Thursday, June 24, 2010

There's just no pleasing me...

A few short months ago, I whined about how cold it was all Winter. That was then, this is now! It has been over 90 for days and days. Laurie says it is "Africa Hot". I am thinking somewhere in southern India what with the humidity. Can't wait to see the electric bill this month but I refuse to be that uncomfortable and I will be running the ac. After all-have to keep Wild Willie cool with all his fur! He has been shedding gobs of it all over the place. My solution to the current weather condition....stay inside. Does not lead for a terribly interesting life: go to work, come home, go to work, etc etc.
When I was getting a filter out of the trunk of my car, I found a shopping bag with ....would you believe fabric in it? I think I took it to last month's Thimbles. I have this lovely selection of fabric with a pattern picked out...go figure!
I am going to get right on that....well maybe not right on it but it is on the list!

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Susan said...

Be glad that you have air!! Ours was repaired this past Wed. I love the glacier pic at the top of your site!