Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Aren't quilters the nicest people...

This is not a rhetorical question but a fact! It even includes Bad Melisa! She is not really bad. She is actually quite the nicest person...if only she would purchase some ugly fabric for a change. She is the EVIL TEMPTRESS though as she sends out these emails that one MUST respond to by getting in the car and driving to Sweet Home without passing "go". And that is exactly what I did today after work. i consider it a reward to myself for surviving 3 days of work at the "home". It is hard to believe that the shop anniversary is coming up in August. I am ready for Party on the Porch. If you've never been-it is well worth the trip. If you like a bunch of rowdy women altogether in one place. But I hope she has better games this year..hint, hint, "M"
Lots of quilting buddies had the same idea as the joint was jumping. I must say, we are a happy bunch-some happier than others! The head counselors for quilt camp were also there. I hadn't seen them probably since last camp-go figure-they live one town away from me. We had a good time catching up and then went for some great pizza around the corner. It won't be that much longer until camp. But I am ready now!!

Meanwhile-2 days until the weekend!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Am I really on spped dial?

Looky what I got yesterday afternoon at Sweet Home!! It is the newest French General line by MODA of course. It is called Maison De Garance. It is yummylicious and I have it!! Don't have plans for it yet but that's okay! Melisa also has their Christmas line. I want that too!
I went out there to pick up the book. Mike left me a message last week but this was my first chance to get out there what with the heat and all! I also got those three pieces of fabbie for my Quilt Room BOM. I really don't like the way the first block came out. There is just not enough contrast in it so I will do it over again. I really need to hit the sewing room today or tomorrow. I did finish Emma's dress this week. She will probably never wear it but I have no guilt about not making it.
I need to get my toes taken care of today and the usual Saturday stuff.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

There's just no pleasing me...

A few short months ago, I whined about how cold it was all Winter. That was then, this is now! It has been over 90 for days and days. Laurie says it is "Africa Hot". I am thinking somewhere in southern India what with the humidity. Can't wait to see the electric bill this month but I refuse to be that uncomfortable and I will be running the ac. After all-have to keep Wild Willie cool with all his fur! He has been shedding gobs of it all over the place. My solution to the current weather condition....stay inside. Does not lead for a terribly interesting life: go to work, come home, go to work, etc etc.
When I was getting a filter out of the trunk of my car, I found a shopping bag with ....would you believe fabric in it? I think I took it to last month's Thimbles. I have this lovely selection of fabric with a pattern picked out...go figure!
I am going to get right on that....well maybe not right on it but it is on the list!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Getting back in the groove..

I just have not been able to get myself motivated and back into the sewing mode. I finally made these 2 blocks from the Moose on the Porch Jelly Roll Sampler quilt. I am stumped with the Quilt Room block and will take it to Thimbles on Saturday. Just having a mental block (or is it just another senior moment)!
The outer border is still waiting to be added to the FQ Mystery Quilt. I need to make some binding for a quilt. I need to make a backing and on and on and on........
Baby steps I guess. So is it post vacay blahs? or maybe the heat???
I am counting on Thimbles Saturday to get my groove back.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Awesome Alaska....I want to go back!

These pictures are from the White Pass-Yukon Rail Road. Words just don't describe the beauty of this beautiful place.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Grandma Duty

A couple of months ago, Sue asked me if I could take care of the girls while She and Rob went to Oswego for a college reunion. Not a problem I said. Didn't realize I would still be recovering from Alaska. I picked up the girls on Friday afternoon. We had supper and then headed for the J store to get a pattern. Sarah wanted to make a dress. I wasn't in the house but a few minutes, when she had her sewing machine set up and ready to sew! Finally I have someone who is interested in my hobby! We picked out 2 patterns-one for Sarah and one for Emma, found some fabric and a few odds and ends. After a stop at Chick filet for supper and Brewsters for dessert, we were good to go! Have to say, after a full weekend, I hope not to be watching the Disney channel for quite awhile! We started "the big sew" Saturday morning before heading down to the pool. We did get her dress done. I should have taken a picture of it. I brought Emma's home. I need to put that one together myself. We went to Laurie's pool on Sunday. Smaller but much quieter..
Mom and Dad got home after six and I was home by about seven. (And in bed shortly after 8)!
Only downside:one bed with 3 people, 1 cat and several stuffed animals. Does not make for sound sleeping!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Hard to believe-last Mon was Skagway

Priorites straight...found the quilt shop!

scenes about downtown Skagway

White Pass train getting ready to make the trip up the mountain.
I have so many pix of the train trip, I will need to do some selecting.
Ship "parked" behind Rhapsody is Radiance of the Seas.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Juneau, Alaska

Alaska was on my bucket list. It is such a beautiful place. I don't know what was the best part-the glaciers, the train up the mountain, the flora and fauna? I wish I could do pix with comments like so many of my friends but I can't. I guess I will break the trip into segments. So this is Juneau. No roads into Juneau as it sits near the glacier fields. It is small and not what I expected as a state capital. We went to the Mendenhall glacier while there. It was shirtsleeve weather-not what I expected. I bought more warm clothes at the ship stores on the way up
Moda Man went to a quilt store in Alaska named Changing Tides. I bought some fat quarters there.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

All good things must end..

Arrived home at midnight from a wonderful week away. Alaska was unbelievably beautiful. We were blessed with great weather. I have almost 300 pictures to download.
The ship's captain said that in the 9 years he has been doing this cruise, he had never gotten closer to the Sawyer glacier. Juneau and Skagway were sunny and warm-shirtsleeve weather. Pix to follow.
Moda Man also enjoyed the cruise and he visited 2 shops
The suitcases made it as far as the kitchen last night

more later......