Saturday, December 15, 2012

December Thimbles

 This is, of course, my favorite weekend of the month.  I love my Thimble buddies!!  I got up early to cook!!!  Our December meeting is always a sewing/eating time with lots of goodies. 
I downloaded Part 4 of Easy Street before entering the kitchen.  I even was able to get all of the cutting done before heading over to Thimbles.

More flying geese!!  Also cut some green finally.  Little green squares.  Maybe next week they will be worked in to the process.  I am loving this mystery.
After completing the goose construction, I put the borders on the winter quilt.  I don't have a backing and think I will probably piece a backing for this one.

The otherwise great day was marred by the tragic news from Connecticut.  Newtown was not that far from where I used to live.  Such beautiful country.  There are no words to fully describe the horror.  Just so sad.

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Karmen Sunshine said...

Lovely work Karin; I know you had fun. Karmen