Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

made the lists, checked them twice. Carry on is half empty to carry Reynold's overflow!

Flying off tomorrow morning to meet up with the Cirigs, And then on to the Caribbean. On vacation with Laurie, Kris, Tyler and Alice. The child is 17 months old and has a passport!

It has been a rough week here in the South with all the horrific devastation. And as what seems is always the case, the days following the disaster have been beautiful. We were spared in the ATL area-the tornadoes were all around us. I have to admit, I need to do a little better with disaster planning. I had no flashlight. If the power had failed, I would have had a problem.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lilac Hill-the backing. I finished the Schnibble that will be the center back for my Lilac Hill quilt. The pattern is Novantique. According to the pattern "novantique" means new but old. Now I have to do some math to figure out how to piece the rest of the back. I will be using leftovers from some of the fabric I have.

Comfort and Joy-first applique block-picked it up last month. It is still in the bag.....

So now I have my next block. I am still working out the details on this project. STAPLIQUE... a new technique I will be perfecting to get this darn thing made. I am also considering crazy glue, duct tape, double-sided tape......I really love this pattern. I just don't want to do the heinous applique. So this little bag will join the other one in the project box for now.

One week until vacation!!!!! I guess I need to get serious about preparing. I think I have the clothes I need but it is the other stuff I have yet to do. I am really ready to sail away. Not too sure about swimming with the dolphins. I hope they are in a good mood.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My lawn guy...

When I moved to Ga, I gave up yard work. Too many years in NY doing that and it just is not my thing anymore. Jair has been cutting the grass and doing the weed maintenance for several years. He lives in my neighborhood. He calls me Miss Karin. At any rate, I no longer need or want a lawnmower and all the other "stuff". Last year I had him remove some bushes in my backyard that were leggy and too close to the house. Afterward he told me that some in the front were dying. They went away as well. I had good intention about replacing them... and we all know where good intentions lead...(the road to h--- is paved with good intentions-words echoed by my mother! ) Yesterday I knew he had been doing some lawn work-even I can tell when the grass has been cut! But I went right out after getting home and did not return until after dark. This morning I happened to look out the window. My naked area in the front has plants! I guess he decided that the area had no curb appeal. He took some plants that were in my backyard and replanted them in front! It looks quite nice. I need to get some pine straw and a few annuals and the area will be done. I wonder if he has anything in mind-marigolds...?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stash Busting Class

Yesterday I went to Patchwork Cottage for the first session of the Stash Busting program. I located a couple of pieces of fabric (on the floor) to take with me. Did not know what the project was to be. This month is a table runner. It will end up with one of the girls. Take a look at the notebook..."Let's Bake". How funny is that...Baking is not happening in this house!

So I stash busted for awhile and then as I was exiting the shop.....this lovely line called to me. Summer Breeze by Moda. It is so pretty. (Maybe I should not have allowed Moda Man to come with me this morning). These lovelies will be made into a Sassy 16 sometime in the future....
When I returned home, I continued on construction of Lilac Hill. The pattern does not call for a border but I think it needs one. So does Wild Willie. I had already enlarged the top from 20 to 30 blocks. I think a border will just make it perfect! And now I can start working on the backing-Schnibble pattern as yet to be determined.

After 2 more terrible weeks at work, I have decided that being a light in the darkness may work for a short period of time (and I will continue to do so) but it is time to investigate other options. I can no longer work in a place where there is no way to do the job the way I want to do it with the limitations being imposed. And so today Laurie and I will be polishing the resume. It is time to move on...