Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve-2012

Glad to say it is Christmas Eve.  Glad because i don't do Christmas well anymore.  It is not that I am a Grinch (or maybe I am) or Scrooge.  Don't know why-just the way it is.  \

Yesterday I did my Christmas cooking traditions that are usually done Christmas Eve.  I didn't want to get up that early to get them done today.  So the Swedish meatballs are made and just need to be heated up.  And I finally got around to starting the Swedish coffee bread about 3 yesterday afternoon.  Finally out of the oven about 7 last night.

I am looking forward to spending Christmas Eve and Christmas day with Sarah and Emma (and Sue and Rob).  Sarah is Mary in the Christmas pageant this afternoon and Emma and angel.  I wonder if the other angels are vegetarians?  Then again Emma's version does allow bacon and fast foods!!

Before heading out today, I am working on s "just for you" quilt top.  I hope somewhere out there there is someone who likes frogs.  Picture will follow.

Merry Christmas to all!!!!!

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