Saturday, August 28, 2010

Party on the Porch

The last weekend in August the place to be is in Conyers, Ga. Here is Bad Melisa peeking out at her guests. She won't let us in yet! First we have to play games and compete for chances to wind the prize below. I am here to tell you that the woman carries around some strange things in her purse. We also competed in a relay race. Oh what those Conyers denizens must think about the strange things happening on Green St. This year's competition was much better than the things we had to do last year. She had good things on sale once we were allowed into shop.

See that pile o' fabric? That is the prize that I won't win today but that is okay. Moda Man was in attendance (of course). Fat Quarter insisted on going as well because she KNEW that all those women would be hard for him to resist!
After some retail therapy, Gretchen, Sarah, Cindi and I went to Brewster's for dinner.
Chocolate and fabric..what could possibly make for a better evening.
Hopefully Gretchen will upload some pictures that Sarh shot last night. Check out Stell Bella

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's only a matter of shoes

I am sitting at my computer checking emails and blogs and look down to take off my shoes. It is 5 PM and I have been wearing 2 different shoes all day. My right foot was bothering me all day but I did not think about it. After work, I stopped at Barnes & Noble. I wonder if anyone spotted it? I would have been so embarrassed if I knew I had done this this morning. But since I didn't know..oh well just another senior moment!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Having a quilty weekend

The Thimbles project for this weekend was from the book 40 Fabulous Quilts and is called Homeward Bound. The geese part is not made yet but the log cabins are surrounded by flying geese. It is a quite striking pattern. I love the Cheddar and blue in the log cabin and elected not to have the center the traditional red or yellow. Maybe I will start on the goose units today. After I pressed the last round, I counted the blocks. Number required: 16 log cabin blocks. Number the rocket scientist made: 15! How I manged that, I am not sure. But I now have 16.

Eat your heart out, Mark Dunn. You do not have a Karmen Sunshine original quilt for your bed like Moda Man has. He thanks Karmen for his lovely gift. As you can see, Fat Quarter is not in the picture. I guess she is off making him something to eat. She did not attend yesterday's session of Thimbles. Sir Quilt Dude kept him company. The joint was jumping with lots of happy quilters. I wonder if it is appropriate to call a room in a church a "joint"? Visitors, demos and lots of show and tell yesterday. It was WONDERFUL!!!!!!
Now I have Party on the Porch to look forward to on Friday evening, quick trip to NY and quilt camp. Good times!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Carolina Christmas

Wild Willie, quilt inspector checks out Carolina Christmas, a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. He approves.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Looky, looky...

Yesterday when I went to Sweet Home to pay to be a Groovy Girl, I met Gretchen-another Groovy Girl. Actually, I thought we were groovy girls before yesterday!
Long story short..Gretchen REALLY loves Halloween and saw this little gem that Melisa had set to go. I already had one of these little bundle (2 fat quarters and some specialty ribbon). It was sitting on the kitchen table. Now there was no excuse, they needed to be made. Voila'. The pattern is in the latest issue of Quilts and More. Easy peasy to do. And now done!
The quilt fairy delivered Cheetos quilt to Laurie today as well. I was a busy person! and I COOKED! As Fred Sanford would say, "Elizabeth, it's the big one!"
And now I am done!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I was reading another blog today and the blogger talked about having too many quilts. Which brings me to my living room. I have a lot of quilts in here. Piles of quilts. It
is embarrassing to say just how many have accumulated. Just say it is more than 18...
Melisa told me at least I finish projects. Yes I do. And now I have signed up to be a Groovy Girl at Sweet Home.

Picture above is for the blogger that is collecting quilt and pet pictures. All I have to do is figure out how to send the picture!! not an easy task. Maybe tomorrow!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sewing and socializing..

This is the sewing part. I bought both sizes of the Twister Tool out at Sweet Home awhile ago. The fabric is French General line whose name escapes me at the moment. Melisa brought it back from market and I was lucky enough to grab one. I am loving this line. I am doing the pattern in the book. The outer areas use the smaller tool and charm packs. Henry decided to check out my progress. Doesn't he look handsome on this top?

This morning I headed over to Mita's for Pat's signing. Of course I let my magazine at home. I will have to remember to take it with me for Thimbles. Got to see some friends and do a little retail therapy. Pat was so funny-especially when she was trying to help Mita. Keep your day job Pat-don't think you'll make it measuring and cutting fabric and especially the folding part. She is a hot mess!

I guess I should go pick up the clippings on the kitchen floor. Instead of using a garbage can, I just threw the fabric on the floor. Hey-if Pat can do can I!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Misc BOM's

This is the Quilt Room block for August. I actually finished it over the weekend. It is not quite the same as directed since I did not have enough of the green. I am finding that the pattern is not accommodated by one jelly roll and I have had to add to it. I guess if you had all of the blocks from the get-go, you could make it work.

Thanks to Gretch, I was able to construct the Moose on the Porch block #12. I could not download the pattern. Gretch sent me the directions to cut the pieces. I actually found the directions today on another computer and I did not put it together as directed but I am not about to take the whole thing apart and start over. It works for me. I have not yet decided on lattice or not. I have the fabric for it but since I am not in need of another finished quilt at the moment, I will ponder on this one for awhile!
Can I say I am tired of this heat? It has been Africa hot for so long. Then I remember how I whined about this past winter and being cold. There is just no pleasing me!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

sometimes my job gets in the way

I have just spent two excruciating days at a training session. The "event" was in Stockbridge, Ga-the other side of Atlanta. A rush hour drive in both directions with 8 hours of lecture in between. There is a new tool becoming effective Oct 1 for the job that I do. The new assessment tool is 38 pages long...just shoot me now! In several ways it is much more relevant than it's predecessor but the thought of doing this thing makes me want to throw up! There will be so much more to do that it boggles the mind. Oh well...I can do anything for awhile. Maybe I could win the lottery? That won't happen but it is a nice thought!

So now I am back home with my guys and I don't intend to think about anything work related until tomorrow morning. I am not sure what I am going to do this evening but you can bet your bippy it will relate to fabric!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sleeker Willie Checks out Scrappy Nines

I am really pleased with how the quilt top came out. I emailed Pat and then I thought about keeping her in the dark. How could I do that to the Thimble Queen? So here it is. Willie gives it two paws up. He is not shedding as much since the Furminator.

Close up of one corner. I want it quilted using a chocolate brown thread. Hope it makes Pat as happy as it makes me!