavenStone. I finished one block but forgot some of the pieces at home, so did not get much done. also worked on the binding for Emily Jane.

Yipee skippy!!!!

I have to say that I checked Bonnie's site before I left for work yesterday to see if clue #1 was up and it was. No need to go to work before I download it! I am ready to get started on all those quarter square triangles...448? I will try to get a few done this weekend.

Last night I went to Thimbles just because I could! I didn't really intend to sew much or stay that long but I did not get home until after ten. (Elizabeth, it's the big one!). I worked on the binding for Emily Jane. I am doing the two color binding and had to have Grandma Pat show me what to do to connect them. I will be going back today for another session. this time GRANDMA PAT will be helping me with Dark and Creepy. (I am so happy for Pat and of course Andy that they will have a grandbaby to spoil come the spring.) Emily and Russ must know that there is going to be no living with GRANDMA PAT. Can't wait to see the designs for quilts for this little bundle.

Sarah (no blog) brought her red wagon decorated with garland and Alice and Henry inside. We parked our wagons together for a photo. Moda Man and Fat Quarter (the S. H.) were in their compartment (the basket). I need to replace my horn and get one like Sarah has. Mine is just too wimpy! I will take my camera today for a picture.

As for matters not whether I sew there. I so enjoy being with some of the nicest ladies in Atlanta. We used to be called Stitchin Sisters before the advent of Silver Thimbles and we truly are. We share our sewing and our fabbies but we share in so many other ways. I love you all!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

In search of The Big Chicken

I needed to go to Little Quilts. I NEEDED to!! I have misplaced (lost seems so harsh) my big scissors. I have searched high and low for it and all I found was dust bunnies. I knew Mary Ellen had the scissor I wanted so I set out for Little Quilts bright and early this morning. I don't go there much as it is on the other side of the world. But every time I do go, I manage to get myself lost. I am okay if I go to tiny Stitches first but otherwise.....
And sure enough I took the wrong turn off of I75 and ended up heading toward beautiful downtown Marietta. So I took a right turn and then another right turn and I finally spotted The Big Chicken. I don't know the address of Little Quilts but I do know that it is down the road from said Chicken. And every direction in Marietta is related to where it is in relations to the Big Chicken.

Mission accomplished-I got my scissors. Place was hopping as it was a pick up day for a block of the month. Thought I was going to have to park in Smyrna! Brenda was there and we chatted and checked out some fat quarters that will be used in the next Bonnie Hunter mystery (coming this Friday). I needed some blacks to perk up my stash. Also ran into another Thimble there-Danita.

I was good and did not detour to Tiny Stitches but headed over to Alpharetta to drop off my Thksg dinner contribution-turkey gravy base from Wm Sonoma.

As for the rest of the weekend?........who knows. I need to get back to Dark and Creepy

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

HavenStone AKA Dark and Creepy

I first saw Pat's pattern when she brought it to a Thimbles meeting back when. I knew I had to make this one. It is the first one in her book that I want to make. I will not be making the one on pg 71! I have been collecting my neutrals. Would you believe shortage of white fabric?

At any rate, this past weekend, I started wacking up fabric. I have learned a couple of things. This block really does need good contrast and quarter inch seams are important in this block. that is not new, but I have had to start over because my blocks just don't come out at the proper size or my points don't match. I might have to wait for a tutorial on this one from the Head Thimble.

I will be keeping her busy as I need help on the binding construction for Emily Jane as well. At least I won't be whining about heinous applique. She should be happy about that!

Crazy thing happened yesterday at work. A new employee came up to me and asked me if I was from NY. Long story short-we worked in the same nursing home in NY 13 years ago! And she remembered me. Unfortunately I drew a blank.

I met with Sir Quilt Dude after work yesterday to discuss when I will be able to retire. He will be working on the numbers. Stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed!

Friday, November 4, 2011

At last...Friday

There were times this week, that I thought it would never come. I am really tired of this whining. I don't want to whine I would really like to go back to when I enjoyed my job. It was not that long ago. It is a combination of new owners of the facility and the government who controls Medicare/Medicaid funding. An 11% cut across the board Oct 1 has caused companies nationwide to scramble and attempt to be able to care for our frail elderly. As a result, those of us in the "industry" are caught between a rock and a hard place. I am drowning in paperwork and jumping through hoops. But I am fortunate to still have a job. I know of people whose jobs have been eliminated. I know of employees who are told to do the job in less hours. I am too old for this garbage. But the sad thing is that we are aging rapidly in this country and things are going to get much worse. Who is going to take care of you when you are unable to do so?

Enough of feeling sorry for myself.....don't have any cheese to go with the whine anyway. I did make a list one night this week of works in progress or projects high up on my to do list:
1- Roll roll Cotton Boll-needs a backing and then quilting
1-Emily Jane-needs binding-only I can't figure out how to do the 2 color binding. Thimbles project-Pat will help with that
3-HavenStone-have started cutting the pieces for it
4-Quilt Camp Swap-need to continue making blocks. Swap blocks are done and ready for exchange after the holidays
5-quilt Camp project-working on the border for this one. I am over this quilt-just want it done. I would donate this top except I promised it to Laurie
6-comfort and Joy AKA Pain and Suffering-a moment of weakness. I love this pattern but I wish an applique fairy would appear and do it for me. Maybe I should put it under my pillow when I go to sleep and see if she comes
7-Scrappy Hunter's Star-the fabbie is in a container waiting to go
8-Perfect 10 ditto
9-Kris need a mantel cover
9- I think I signed up for the Nov project at Thimbles it is a beauty
10- Bonnie Hunter mystery starts Nov 18. I am on board for this one-pulling together my colors

But for now....I am going to bed. I will worry about it tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's coming.....

It is is almost time.....

I am not quite sure when I became a Bonnie Hunter groupie. I so love playing with little pieces. at any rate, her next mystery quilt will debut in a couple of weeks. Must get my fabbies together. I am going to use the same colors she used.
The first Bonnie Hunter quilt I made was called Orange Crush. she likes orange, me not so much. I did finish the top but I really did not like my color selection once the whole thing was together. I have collected all of her mysteries in the book.
I have made Double Delight and Carolina Christmas. I have Bonnie's autograph on the quilt label for Double Delight. Roll, Roll is done but needs to be quilted. I don't think the fabric I bought last week is enough. I will have to go to option next!

Not much sewing going on here. I have mostly done the preliminary cutting for Havenstone AKA Dark and Creepy. I am ready to start but just too darn tired to play at the end of the day. Maybe this weekend.

How many days until then? 2......16 scheduled work hours....that is 960 minutes.......I love my job...NOT

Had to get new toner for my printer. It only took me 20 minutes to figure out where the cartridges were and how to get them out.