Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yipee skippy!!!!

I have to say that I checked Bonnie's site before I left for work yesterday to see if clue #1 was up and it was. No need to go to work before I download it! I am ready to get started on all those quarter square triangles...448? I will try to get a few done this weekend.

Last night I went to Thimbles just because I could! I didn't really intend to sew much or stay that long but I did not get home until after ten. (Elizabeth, it's the big one!). I worked on the binding for Emily Jane. I am doing the two color binding and had to have Grandma Pat show me what to do to connect them. I will be going back today for another session. this time GRANDMA PAT will be helping me with Dark and Creepy. (I am so happy for Pat and of course Andy that they will have a grandbaby to spoil come the spring.) Emily and Russ must know that there is going to be no living with GRANDMA PAT. Can't wait to see the designs for quilts for this little bundle.

Sarah (no blog) brought her red wagon decorated with garland and Alice and Henry inside. We parked our wagons together for a photo. Moda Man and Fat Quarter (the S. H.) were in their compartment (the basket). I need to replace my horn and get one like Sarah has. Mine is just too wimpy! I will take my camera today for a picture.

As for matters not whether I sew there. I so enjoy being with some of the nicest ladies in Atlanta. We used to be called Stitchin Sisters before the advent of Silver Thimbles and we truly are. We share our sewing and our fabbies but we share in so many other ways. I love you all!

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