Monday, December 31, 2012

Easy Street-Part 7 Final Construction begins

I had great plans for today.  I figured a few hours to do this part of the mystery.  I have been working on it most of the day and finally finished it at 9PM.  Good thing I did not have any big party plans for tonight!  I am really happy with the way it is coming together. 

I have not figured  out how the rest of the top is going to be constructed.  I do know that I have LOTS of pieces left to sew together.  The top is going to be constructed on point, I do know that.  The thing is I won't have to wait long as the reveal will be tomorrow.

But for now, Spooky, Wild Willie and I wish all my friends and family HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Stars and Aurafil thread

`I have pretty much spent the weekend playing!!  I have been working on pieces of Comfort and Joy.  After finishing the snowman yesterday, I decided that I would tackle the stars.  Pat's templates are WONDERFUL and these babies went together without difficulty.  I decided not to paper piece them.  Once I did the 2 little ones for the next section I am working on, I decided to go ahead and do them all.   Now they are done!  Next on tap is the angel.  My handout called her Miss It.  I think I will call her (you guessed it)  PAT!!

And on the other note....I love aurafil thread-it is all that I use.  And I use the BIG spool at home.  I finished a spool today. I think this is the third spool that I have finished.  Lots of sewing going on here. 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Block of the Week:Cheyenne

 Wyoming was ahead of the times in womens' rights.  Sure like easy blocks.  Willie is once again, checking out my work.  I think he gave it 2 paws up.
 I am getting a head start on 2013.  Snowman is part of section 2 in Comfort and Joy.  I see he has a Pinocchio nose.  Today I need to give him his arms and scarf.  He also has a little tree and a broom.  This is going to be a week long project, at least.  Pat, have another drink!!!
Wild Willie is resting in preparation for the new year.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Easy Street- Part 6

The mystery is racing along and Bonnie notes the next part will be published on New Years eve.  I love the mystery and am a little sad because I know that the mystery will soon be revealed. 

I had a couple of interesting comments from friends regarding my 2013 quilt plans.  Bad Melisa (Sweet Home Quilt Co.) mentioned accountability.  And that is what I need.  My friend Pat (Queen of the Silver Thimble Quilt Co.) reports that I will be responsible for her taking up drinking as I plan on completing Comfort and Joy.  Sarah is going to join me in working on her Comfort and Joy and Gretch says she is also going to encourage completion.

So last night, in prep for 2013, I opened up the box and pulled out the next section to be done.  I will be working first on the snowman.  I have to admit, i did not get that far...but at least it is a start.  I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

UFO's- WILL be completed in 2013

#1 COMFORT AND JOY-  This baby has been boxed for 2 years.  If Judy Laquidara can make 2 of these next year, I should be able to complete one!  Now there is all the applique left but must maybe I can surprise Pat and DO IT!!

#2 EASY STREET-  I am up to date and waiting for the next step on this year's Bonnie Hunter mystery

#3GRANDMOTHER'S CHOICE- the block of the week.  So far 17 blocks completed. 
#4PATTERN TO BE DETERMINED- I luv, luv, luv Audra's Iris Garden.  I have a fat quarter bundle of this line  Still searching for the right pattern

#5PINEAPPLE QUILT IN 3 COLORS-most of the blocks made for this one.  Not sure how the finish will go.

#6 TIED UP IN BOWS-the top is done but it needs a back and binding before it goes off to be quilted
 #7QUILT CAMP 2012 SWAP-red, blue and gold.  Swap date is Feb.

#8MIXED BERRIES- top is all cut out and ready for construction.  This is a variation of Pat Wys's Blueberry Pie

#9 DEBONAIR-top also cut out and ready to go
#10 POPSICLE STICKS-yet another top cut out and ready for construction.   I am sensing a pattern here!

#11-JUST FOR YOU quilt- top is made-Needs backing, binding and quilting

#12-SILVER THIMBLE MYSTERY QUILT (not pictured-it's a mystery!)  Top is done-it needs a backing, binding and quilting

I am tired just listing these!  But since work won't get in the way and there is a retreat coming up,  I think I can manage this for 2013.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve-2012

Glad to say it is Christmas Eve.  Glad because i don't do Christmas well anymore.  It is not that I am a Grinch (or maybe I am) or Scrooge.  Don't know why-just the way it is.  \

Yesterday I did my Christmas cooking traditions that are usually done Christmas Eve.  I didn't want to get up that early to get them done today.  So the Swedish meatballs are made and just need to be heated up.  And I finally got around to starting the Swedish coffee bread about 3 yesterday afternoon.  Finally out of the oven about 7 last night.

I am looking forward to spending Christmas Eve and Christmas day with Sarah and Emma (and Sue and Rob).  Sarah is Mary in the Christmas pageant this afternoon and Emma and angel.  I wonder if the other angels are vegetarians?  Then again Emma's version does allow bacon and fast foods!!

Before heading out today, I am working on s "just for you" quilt top.  I hope somewhere out there there is someone who likes frogs.  Picture will follow.

Merry Christmas to all!!!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mother's Delight-Christabel Pankhurst

Block of the week.  Christabel is of English descent.  I decided to do this block in Christmas colors instead of the colors I have used in the majority of the blocks so far.  It reminds me of the star that hangs over the altar at Christmastime up in Mohegan Lake.  I wish I could be there at this time of the year but it is way too cold.  Actually, it is too cold here right now!  This is #17 of the 49 planned for this quilt.  I used the templates from Blockbase for this block.

I guess I need to wrap a few presents today.  Then tie up a few more things for Christmas.  First, though, is coffee!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Squatting Turkeys?

Easy Street-Part 5.     I read on the Quiltville blog this morning that one follower had named these blocks Squatting Turkeys.    I like that!  Still no green in this mystery other than the squares cut last week.  i am guessing that this mystery will have 7 or 8 parts so things should begin to gel with the next block.  That kind of makes me sad since I really love doing Bonnie's mysteries.

I downloaded the block of the week for Grandmother's Choice this morning.  And I have only one thing to say, "Yikes!" 

I finally finished Christmas shopping yesterday since the Mayans were wrong.  I had a good time with Sue, Sarah and Emma.Today is a trip to Publix for Christmas cooking. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

block of the Week-Capitol T-Sarah Pellet

I'm on a roll this morning!  Block of the week is completed.  I love the info that comes with the block directions.  Sarah Pellet was a campaigner for temperance.  And the "T" stands for tee-totallers.  Well you learn something EVERY day.

Now i will think about all those things that I need to do today.

December Thimbles

 This is, of course, my favorite weekend of the month.  I love my Thimble buddies!!  I got up early to cook!!!  Our December meeting is always a sewing/eating time with lots of goodies. 
I downloaded Part 4 of Easy Street before entering the kitchen.  I even was able to get all of the cutting done before heading over to Thimbles.

More flying geese!!  Also cut some green finally.  Little green squares.  Maybe next week they will be worked in to the process.  I am loving this mystery.
After completing the goose construction, I put the borders on the winter quilt.  I don't have a backing and think I will probably piece a backing for this one.

The otherwise great day was marred by the tragic news from Connecticut.  Newtown was not that far from where I used to live.  Such beautiful country.  There are no words to fully describe the horror.  Just so sad.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Centennial-New Zealand Victory

This is block #15 of Grandmother's Choice block of the week.  I really like it when the block goes together the first time!  I got this one made yesterday afternoon.

And on another note.....celebrated Pat Wys's birthday yesterday with some of her posse.  It was quite an enjoyable afternoon.  I wish I had a picture of herself in  her head gear.  So funny!  Andy (Sir Quilt Dude)  was in formal attire.  I think he was just back from his photo shoot for Awesome Men of Gwinnett County!
And I would be negligent if I did not also congratulate their lovely daughters on hosting the event.  Love that crazy Pat!!!  Seriously though she has taught me so much.  And she continues to push me toward heinous applique. 

Did the Marietta Diner yesterday as well.  Oh that food!  Forgot to save room for rice pudding.  Just another excuse to go back.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Fridays are so good..

 Look what the UPS man left at my door!!  It's from that place in Texas...  See there is even a little bit of decorating done..
And here is what was in that box.  It is Brannock & Patek's new line Audra's Iris Garden.  I first saw part of this on Karmen's blog (Linda Brannock is her Mom)  And I knew it was a 1-800-GOTTA HAVE.  When I saw it on the coming soon site at Fat Quarter Shop, I put my name in.  I had a gift certificate from Sue and the little girls and I have now put it to good use.  I am not sure what pattern I am going to use.  I have to check out some of my books.
Easy Street -Part 3 was up when I got up this morning.  I printed it out and cut most of the pieces before I went to the pool.  I say most because I guess I was having trouble counting to 64.  When I went to press, I had 63 blocks.  I love the purple and turquoise in this block.  I had some cute snowman fabric and some of the blocks have all of him!

Yesterday I finally got the place mat done for the guild meeting  I also finished a gift that I can't show 'cause it's a surprise.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

BOW-Bride's Knot

Yeah-this week's block was not too hard to do.This is #14 of the blocks.  There are 49 blocks planned.
Weekly assignment now completed!

I am ready to lay out and stack "Tied Up in Bows".  I bought this cute pattern when we had our last fun/food/fabric road trip up to Franklin, No Carolina.  I had a bunch of Winter Elegance by Moda.

I am also playing with the pineapple block using black, gray and white/black print.  I cut a bunch of strips last night.

And I found my fabric advent calendar in the garage and hung it up.  After all, it is December 1.