Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Stars and Aurafil thread

`I have pretty much spent the weekend playing!!  I have been working on pieces of Comfort and Joy.  After finishing the snowman yesterday, I decided that I would tackle the stars.  Pat's templates are WONDERFUL and these babies went together without difficulty.  I decided not to paper piece them.  Once I did the 2 little ones for the next section I am working on, I decided to go ahead and do them all.   Now they are done!  Next on tap is the angel.  My handout called her Miss It.  I think I will call her (you guessed it)  PAT!!

And on the other note....I love aurafil thread-it is all that I use.  And I use the BIG spool at home.  I finished a spool today. I think this is the third spool that I have finished.  Lots of sewing going on here. 

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Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

You are moving along. The stars look amazing. I love that angel and she does look all fat and happy like ME. I'm so (sniff, sniiff) proud of you. Keep sewing. You will be making a Baltimore Album before you know it.