Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A random thought or two

Last Sunday Laurie and I had dinner together (she cooked) and we watched Julia and Julie. I really enjoyed the movie. Meryl Streep was excellent in her role as Julia. Julie was the blogger. I was struck by the fact that her blog had substance-unlike most of my ramblings. Oh well-I don't intend to write a book, so I will just ramble on!

Kristie has all of her fabric cut for our swap. Mine is in a pile in the living room. I have put away the Christmas decorations of piles of red and green fabric! I seem to be a little short on the light fabrics. But I need to start cutting this weekend.

That's it...boring vanilla life!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Equal time for the granddog..

Lillie has been in the family for a year now. Laurie rescued her from a group in Gwinnett county. She has a wild personality to make up for her less than perfect looks. I am not sure what breed she is..a little Corgi, dachshund...who knows. She is long and low to the ground. She gets excited when she has visitors and has a neighborhood boyfriend who buys her presents.
I spent the end of Christmas Eve with Lillie. It took her quite awhile to settle down and go to sleep. No visions of Santa Claus for her..she just wanted to play. She has not come to visit me here yet...we are not ready for all that energy. Maybe when she is a little older.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. It was a wonderful time for all of us here in Georgia. As expected, Alice did sleep through much of Christmas eve celebration. Sarah and Emma were in the Christmas pageant as angels. It was interesting as one of the three wise guys looked like a pirate! Kris and Laurie worked for 2 days on Christmas eve apps and did a Great job. I went to Laurie's house after that to visit the granddog. That is a story for another time! Christmas day was with the Fried's. More food-I need not eat for a week! Sarah proudly displaying her first quilt. She did a great job on it and the only part she did not do was the clipping of the seams.
Another holiday put to bed.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Getting close to the big day

One more day of work and then four glorious days off!!!! Tomorrow is dedicated to making Swedish coffee cake and Swedish meatballs for Christmas Eve supper. These are the traditions of my childhood. My mother had other "Swedish delicacies" that I never developed a taste for but I cherish the ones that I continue. After church and the Christmas pageant, we will meet at Kris and Tyler's to help Alice celebrate her first Christmas. She will probably sleep through most of it. Christmas day will be spent with Sue and family-Sarah and Emma will not be doing much sleeping!
I am still playing with Carolina Christmas and my border for it. I think it is not as busy as Bonnie's design. This quilt will hopefully adorn my bed next Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Baby it's cold outside..

I absolutely HATE the cold. I just can't tolerate it anymore. My friends don't understand: " you're from NY-this shouldn't bother you". But it does. And as a result of being cold, I end up vegging on the couch under a couple of quilts. Then I fall asleep and wake up in the middle of the night. And so the cycle continues. I did get Snugglebutt's Christmas stocking delivered to her. I also did a turkey run to Sue's house and stopped and finished Christmas shopping. Then I came home and worked a bit on Carolina Christmas. I am doing a different border. One that I have done before on another quilt. So now it is cut another million pieces of rectangles. Also went foraging for repro fabric for our swap. Gotta a lot of cutting to do before next Thimbles.
And now -back under some quilts and a little tv

twas the weekend before Christmas..

and I am not ready!

Today was Thimbles regular meeting and then the cookie exchange. I took Carolina Christmas with me and finished putting it together. I did not do any preplanning or arrangement. I just sewed alternate blocks together. I didn't take a picture of it but several other did. I am pleased with the outcome. I just downloaded Bonnie's border and I am thinking I am not going to do this. My initial thought is to use a scrappy plain border-inner beige and outer red. But as it currently is the middle of the night, I will sleep on it.
Did some more work on Carolina Crossing at Thimbles. When I got home, I made Alice's Christmas stocking-cross one thing off the weekend "to do" list. I've been sleeping on the couch most of this evening, so now I will try moving into the bedroom.

Friday, December 18, 2009

2009 Christmas card photo shoot

Click here to view these pictures larger

Big weekend planned..

The weekend before Christmas and I still have a lot of things to do. Can't figure this out as this started out as a low key holiday season. The rain continues and I am thinking that I need to check ebay for availability of an ark. Cold and rainy..almost as bad as the "s" word but not really.
Cookie baking (burning) is on tap for this evening. I borrowed the cookie gun from Kris. I plan on making chocolate spritz for the cookie exchange at Thimbles tomorrow. This weekend it is necessary to complete Alice's stocking. She won't know if it's not done but I will.
My Laurie is celebrating a big birthday tomorrow. I think she is planning on a Buckhead weekend.
I can't wait until it is time to go home. I am ready!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Cloudy Carolina Christmas-Part 6

I started checking Bonnie's site early this morning..don't know why-I was at work but I couldn't wait to see what she had in mind. I had to make some stops before I got home tonight-gift needed for tomorrow and thrs. Then some other things that needed to be done. I did put three blocks together and organized the rest into sets. If I weren't so tired, I would sew some more but that's not going to happen tonight. I really like it. Sarah wanted to know if I was going to experiment. I don't think so.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Recovering from weekend activites

It has been a FULL weekend. Yesterday I went out to Sweet Home for a day of recreational sewing with Becky, Cindi, Gretchen and
Christi. We invaded the store as it opened and spent the day sewing with field trips downstairs for new projects. We have decided on a new swap called Patches and Pinwheels. It is one in Bonnie Hunter's free patterns. I had already printed it out months ago (March) with hopes of doing it. We are going to use Civil War type fabrics for the swap. Christi is figuring out the math. It is a 2010 swap project. I worked on Carolina Crossing and finished the quarter square triangles (100) Also made the pillowcase for Emma's Christmas

Sue was already at my house by the time I got home and the their toys were out and the TV on. Sue and Rob went sown to Atlanta for a night out. Don't know which hotel they stayed at but they had a good time. Sarah and I worked on her rag quilt project for her Brownie try it badge. After the first few blocks, she did all the sewing of the blocks by herself. This morning we sewed the quilt together. I just helped guide the material. I sent Sue home with my rag clipper but her project is done. I will get a picture of it after it is ragged.

They went home and then I TOOK A NAP!
The weather is cold and rainy and I never even bothered to get dressed. All in all, a good weekend. Hop over to Gretch's blog for a great recipe. Her pound cake was Yum!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Carolina Christmas-Step 5 done

I laid out all of the blocks, trying to figure out the layout for the quilt and I can't! 100 I am guessing it is 10 X 10 ...maybe. We'll just have to wait for Bonnie to return from Arizona. That is okay because I have a gazillion other projects to do. Priority one should probably be Alice's Christmas stocking. I know how I am going to do that...just have to do it. I think that will be a good project for our sewing Saturday out at Sweet Home. I sure wish I could skip Friday and go right to Saturday...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Decorating for Christmas

I have a new decorating decor for this holiday season. And it doesn't involve going into the garage and hauling all those boxes of misc. Christmas decorations. Since I am working on the Carolina Christmas, I have sorted piles of red, green and beige fabrics. They are in containers in the living room. Instant decorations-just the right colors!
I am making good progress on the block construction. I might even have them together before Bonnie gets back and sends the next step.For right now, I guess I will go to bed.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ready, Set, Sew....

I got up late, late last night to see if Bonnie had uploaded step 5. This morning I just HAD to sew two blocks together to see how it loooks in person. I replaced her yellow with light gray and I was not sure if I was going to chnage it or not. I think I am going to keep the gray. Mine will be a Cloudy Carolina Christmas! What do you think?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Head examination in order?

I made good progress with step four of Carolina Christmas-all the half square triangles are together but still have the rest of the block to construct. The block pictured above is part of Carolina Crossing. As usual, Bonnie likes itty bitty pieces. The triangles are 2 5/8 squares cut twice on the diagonal! When I told Kris about this, she asked if you glued them together!

My other project completed this weekend-sorting through multiple Christmas card lists that I would just throw in a box after addressing the cards. Laurie will be glad to know I took her advice and made a spread sheet on the computer and threw out all the other lists.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Carolina Christmas Part 3 -done!

One of the other blogs I was reading said that this quilt is not for the faint of heart with all the pieces...oh so true. I cut most of last evening to prepare for part 4 and I sewed off and on all day today to complete Part 3. Willie was the inspector on this section.

I met Cindi in Snellville this AM and we headed out to Sweet Home. It was a happening place today. I picked up some Christmas type fabric with nothing in mind currently but I will put it with my other reds and greens.

Yesterday I gathered all my Bonnie Hunter mystery patterns and put them in one book-each one has it's own section..still working on Carolina Crossing as well. Next step is to cut more itty bitty pieces. Maybe tomorrow

Friday, December 4, 2009

OMG -Part 4 is up

Now I know that Bonnie says it is not a race and we should proceed at our own rate. Last evening I finished part 2 and started cutting the red for part 3. This AM before work I got a start on the 592 background squares to be cut. And it seems to me that the next step is due out the beginning of next week. I know I could just not open the step but as they say...curiosity killed the cat. So I have piles and piles of fabric likely to be incorporated into the project sitting in the living room. I have been cutting while watching TV.
(and then there is the pile of old Christmas cards and addresses in another pile. Shutterfly is the best. The Christmas cards were ordered Tues nite and arrived by UPS yesterday.)

I am glad it is Friday and I can play all day tomorrow.
Sweet Home is having an open house. No telling what Bad Melisa is cooking up but it will be good. I am going to meet Cindi in the AM and we will go out there together. The S word is predicted in northern GA for during the night. Hope it doesn't make it to the metro area. The crazies will probably be at Publix this afternoon stocking up on bread and beer!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Carolina Christmas -Part Deux

I have to hurry up and work on this before Bonnie posts the next section. Of course it helps if I sew the parts together correctly. This evening I did some unsewing on this section. Also had to cut more triangles since I miscalculated on that as well.
While I was at it, I went back to another project started. After I finished Orange Crush, I looked at some of her other patterns and discovered Carolina Crossing. I did some and then put it aside for some reason that I no longer remember. But I started working on that one as well. So I am heavily into Carolina at the moment...nothing can be fina' than to be in Carolina.....

I completely frustrated myself last evening on the shutterfly Christmas card. This evening, Laurie was pressed into service and it is done. Now I just need to locate my Christmas card list!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Carolina Christmas-Part 1

Bonnie wasn't kidding when she said she would publish part one the day after Thanksgiving. It was up when I checked early in the AM. Last evening I finished this section. I have replaced her yellow with gray. Not sure how this is going to work out..I may be making more later on in gold. We will see.

Also started sewing together the blocks from the bricks and stepping stones exchange. I think it is much better with more subdued four patches. This is it's LAST chance before the rag pile!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Enough with the kitchen!!

I came home on Thursday with a ham bone and a promise to my son-in-law Rob that I would make pea soup. The only problem was I had no idea where to begin. I was saved by my friend Kathy (cook extraordinaire) via email and today set about to make pea soup. The end result is that it tastes better than it looks. I'm not sure if I did it right. But for now... I AM DONE IN THE KITCHEN!!

I went out to Sweet Home to drop off the panties and check out Bad Melisa's latest temptations. I met Becky out there and we both got some stuff. Confession time: I wanted to do something with Aster Manor line. I had the jelly roll, inner border and backing but could not remember what pattern I planned to use. so I am going to use a pattern I did before (a sisters quilt).

I also finished step one of Carolina Christmas this afternoon. It was a good day!

I think now it is time to chill with Henry on the couch.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Martha Stewart need not worry..

the wonder Willie took to the hills in the sewing room. I am not a neat cook!

The end product-Glazed chocolate-pumpkin Bundt cake. I pulled the recipe off It has a not too sweet-spice cake type taste. Don't know when I will use the bundt pan again. And what do I do with the buttermilk that it needed?

Thanksgiving was wonderful. Sarah and Emma were in charge of the decorations. They did a great job. with placemats, name places and lots of turkeys. The food was yum and I have my leftovers in the refrig. Our tradition at holiday times is that we all bring our containers and get to take home what we want for another meal. I also brought home a ham bone and have to figure out how to make pea soup. The kitchen is getting way too much use!
Short work day today and then I can play. Bonnie Hunter's step one of Carolina Christmas is available. Gotta play!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Head for the hills......

..Mom is in the I am not sure what the occasion is-something called Thanksgiving. So far this day looks just like all the others and my food bowl as well. I am quite interested in the tv today. I watched a little bit of the parade.
I wonder if I will get to taste whatever she is cooking?


Tuesday, November 24, 2009


It's official...thanksgiving is almost here. I took the day off today for grandparents day at the girl's school. We had breakfast and I got to go to their rooms. In Emma's class, i helped her with a craft..we made a paper turkey. Sarah's class was making a turkey game. She won twice. I will demand a replay on Thanksgiving Day.
Kris made her first solo trip since Alice was born...out to Kroger for supplies. I stayed with little bit. She is staying awake more now and I even got to see her blue eyes. She is still wearing newborn size clothes but her outfit for thurs is 0-3 months. I hope Laur brings her camera..actually I need to tell her to bring her camera so I can get a picture of the three girls together. Alice goes for her check up tomorrow-it will be interesting to see how much weight she has gained.

2 nights ago, I took out the quilt top with the swap fabrics that I finished but HATED and threatened to put it in the rag pile. I now have ripped out the whole thing. While I was out today I stopped at the J store and bought a light tan and a chocolate kona. I will try again....second and last chance!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I had a really great time at Thimbles. I worked on the Glace quilt from a couple of months ago. It turned out to be a bear of a pattern-one that I will not be doing again. I still have the corner pieces to put on and then trim it up. It will have to have stay stitching before it goes to be quilted. The setting triangles end up with all this bias....yuck!

Pat and I discussed the likelihood of the Moda Man's underwear choice..and decided that he is probably a boxer kind of guy...BUT his boxers are all out of the new lines. He has such good taste. It is a good thing he doesn't know about my concerns with him! And Pat this had better not be another "rotten vegetables" kind of deal. Don't remember which quilt designer you told that I had renamed her pattern.

So now Thimbles is once more over again. I HATE THAT!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

It could not come soon enough this week..

I am so glad it is Friday. Reflecting, the week did go quickly
Last evening was the family Thanksgiving dinner at "the home". The activity department and the kitchen did a wonderful job lots and lots of food. I manned the buffet line-in charge of sweet potato souffle complete with gloves and black hairnet. I thought the line would never end. It made for quite the long day. I did take a break during the day and went down to Sweet Home-just because it's there. I visited with Bad Melisa-the panty queen and did a little damage. I bought a jelly roll of Aster Manor. (I wonder if the Moda Man is a panty king? Boxers or tidy whiteys...something to contemplate in my spare time).

Yipee tomorrow is Thimbles I am so ready..guess I'll go now and pump some coffee in the system...Later for you

Sunday, November 15, 2009

2009-15 Christmas Lights

I finished sewing the binding on Christmas Lights and I still have my vision! I also picked out the color and fabric I intend to use for Bonnie Hunter's next mystery quilt. I am going with red, gray and green with the beige family for the background. The good news is that it will come from my stash!!!!

I also found the wreath pattern on the Moda Bake Shop site and made it using the Figgy Pudding honey bun. I picked that up yesterday when I went out to Sweet Home. I also picked up some fabric to make a pillowcase for Emma for Christmas.

So it is Sunday evening already and work looms ahead tomorrow. I am going to try to stay awake during the evening. The last 2 nights I have fallen asleep on the couch and on Friday nite woke up at 3AM. Last night it was shortly after one. Tonight I am planning on being in the bed before midnight. Hope springs eternal!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Long week over...

I was glad to get to the end of the work week. It seemed to go on forever..
Last evening I hit the kitchen once again...what is wrong with this picture? I wanted to make the dish for the kids. I had made the sauce the night before. I decided to make Pat Wys's spaghetti pie recipe. I had to give her a call because the notes I had were incomplete-no oven temp or time. Thanks, Pat-now we are good to go! I made the recipe and divided it into 3 portions-so they can eat and freeze the rest.

I also stopped on the way home at Hobby Lobby looking for wire wreaths. When I talked to Cindi, she had seen the project I wanted to do with honey buns. She suggested the Moda Bake Shop site and that is where it was. I found a heart shaped wire frame and that is what I am using.

I am hoping to finish sewing the binding on Christmas Lights this weekend. Also have to go get some undies for Sweet Home panty raid coming up soon. Bad Melisa is donating to a shelter-(go to Sweet Home site for the details-such a good cause!)

I am sure the weekend will fly by and it will be Sunday evening before I know it. Maybe Miss Alice will be awake when I deliver the food and will permit a picture. Such the obnoxious grandmother!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2009-14 GOT MILK

I finished sewing the binding on the Girl Scout quilt that is part of Sarah's Christmas present. I also made a pillowcase out of the material. I love this material. The cookies are so realistic that I had to go to the freezer and get a box out! It is really a fun quilt!

I am slowly sewing the binding on Christmas Lights but that is black binding on a black backing. And the light here is not that great so it is going to be slow going.

I've been thinking about the next mystery quilt and trying to decide what colors I want to use. I don't think I will use the Christmas colors as I just finished this one in reds and greens. I am thinking about brown and pink as I have a lot of that in the stash. I ma determined to use stash this time. But the other thought I have is that I would like to use black as my background...more pondering to do. Glad that Gretchen is on board with this one too!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bonnie Hunter has posted the new mystery!!!!

Well not actually posted the mystery but.....she has previewed the fabric requirements for Carolina Christmas. The first step will be on her blog the day after Thanksgiving...that is only 2 weeks away. I guess it is time to go looking for the fabrics I will use. I sure would like to do it in stuff I already have...what a concept! So who is up for her latest challenge????

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday break

Probably the best time of the year, weather wise, is least for me. Yesterday I met Laurie and Lillie for playtime in the park. Lillie got a little exercise in and I sat in the sun. Then we dropped her back home and went for lunch. We decided we wanted to eat outside, so we went to Cheesecake Factory at Northpointe. It was so delightful to sit outside in November! Lots of other people had the same idea.

I am hand sewing the binding on the girl scout quilt for Sarah's Christmas. And now it is time for coffee and to head off for another week of work!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Need to redeem the weekend

Yesterday was a non sewing Saturday. I just could not get myself motivated. I have the project from Thimbles using the Glace fabric almost done. It is sitting on the coffee table but I don't want to cut the setting triangles until Thimbles. I have another project in mind using jelly roll strips-also on the coffee table-not in the mood.....Maybe I should change the name to the fabric table! I did not even venture into the sewing room. Come to think of it, I am not sure just what I did yesterday afternoon.
Vicki called and delivered the girl scout quilt. I think I should call this one "Got milk?". I did manage to trim it up and I can sew the binding on it today. Both Henry and Willie checked it out as soon as it arrived. They are pleased!

Stella Bella was having fabric issues yesterday too. Hers were different than mine. I think it all has something to do with the Moda Man. His telepathic powers are increasing!!!!I wonder if they have house sized colanders?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Alice Update

I needed to deliver some food for the parents and see the little girl. At least today, she was awake for a little while. Everyone is doing fine.

Friday, November 6, 2009

This week's Sweet Home special

Well once again, I am a loser but I never give up! Melisa has been cleaning out her goodies and this week came up with another good one. Go visit her blog-you can link from mine. I promise you this is another good one!

I have to make some food for Kris and Tyler this weekend. But first I have to locate the kitchen...I know it is here in the house somewhere! I have the makings for chicken casserole-a recipe I used to make when I cooked...oh so long ago!!

Glad it is the weekend-this week seemed like it went on forever!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Melisa and the Sweet Home Friday fav

The Evil Temptress has a great item on her blog for the give away. Yummy Moda Shangra La. I made a quilt using this line and it is yummy! But I sure would like to have some more and then I could combine it with leftover Glace. But there are lots of possibilities
Surw would be nice for the random thingie to pick my number!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bonnie's cooking up a new mystery

I checked her blog this afternoon and there is a new mystery coming...YIPPEE!! I am ready since Christmas Lights is getting quilted. I don't know if I will go with the Christ ms colors or one of her other suggestions...probably enough in my stash to do any of her suggestions...and black as the neutral...hmmm!

Sue , Rob and the girls finally got to see Alice this afternoon. Sue posted cute pictures on Facebook. Emma wants a baby brother. I think Sue should tell her that a baby would take all of her toys...that is what I told Sue and Laurie...then we had Kris...oops!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sweet Home....quite the happening place

Cindi and I had planned to go to Mcdonough but with a forecast of ichy weather, we changed our minds. I got up and decided it was time to tackle(finish) the Thimbles project from a couple of months ago. It was to the sew the rows together stage. The next step was the setting triangles. I managed to screw that up-I have enough fabric to make it right but I didn't want to chance another mistake. I called out to Sweet Home about a book. Something to be said about caller ID. Mike answers the phone with: "Girl,you need to get out here." He also knows who it is if I call from work. This is either very good marketing or I spend way too much time and money there! But I obeyed and got in the car and drove to Sweet Home. It was like old home week. I swear half of Thimbles was there or had already gone. Pat was upstairs teaching. Bad Melisa Evil Temptress was disguised as a witch. Hopefully Pat will post her picture. "Renuzit" came in yesterday and was flying out the door. Sarah was hooked on cheddar and had a pile going. Cindi arrived (I should have called her but she was supposed to be sewing) she did some damage as well. I need to take a picture of my purchases. Will do it later.

Then I drove over to Duluth to visit with Alice and her parents. Laurie came with the "good" camera and took lots of pictures. We dressed Alice in her Halloween costume. Mostly she slept through Halloween. I hope Laurie will post some new pix or fix it so I can. Came home and watched TV in the dark as usual on Halloween.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Willie's thoughts on Lillie

What is she thinking? Is it not enough that I must share with Henry and Spooky? I hope that Lillie does not think that I am an adorable fuzzy toy for her to play with. I am quite the handsome boy, however. I have important duties here and have no time for canine foolishness. There is quilt inspections that need to be completed. I also must continue to test out finished objects for suitability.

Friday, October 30, 2009


I just checked the Sweet Home site and Bad Melisa has a good giveaway this week. Love the line..check it out-it's Moda!

I know for sure I have turned into my mother. I had refrigerator issues this week. The repair man came yesterday and was unable to fix it in one day...needs to come back. Great..I was sure that this man would never show up today and I would be sitting here cooling my heels. I was wrong. He got here shortly after I got here and now the refrigerator is fixed. I have a mess on the kitchen floor as there is still water that needs to evaporate in the drip pan or so says the man (who was not easy to understand)! So I now have a refrigerator/freezer with very little in it. My frozen stuff is over at Sue's house..need another trip over there to retrieve it.

Also want to get over to see Alice this weekend. She got a good report from the pediatrician today.

NOw I guess I should figure out what I can eat tonight!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Guest Blogger reports

I am not fond of being photographed. And yet Mom is always trying with her fancy dancy camera. Last evening Meena came over for supper and Mom tried to poison her! Well I guess it was not really a poisoning because they both ate the same thing...I don't know because none was offered to moi. I got a bone with some peanut butter in it which was quite good although not very filling. I think Meena ate bread and water.
Mom told Meena to aim her camera at me to keep me away. I had to hang out under the table to prevent photo ops. Mom says I need to go for a visit to Meena's house so I can meet Willie. I am not sure what Willie is-I hope he likes to play. I like playing with Ayla and Lainie no Brainie but they are bigger than me. I hope Willie is little.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Alice Gabrielle has arrived

Miss Alice is already letting her parents know who is in charge as she decided that she wanted to celebrate Halloween. She was born this morning via c section. Alice and her parents are doing fine. She is 6lb 15oz and 20 inches long. She has a full head of light brown hair that just might be curly-hopefully not as curly as her mom. Don't know what color her eyes are because she wouldn't open them!! I just couldn't wait to hold her and this child I will have to share as her other grandma also lives here. Not so much a problem with Sarah and Emma. They are beside themselves today. Emma asked, "did she come out?"

Friday, October 23, 2009

The need to eat some thin mints....

I am working on a quilt for Sarah for Christmas. It is made from the Girl Scout materials. It is a very happy quilt. I am doing the disappearing nine patch which makes for a quickie! I also am not making it that big because who knows how long she will be a Girl Scout! But in the meantime I am sewing up thin mints, tagalongs, samoas and trefoils. The representation of the cookies is quite good. Too bad this is not cookie season...or maybe that is a good thing!

I have to touch base with Sue to see when Sarah will be available to work on the rag quilt for her try-it badge. I had planned to get an oil change for the car but after work it was so yucky out, all I wanted to do was come I did!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Whining about the weather..

I checked the calendar and it is, in fact, October. But I had to succumb and turn the heat on over the weekend and it is still on! I hate the cold and always have. I think my boys do as well. Henry has taken up his position under the covers at night and stays close on one of the quilts while we watch tv at night. I hope the weather people are correct and the temp will moderate soon,

Sunday's activity was to "help" Sue create a costume for a school project. My job-make a skirt. It was one of those real quickies. Sue the sewer neglected to purchase thread when she bought the fabric. So it was constructed with the thread that I use for all my projects-light gray thread. The skirt is a orange/black fabric that looks like fire. It only shows on the hem. Sarah got involved with making a rag quilt. Sue cut out fabric squares and Sarah began sewing the blocks. Sue discovered that Sarah can use the project for a try-it badge. Sue should get a badge as well! I forget what the character is that Sue is supposed to represent-a book about a school teacher and a magic bus...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Christmas Lights

I finished putting on the borders of the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt-Christmas Lights. Now I need to find a backing for it. I like it as it does not scream that it is a holiday only quilt.

When I looked back, I realized that quilts completed for the year so far...13!!! Emma's quilt is 2009-13.
Off to Sue's after church. I found some cute bear fabric and I hope to help Sarah make a rag quilt. Main objective however, is the project for Sue.

Let's lengthen Saturday and Sunday

Yesterday was Thimbles. The time there flew by..I hate that now it will be another month before we can be together. We had a good time except for Sarah who cut her finger while using the rotary cutter. We had visitors as well. It was fun.

2009-11 this is Winter is coming soon-stay warm. It is cold here now-I used it already! The fabric is called Winter (Moda) and pattern is from second Jelly roll book.

2009-12 This is my happy quilt. It is for Emma for Christmas. Pattern is Sassy 16. I made the top start to finish at camp. Vicki quilted it and returned it to me this week. I love the back as well and it really shows off the quilting. Quilting is not as visible on the front.

When I got home yesterday the latest block was there from Fat Quarter Shop. Gotta work on that soon. I also got the fabbies from there this week for a future quilt. I saw and bought part of the line out at Sweet Home and found some more on the FQ site. 1-800-gotta have!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Bad Melisa has a giveaway and plans for the weekend..

B.M.-E.T. (Louise's name for our wacky but wonderful Bad Melisa) has a new thing going on. A Friday something or any rate go to the Sweet Home site and check it out but I REALLY want to be the winner on this one. A MODA book...(Moda Man has sent out yet another message via the "waves")!

And now to the weekend...BIG PLANS!!
It is a Thimbles weekend so we will be sewing and laughing and cutting up tomorrow. Don't think I'll make it tonight..too much to do! Not sure what I will be sewing tomorrow.
Vicki delivered my Sassy 16 quilt and I am sewing on the binding...that is an in front of the tv project. I have to get started on the quilt for Sarah for Christmas out of the girl scout material..I am thinking a disappearing nine patch for that one!

My precious, wonderful but crazy oldest daughter informed me yesterday that she needs a costume for school. She bought some fabric for me to sew. She says it is an easy project...this from the girl that forgot to buy straight pins to pin the pattern to the fabric. That is the Sunday after church project. I think that Sarah will be a better helper than Sue. Sarah wanted to sew last weekend and I think I will give her some fabric and help her make her own rag quilt. (if she is in the mood).

Somewhere in the weekend, I have to do the usual stuff like laundry, etc.
But right now I had better do some work so I can keep the Moda Man and Melisa happy!

Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm a happy camper!

Sometimes it only takes a little thing to make me happy. This morning, driving to work (in the pouring rain), the radio waves were buzzing again. Randy and Spiff are back together again! They are the morning guys on the oldies station. I have followed them from station to station. Hopefully, the powers that be won't change the format again. I was excited to find Spiff a few months ago but didn't know what happened to Randy. When they went to an AM station awhile ago, I couldn't get the reception and I really wasn't in to the talking....but now I am happy!

Survived the weekend and the living room is put back together after the little girl's sleepover! We had a good time but I needed a nap yesterday afternoon. Saturday morning, Cindi and I went out to Sweet Home. I donned the colander but was not too successful. Pictures to follow. But now that I think about it, there was no Moda in the purchases......maybe it does work????

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Christmas Lights and lull in blogland

It is only Wednesday but I feel like I have worked non stop for 2 weeks. For those of you familiar with the nursing home system, the "state" was in this week on annual survey. This process is done to assure that the residents are properly cared for and that the facility follows all guidelines. It is a very necessary and important tool but it makes for a gutwrentching, headache producing, stressful time for all involved. The team arrived Monday morning and departed today. I am physically and emotionally exhausted right now but tonight I will sleep well and tomorrow I can go to work when it is light out! Parkwood was deficiency free on this survey!!!!!!!!

As for any other part of my life...non existant for 3 days. But this evening, after a little nap, I started the assembly of Christmas Lights. I have to get back to finishing up the curtain for Snugglebutt's room. Just a little hand sewing on the loops.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Postscript to Christmas Lights

I could not contain myself and decided I would begin the construction of part 3 of the pattern. I have a construction error in part one-of the 12 blocks, I put 6 of the them together wrong...and I never saw it until this morning. Now I am going to do some unsewing. I did put 2 rows together and it is going to pop!

Yesterday was the baby shower for Kris, Tyler and Snugglebutt. Laurie was the shower coordinator, and Sue supplied the house. Me, I bought some beer for the boys! There were presents galore and I don't know where they will put all the stuff they got! Ans Snugglebutt will have to have her clothes changed multiple times s day to wear all of the little outfits.

Yesterday afternoon I drove over to Marietta. In one of the emails I get from the shops over there, they had sent notice of girl scout material available. I did buy a piece for a backing for the quilt I plan for Sarah but not enough selection for the front. Fat quarter shop has it though. I had a good time just looking at the fabbies over there. I usually only get over there for Shop Hop because "my" shops meet most of my needs. (I think I am needing a visit to Bad Melisa to see what the Temptress is up to these days!) Also need to see if she has the book I need for the Quilting by the Bay retreat in January.

Yesterday the Quiltmaker magazine came and the third part of the Bonnie Hunter mystery. It is going to be pretty. I want to start to work on it!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Guest Blogger

As you know, I am Willie. She calls me wild Willie. I think I should be called William the Magnificent. She sometimes does not get my drift. Here I am-forced to recline on a hard table, while behind me there is a PILE of soft quilts just waiting for some gray fur. I thought about giving a call to Morhp, Gomez or Edgar Poe to get their take on what I should do next, since they have their person trained. I am not doing as well!

Summing up the weekend

Yesterday I took the quilt over to Snugglebutt's house. I also took the crib bumpers and the diaper stacker. The quilt looks really cute in the nursery and no I did not take a picture of it. We could not try the bumpers on because the crib was full of already laundered and waiting to be put away baby clothes. Next weekend, Kris and I are going to work on the curtains. She has decided to use some of the fabric for a border on store bought curtains and has also decided not to have a valance.

I did not do very much of anything over the weekend. I want to make the border for the one quilt project I did at camp. I also need to make a trip on Saturday probably over to Tiny Stitches to check out fabric for the other small project I did at camp.

And now I am going to do more of nothing!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

no rain for 2 days

It was really nice to see the sun. It has warmed up again. I decided to try my usual route to work this afternoon and it was open!! I could see that the water had risen quite high but it has receded. The roads are stained with mud.

Don't know why but am really tired. I ended up on the couch this evening for a short nap...well not so short. Last evening I cut the 2 blocks that I had not completed on the weekend and I intended to work on one this evening. Well tomorrow is another day. Hopefully things are returning to "normal" and routine again. Looking forward to boring!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Do you think it will rain?

If the weather doesn't change soon......
This morning I had to turn around twice and it took me twice as long to get to work. This afternoon was worse-everything is flooded. I am so glad to be home this evening.
I needed to stop on the way home for a few things but that just didn't happen. I will survive!

2009-11 Double Delight

I finished sewing on the binding last evening on my version of Bonnie Hunter's quilt Double Delight. Willie and Spooky are the quality control on this quilt. Henry gave it his "Paw of Approval" as well. He was sleeping on it as I was sewing on the binding!
Vicki did the quilting on this one and brought it with her to camp. I had the binding on it before she came down for breakfast! I do love this quilt. I love the cheddar blocks mixed with the pinks. These are not my usual colors.

Now it is back to work and back to finishing up sewing the binding on Snugglebutt's quilt.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Goin' Sewin' #7

'FaFaLand' is about an hour an fifteen minutes from my home. It is located south of Covington, Ga in rural farmland-many cows, goats, horses, etc. This morning when I was leaving I saw a bunch of wild turkey(at least that is what I think they were)!
I arrived on thrs morning and set up my station-pretty much s zip code!-all the necessities needed for heavy duty sewing.
Sharon and Shannon are the leaders of this happy band of quilters. They plan all year for this weekend. And I look forward to this weekend all year. They do an excellent job of mixing instruction, games and giveaways. Cindi, Louise and I have been to all 7 of these great weekends. This year there were 16 quilters present-gals we see but once a year. Several "Thimbles" were there this weekend as well.

Field trips to local quilt shops-Sweet Home, Patrick's in Covington and the shop in Jackson. I needed some stuff at Sweet Home and Patrick's. Bought a quilt top kit there for one of the little girls-not sure which one will get it yet.
Saturday night we had an auction to "Send a kid to camp". I think the auction brought in over $700-not bad for 18 people!

Not too much sleep-sewing until the wee hours of the morning and then trying to fall asleep with achy bodies. Lots of tylenol! Quilts seen on the bed tour were spectacular-lots of last year's project returned all quilted!

-juvenile quilt top-dragons and unicorns
-Sassy 16 quilt top
-progress on the Flying geese quilt
-progress on the kit bought at Sweet Home
-burp cloths for Snugglebutt

I really need a nap now!

Watch out Moda Man

I have so much to blog about the best ever quilt retreat but I need to think about it and compose my thoughts! But in the meantime...
On a field trip to Sweet Home..just to check out any new goodies that were a necessity, I discovered that Bad Melisa has some protection from those microwaves coming from the Moda Man. I tried one on as you can didn't help-too many holes in it! I am working on the quilt that is to my right shoulder. It has such wonderful rich colors in it. I am going to LOVE this one when it is done.

My boys were happy to see me and now that I have cleaned up their severl messes and also took care of their litter box, we are going to sit on the couch and have a little scratch the head time. This was Willie's first time alone. I wonder what he thought?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No Redemption for Bad Melisa..

One of my friends made a call out to the Temptress requesting that she hold a certain packet of fabrics for her. Melsia was VERY accommodating. Now said friend thought that her name should be Glenda the Good Witch. AND THEN, she went out to pick up the fabric and was sucked in to the Sweet Home vortex. I guess she didn't believe me but she does now!! And once again...the evil temptress and the Moda Man have struck!!

Now I have to go unload my sewing room and load the care for camp. I have some stuff in the car already but not nearly all the necessities. I haven't even thought about the clothing attire yet but that is not the important stuff. I am so looking forward to the next couple of days!

Funny thing...Sweet Home is on the way to camp. I guess I need to stop there in the morning just in case there is something that I have to have.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Still on a roll...

Had to make a stop on the way home from work. Sewing machine light not working. I tried a replacement but it did not work. But the new one did! I have been working without a light for about a week. It was quite the challenge!

I put the walking foot attachment on and got started on the quilting. I had pinned AND basted the quilt but I was really worried about how it would quilt. Actually it was not bad. And now it is done. All I need to do is make the binding and sew it on. I am ahead of schedule! Also finished making this month's BOM from Fat Quarter.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Feeling quite productive!!!

I have had the best weekend so far. Two sessions of Thimbles sewing! Last evening I worked on the quilt top that is millions of flying geese from the jelly roll book. Today at Thimbles I worked on last month's quilt using the glace material from (moda) heehee. It has all those bias edges and it is not an easy puppy to do. THEN I came home and started on Snugglebutt's baby quilt. I have the top done!!!!wootwoot! I have to get some batting tomorrow and then I can layer it up. It will be quite the challenge to quilt this as the material is sooo gauzy. I may need to resort to the bottle to finish it. But now I am going to reward myself...I am going out and get me some Brewster's ice cream!!!

Some time soon I will have to think about creating the tin foil helmet to prevent the Moda signals from getting through!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The voice of Moda

Could it be that Moda has another marketing concept?
First it was the charm squares, then jelly rolls, layer cakes, and other pastry delights...But now I think they have figured out how to give their fabric a voice.. Now this does sound a little bizarre, I grant you BUT I heard the call all day at work today. AND then my car turned left out of the parking lot and headed for Conyers. I had NOT planned that. Will power? Gone! AND I think that Bad Melisa is in on their little secret. At any rate, I spent the evening on the couch, fondling my new prize and thinking about what I will do with it
Stay tuned!!

SHE is at it again....

Last evening I was checking my favorite blogs for updates. Sure enough, Bad Melisa has blogged about the day's delivery from Big Brown. (Box o' Moda) Be still my heart!!!!! Naturally she has to put in pictures of said fabbies. I have been waiting for the one line anyway since I bought a scrap bag of it. The line is Wiscasett and it is to die for!! Also Aster Manor by 3 Sisters and some French one that I can not pronounce. Okay, call 1-800-GOTTA HAVE. Only it is 10 PM and she is home pretending to be good. I check in with Gretchen and she is already requesting it. Now you know how fast Moda moves.....

I was on the phone this morning bright and early, speaking with the Evil Temptress herself. Did I mention how beautimous these fabrics are?? I am thinking about doing another Honeyberries with the Wiscasett. Add another to do project to the list!!

So many ideas, so little time!! AND next week is quilt camp...wootwoot!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Okay, I guess it is really not her fault, but I think she need to take the lame anyway! she blogged about the new Sampler magazine and that copies were going fast. Bright and early I headed out to Sweet Home to get my copy. Gretchen was already there. She needed thread!!! Like there is no thread closer! Kind of like when Sue was in college and there were no stamps in Oswego. (Funny we found that Oswego, NY actually does have a post office!!

Anyway, I got my magazine and also the fabric I needed to make binding for Double Delight. Then......trouble.......
Over in the corner of the Moda room is a sample of a most beautiful quilt. Yummy Fall still my heart. It is too beautiful. I NEED TO MAKE THIS QUILT. She has it all kitted up. All I need do is take it to the register. She tells me if I get the backing today, it will be 20% off. Of course I'll take tha backing, thank you very much! I had my gift certificate from Sue friend Judy for babysitting (that will help a little). AND I had some receipt's from past damage. I had enough receipts for 5 yards of fabric with leftovers for next time.

BAD BAD MELISA, I say anyway.

Now I am going to make binding and fondle my new fabric for the yummy quilt. I guess this will be my "Melisa made me do it" quilt!

Friday, September 4, 2009

I heart the weekends...

I am SO glad it is Friday and I don't have to think about work for 2 whole days!!!! I just want to take off all of the work clothes, put on comfie ones and do NOTHING. But that is not productive. I plan on doing some sewing. I am looking at piles of fat quarters that I recently acquired with no project in mind. Also that yummy quilt in Quiltmaker is telling me I need to make it!! Not to mention beginning to pull my stuff together for quilt camp. Now less than 2 weeks away!!!!!

Mr. toilet paper is for me to shred is at it again. Last night I was lying on the couch and I could hear someone making noise. I was too lazy to get up off the couch. When I got ready to go to bed, I checked the bathroom and found that Willie had had a great time. Why does the boy like toilet paper? He brings all of his toys to bed so I guess I am glad that he has not figured out how to get the toilet paper there too!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

2009-9 and 2009-10

2009-9 is my happy, happy quilt made iwth Moda Fresh line. I should show the back as it is pieced with layer cakes of the same line. Just makes me smile when I look at it!

2009-10 is Gretchen Made Me Do It. It is the scrappy quilt from the Quiltmaker magazine. I really like the way it came out. I guess I really love scrappy quilts! I have another one in mind from Quiltmaker magazine latest issue. It is called Winding Road and I just keep looking at the picture. It is a gotta do quilt!

Diaper Stacker done

I seem to be having a blogging problem...don't know if this one will go or I will have 2!

Celebrated Rob's tomoorow birthday by going to Taco Mac. Also spent some "quality time" with Sue watching some trashy vampire movie.
Next projects for the baby: curtains after the room is painted and the dust ruffle!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mission Accomplished

After stalling a bit this morning, I got down to business. The crib bumpers are now done. I decided to use rickrack for the ties. I found some pink that is the same color as the snails. Next I guess I need to make the diaper stacker. But that is for another day!

While watching Teddy Kennedy's funeral mass this morning, I finished sewing on the binding on Gretchen Made Me Do It.

All in all it was a productive day.

The morning after the night before.....

Today is kind of like the day after Christmas...all the anticipation and excitement....Done.

Met with Becky and Sarah and we drove out to Sweet Home for the celebration. We got there about 8. The Party on the Porch was already in progress! Melisa provided cookies and lemonade and entertainment. We had games to play. And even though Cindi and I collaborated and chested, we still were unsuccessful. The games went from hard to I don't have a clue. Though at the end of a work week to do all that thinking. I don't think we were as rowdy as last year though!

Good stuff inside when were finally allowed in. Bad Melisa throws a good party!! Yes I did manage to make a few purchases!

Now it is TIME TO MAKE THE BUMPERS not the donuts. Might even be a pajama day today! Picked up the prescription for my insomnia problem last evening. I didn't go to bed until late but it was also light when I woke up this morning. I don't feel drugged this morning and that is a good thing!

Friday, August 28, 2009


On my way to work every week, they play the Friday song on the Spiff and Fred show.(wonder what happened to Randy) I was happy to find Spiff on the radio again and I love the oldie when you could understand the words. Sure hope it doesn't turn into a country station like the last one....but I digress...

Anyway I have been waiting all week. Now it is only hours until Party on the Porch. I am going with Becky and fellow Thimble, Sheila.

Bad night for sleep last night. I have to pick up the prescription after work today. I didn't want to take it before the weekend because I don't know how it will affect me. Now I need to get some coffee and something for breakfast and then on to work. As the Friday song goes "I don't want to work, I want to play on the drum all day....."

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nothing to do but wait....

Slow eek so far. I picked up 2 quilts from Peggy and I am working on sewing on the binding. "Gretchen Made Me Do It" and a very happy summer quilt made from the Moda Fresh line. Makes me happy just to look at it! Pictures to follow.

36 hours and counting to Party on the Porch tomorrow night. I can't wait. Lots of laughs and bargains at Bed Melisa's Sweet Home.

AND this is the weekend that is scheduled for bumper construction. I really must get these bad boys done. Baby Snugglebutt is due to make her arrival late October/early November. Baby shower is already scheduled. Her quilt is sketched out as well. Now I just have to do them!

But now need to go to work......

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thimbles Weeked over too fast....

My plan was to take my completed quilts to Thimbles yesterday and take the pictures. Took the quilts, took the camera.....batteries dead. Best plans made....Anyway first picture is 2009-7 quilt from last year's quilt camp. Second picture 2009-8 Glory Bound. Henry and Willie checked them out and report them done!

Thimbles went by way too fast. As usual we had a great time, laughed a lot and did not necessarily get much sewing done. But that is not the object. Being with these great people is what it is all about! Next Thimbles only have to wait 3 weeks!!!

Also Party on the Porch is Friday night!!! Now that is not what Bad Melisa calls it. It is the Midnight Madness at Sweet Home. 9 to midnight. But the party begins on the porch way before the shop opens that night! It was sooo much fun last year. Hope someone lets the powers that be in Conyers know that that mob will be back on Green St on Friday night!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Goose loose?

Call me wacko bananas...I have been looking at this particular quilt project since I first got the Lintott's new book...the followup to the Jelly Roll book. This one also adds layer cakes and other "cuts" to the mix. I always dessert first!

Anyway, this week I started their "High Flying Geese" 30 in the book. I am using a jelly roll (!!!) and white background fabric. It calls for only 320 flying geese units. The block is rather small and the layout 5X8. I have decided to change it and make it 6X7. What is another 16 geese at this point.

I guess I need my head examined as there is a new project at Thimbles this weekend. And baby snugglebutt has her needs too. I really MUST start on the bumpers or the child will be in kindergarten. I need to get on the stick!! I need some coffee! HURRY UP THIMBLES!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2009-7 is really 2009-8....

I never posted a picture of 2009-7 either. It is the quilt from last year's quilt camp. I finished the sewing the binding on it and never took the picture of the completed project. There seems to be a bit of a trend going on here!
It is kind of big so I will wait until the weekend when I can get someone to hold it up for me at Thimbles.

2009-7 Road to Glory

I finished sewing the binding on Road to Glory the night before last. I had intended to post a picture with the finished project but I think I will wait until Thimbles this weekend to take it's picture. I really love the way the quilt came out. I have not got the slightest clue where this quilt will eventually live. It really does not match a thing in my house!

I am so glad that it is hump day. I am ready to play at Thimbles for the whole weekend! Last evening I slept on the couch from 7 until 10:30. Great I will be awake all night long. Not a problem...popped a benadryl and hopped into bed....woke up at 5!

Evidently today is sister day (or something) so to all my sistas .....have a good one and a drink on me!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Moda is a four letter word....

I think Gretchen said that first and I agree!

And then there is BAD MELISA! Tomorrow is her big birthday so I guess I should not be mean to her. But I was totalling up my recent receipts from Sweet Home and discovered that I have been very, very, bad. Since March I have been there, on average twice a month. I had no idea!!! And I certainly am not going to divulge the total of my receipts in that time period. Suffice it to say the Evil Temptress has done her job well!!!

And now I am going to sew binding on Glory Bound. I will bring it to Thimbles. Vicki did the quilting on this one and it is gorgeous!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Road Trip

Gretchen is at home sewing her fingers off and being very productive I am sure! Cindi called and asked if I was up to a trip out to Bad Melisa's. What a foolish question. I needed a piece of green fabric to make cornerstones for the top I took apart.
I was able to find a suitable piece. And then the trouble started! Cindi mentioned we need 2 one yard pieces of fabric for a project at camp. That would be the green and black fabric in the picture. And then in the Civil War room I was drawn to a set of fat quarters. That would be the ones on the two. At the counter Moda's newest temptation was in..kind of like putting candy at he supermarket checkout...BAD MELISA. They are called Petit 4's. I know Pat talked about these in her blog but they are SO CUTE!!! They come with a cute pattern that I will never make but it is cute.
All this retail therapy...I must now rest!

BOM #3 completed

What a pretty block AND I only had to recut one section. Did I read the directions?.. Yes. Did I follow the direction...that would be a NO. Now it is done for another month.

I picked up the fabric for Baby Snugglebutt last evening. Kris left it at Sue's house. Now I need to get going on the bumpers.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I think I am going to live....

Today I feel a bit better than yesterday. Actually, a whole lot better! I went to work because .....well because that is the way I am. I took the drugs with me. I found some not so bad for people with high blood pressure drugs and now I can actually breathe. Breathing is such a good thing!
And now I am back at home. I stopped at the library to pick up a book that I had reserved. American Made by Nick Taylor. I got to know Nick several years ago when he was writing a book about the church I attended in NY. I was looking at titles of authors that I actually know. I know 3. Nick, my nephew Chris Bohjalian and Elisabeth Lee. She has just published her second novel. I need to find that one too. At any rate, Nick's book is about 8 million pages long, dealing with the WPA and the Roosevelt years. At least I won't be crying in this one as I was in Ordinary Miracles.

But the dilemma is the next block arrived in the mail from Fat Quarter Shop. It looks like a doozy but i want to do it anyway RIGHT NOW.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Under the weather//

When I woke up this morning, I knew that I was coming down with a cold. Well, actually I was pretty sure last evening. I hit the vitamin c but it has not made much difference. I hate having a cold. I feel yucky. I stopped on the way home and got wonton soup. I have spent the evening sleeping on the couch. I KNOW I will be at all night or at least from 3AM on. This is not something I am looking forward to as there is nothing on tv at that hour except maybe poker!

Sue posted pictures on her blog of the first day of school. I can't believe that my little Emma rides the school bus. (A little bit of my history now). I loved the first day of school when the girls were little. The long summer was over and we were back into the routine. One year i even toasted the school bus driver as he arrived to take all the neighborhood kids off to Ben Franklin. But this is different. I couldn't believe that I actually got a lump in my throat when looking at the pictures. I guess I will just chalk it up to old age!

The heat goes on and I am going to bed! Maybe at 3AM I will just get up and sew.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Suggestions needed.....

I am working on whittling down the UFO's. I have a "mystery quilt" from the reatreat I went to in Florida. The block is 10 inches finished. The fabric is from American primer. I need to find another block to go with this one. I have 12 blocks and had it sewn together but it just doesn't do anything for me. I am planning on navy latice work with a cornerstone. But I need some suggestions on adding an alternate block.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Finishing up instead of shopping..

I REALLY wanted to go to Sweet Home today but I have so many works in progress, I decided to finish up some stuff today. (Besides-the sale is all week. I can always go after work next week).
This the top I made from the second jelly roll book. It needed a border to stop it. I like it much better now. Inner border is one inch finished and the outer border five inches. I am happy!

Think I will go see what else could be finished up this weekend.

Christmas Lights-Part 2-Done!!!

I was on a roll last evening and started sewing. When I looked at the picture I posted on the blog last time, I realized that I had made a mistake on one of the blocks. A little unsewing and I was good to go! After I constructed a few blocks, I just kept sewing. I finished them this morning. Now I am trying to figure out how they will go together. I know they will be set on the diagonal because of the gold fabric I have cut. If Willie will let me, I will lay the blocks out on the floor and arrange them. I had figured out Orange Crush ahead of time but this one is currently a puzzle!
I guess I should do some chores before I play!
Bad Melisa has a sale on Moda...ahhhhhhhhhhh. I want to go!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Christmas Lights-part 2

I had to finish (actually pretty much start) part 1 so I could play on part 2. This is going to be s great pattern I think. But that will have to wait until the next issue of Quiltmaker-probably out in October. I should be able to get this part done by then! Willie was checking out my seams-most of them are pretty good!

And on another totally unrelated topic..i wonder why no one has ever written a book about a nursing home. of course there is some sadness there but there is also some pretty funny stuff. I would title the book "There is Always a Full Moon at the Home". I was sitting at the nurses station this afternoon and was reviewing orders written on a new resident. Her meds came with her including rsaberry flavored morphine! I just had to giggle. And then I went with that thought..suppose you could make frozen morphsiciles.... I guess I just need a vacation about now.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Christmas Lights

I decided after work yesterday to be a little productive. I got my bag out with the fabrics purchased to complete Christmas Light's. I had extra four patches already made from another quilt that I am using in this quilt. But that is as far as I had gone.I got out the rotary cutter and ruler and the direction (always helps) and started cutting. I now have lots of blocks cut out. And I used one of my new toys to make the half square triangles-the Quilters Magic Wand. I love it!! So much easier than using the old little ruler with the holes down the center. I am ready to do some sewing after work today.

I was up until 11PM last night without a nap in the evening. I took benadryl AND melatonin last night. Surely I would sleep. Awake at 4 AM. I did manage to doze back to sleep and woke up at 5:30. This stinks!!

Thanks to Gretchen and Becky for their feedback on the quilt top "finished" over the weekend. I need to visit Bad Melisa to get borders. Shucks(not)!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I had to do something this weekend besides sleeping and eating, so I decided this morning to look at my to do list. This quilt top is from the book Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charm Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott. The pattern is called Hidden Stars. I used the layer cake that I bought at Sweet Home last weekend plus a yard of fabbie for the stars. The layer cake is Winter (Minik & Simpson) by Moda (of course). It is a quicky. I did it start to finish today. It does not call for a border but I am not too sure that I like it this way. To me, it looks like I didn't finish it. We'll see. It is a small quilt so adding a border will not make it outrageous.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lazy slug

Sleep continues to elude me and as a result, I was awake at four thirty again this morning. I got up and had coffee and then plopped back on the couch and dozed until about nine. I did manage to do a load of laundry today but that was pretty much it. Oops, I forgot I did make binding for the Fresh quilt that I gave to Peggy.

So today-some total: sleep and eat. I read a magazine that came today-American Patchwork and Quilting. A couple of interesting patterns BUT yesterday the new issue of Quiltmaker arrived. Part 2 of Bonnie Hunter's Christmas Lights. (Haven't finished part one yet.And there are 2 other quilts that are really interesting. One is a scrappy stash buster. Also a Halloween wall hanging that is kind of cute. I guess I will put them in the maybe someday pile.

I am hoping that I am able to get a decent night's sleep tonight.
On another note: Willie is doing fine. I didn't give him any pain medicine last night because I didn't think he was bothered by it. Today we have chilled together and he is running around the house. As for the shouldn't jump...yeah right he doesn't get the concept. He just learned to jump up on the counter this week. I am glad to have him home. I can't say that Spooky and Henry feel the same. Spooky just does not want to tolerate him at all.

Maybe tomorrow I will be a bit more productive

Friday, July 31, 2009

Guest commentary...

I have had not so much fun the last 2 days. First, she doesn't feed me. MY food has been removed and I am SO hungry. And then I am put in a container with prison bars on it. It is not at all comfortable. I am used to sleeping on layers of wonderfully soft quilts. And then it is a ride in the car. It is dark out still so I can't see where I am going. But when we arrive I know I have been in this place before. It is where they poke me and jab me. I DON'T LIKE IT. And then she leaves me there. I don't know what I did to deserve this. More sticking and then....something must have happened but I am not sure what. I went to sleep. When I woke up I felt a little bit different and not so good. But they gave me something and I felt better. (I heard them talking about me and how cute I am). Well I know that...I am quite the handsome boy. I am still in a cage but then they come and tell me I am going home. That's good....then I get put back in that box again.....I HATE THAT BOX.
But the good thing is that I am now back in my house. My brothers are hissing again.'s me...Wild Willie...let's play I'll chase you and then I'll chase you some more.
To all the people who asked about me, thank you. I am fine. But my butt hurts a little.

Wild Willie

Project Bags

I found these bags when I was at Publix this week. Maybe I can begin to get myself organized...probably not! But these are a nice size bag to keep everything togeter, visible. The bag has a handle and it of course, ziplocks. 5 bags in a box. Good size. I found them with the other plastic bags at Publix.

The house is so quiet without my little man. I will pick him up after work today. You had better believe I will be leaving work early today! I don't think Henry and Spooky have issed him at all. They both stayed very close to me last evening.