Saturday, June 5, 2010

All good things must end..

Arrived home at midnight from a wonderful week away. Alaska was unbelievably beautiful. We were blessed with great weather. I have almost 300 pictures to download.
The ship's captain said that in the 9 years he has been doing this cruise, he had never gotten closer to the Sawyer glacier. Juneau and Skagway were sunny and warm-shirtsleeve weather. Pix to follow.
Moda Man also enjoyed the cruise and he visited 2 shops
The suitcases made it as far as the kitchen last night

more later......

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Karmen said...

I am glad you are back. Could you e-mail me your mailing address? I have something for Moda Man. Karmen

Karmen said...


Becky said...

WELCOME HOME! We missed you, but was hoping and praying that you had a glorious trip!!!! When you're rested, please blog about your trip with photos and stories. Missed you!