Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lilac Hill-the backing. I finished the Schnibble that will be the center back for my Lilac Hill quilt. The pattern is Novantique. According to the pattern "novantique" means new but old. Now I have to do some math to figure out how to piece the rest of the back. I will be using leftovers from some of the fabric I have.

Comfort and Joy-first applique block-picked it up last month. It is still in the bag.....

So now I have my next block. I am still working out the details on this project. STAPLIQUE... a new technique I will be perfecting to get this darn thing made. I am also considering crazy glue, duct tape, double-sided tape......I really love this pattern. I just don't want to do the heinous applique. So this little bag will join the other one in the project box for now.

One week until vacation!!!!! I guess I need to get serious about preparing. I think I have the clothes I need but it is the other stuff I have yet to do. I am really ready to sail away. Not too sure about swimming with the dolphins. I hope they are in a good mood.

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A Quilter Awakens said...

That's a groovy schnibble; it will look great on the back of your quilt. You are quite the trend-setter. I think we will see more small-quilts-on-back-of-large in the future. I am jealous of your vacation timing. I have to wait until June. Karmen