Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sewing and socializing..

This is the sewing part. I bought both sizes of the Twister Tool out at Sweet Home awhile ago. The fabric is French General line whose name escapes me at the moment. Melisa brought it back from market and I was lucky enough to grab one. I am loving this line. I am doing the pattern in the book. The outer areas use the smaller tool and charm packs. Henry decided to check out my progress. Doesn't he look handsome on this top?

This morning I headed over to Mita's for Pat's signing. Of course I let my magazine at home. I will have to remember to take it with me for Thimbles. Got to see some friends and do a little retail therapy. Pat was so funny-especially when she was trying to help Mita. Keep your day job Pat-don't think you'll make it measuring and cutting fabric and especially the folding part. She is a hot mess!

I guess I should go pick up the clippings on the kitchen floor. Instead of using a garbage can, I just threw the fabric on the floor. Hey-if Pat can do can I!!

2 wonderful peoplecomments:

Becky said...

You need to enter Henry in SewCalGal's Quilt show.

It's was fabulous seeing you yesterday morning!!!!!! Love you friend!

Brenda said...

Sorry I missed seeing everyone. Love your quilt.