Sunday, August 22, 2010

Having a quilty weekend

The Thimbles project for this weekend was from the book 40 Fabulous Quilts and is called Homeward Bound. The geese part is not made yet but the log cabins are surrounded by flying geese. It is a quite striking pattern. I love the Cheddar and blue in the log cabin and elected not to have the center the traditional red or yellow. Maybe I will start on the goose units today. After I pressed the last round, I counted the blocks. Number required: 16 log cabin blocks. Number the rocket scientist made: 15! How I manged that, I am not sure. But I now have 16.

Eat your heart out, Mark Dunn. You do not have a Karmen Sunshine original quilt for your bed like Moda Man has. He thanks Karmen for his lovely gift. As you can see, Fat Quarter is not in the picture. I guess she is off making him something to eat. She did not attend yesterday's session of Thimbles. Sir Quilt Dude kept him company. The joint was jumping with lots of happy quilters. I wonder if it is appropriate to call a room in a church a "joint"? Visitors, demos and lots of show and tell yesterday. It was WONDERFUL!!!!!!
Now I have Party on the Porch to look forward to on Friday evening, quick trip to NY and quilt camp. Good times!!

3 wonderful peoplecomments:

A Quilter Awakens said...

Hi Karen,
It was really good to see you; we had a lot of fun at Thimbles! I am glad Moda Man can use his yo-yo quilt. Karmen

Brenda said...

Great to see you on Friday night. Love your log cabin blocks. I like the blue in the middle.

Susan said...

How nice of Karmen to make Moda Man his own yo-yo quilt! Your blue and orange log cabin blocks are lookin' good!