Saturday, June 28, 2008

I treated myself well.....

This morning I got up early to do weekend chores so I could go out to my favorite quilt shop...I love Sweet Home Quilts in Conyers. The only bad thing is that it is very hard to find ugly fabric there. Melisa keeps it packed with such beautiful stuff that I want it all! I confess, I did major damage there this morning!!! But got such pretty stuff. I bought a fat quarter selection of the "In the Pink 2"line. Don't know what I will do with it but I still have lots of the first line. I might just have to do another quilt from 40 Fabulous Quilts. Also bought a kit with material from the Shangra La line by Moda. It is yummy! Then I found another book that I had to have........I am bad!!!!

Can't begin to play though because Sarah and Emma are coming for a sleepover tonight. It should be really interesting with the girls, the dog and me in the livingroom. Stay tuned for the report!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the grandkids-Sarah, Emma and Bailey Megabux

The vet called this afternoon with the results of Bailey's lab work. Her lab values basically are the same as 3 months ago-BUN slightly down, creatinine slightly up. For you non-medical people that translates to early renal failure. Fortunately she does not need fluids yet but this weekend we will start a new medication which may slow the progress of the disease. Laur didn't ask the price of the med but knowing vet meds it won't be cheap! She was mbusy looking it up on the web!

Sue took pictures of Bailey's visit yesterday. If you hit the "Fried" link and scroll down to favorite things, you'll see pix of the little girls with their four footed cousin!

Just spoke to Laur this morning and I told her about the vet visit yesterday. And now we wait to see how the blood work is. Bailey is such a hoot at times...she loves to go to the vet. She can't get out of the car and into the office fast enough! At any rate, having dropped a pile of money there, I decided to stop by Sue's house to say hi. Sue lives about a mile from the vet. As i was turning into her development, she was coming out. So I "tailed her"! Of course my cell phone needed to be recharged, so I couldn't call her. After a stop at the pizza shop, we went back to her house. Sarah and Emma enjoyed the visit with Bailey. Sarah said I haven't seen Bailey in a long time. Rob's dog was banished to the basement for the visit. Rob was out of town, so we had a nice visit and then home to the couch!(me and Bailey)!!!
Laur asked me what I was doing on friday....nothing......then she reminded me it is my birthday.....just another day closer to medicare! I would just as soon not celebrate thank you very much!

And now since I have not won the lottery, I will go to work!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Lucky #13 quilt completed this year is "Rotten Vegetables". The pattern designer called this quilt "Squash Blossoms". Pat challenged me to do the applique on the border. All of my friends know how I feel about applique- machine or otherwise. I refer to it as heinous applique. I am not fond of doing it and am not good at it! Maybe that is why I don't like it. At any rate, a couple of years ago when this pattern was a featured pattern for a sisters quilt, I took the challenge. Now Pat will tell you, I bitched the whole time I was working on it! But finish it, I did! And then it sat in the pile with the others waiting to be quilted.

Last night I went to sisters to pick it up and show Pat that I did complete it. I managed to trim it at the shop and sew the binding on it. I guess Friday nights are not good for me because by about 8:30 all I wanted to do was go home and plop down on the couch. So I did. Took some tylenol first and then put the tv on. I felt much better when I woke up and started to do the hand work on it. And now I have that done too! ALL DONE!!!!!!

I took a trip over to Marietta this morning to see if I could find some cute fabric for the baby quilt for Kathy's coming grandbaby. While I was browsing, there was a gal who had done a baby quilt using a modification of the Yellow Brick Road pattern. I never thought of that as a possibility for a baby quilt. Now I have the fabric in blues and green for the little boy and I came home and found my pattern. Tomorrow I will cut it out. Tonight is is back to the couch with more tylenol!

Friday, June 20, 2008

So glad it's Friday......

The week went really fast. I guess probably because all I did was work and sleep. I am embarrassed to say at what time I was in sleepwear last evening. Let us just say the sun was not near close to setting! But it is just about the longest day of the year....does that count? I am thinking about going to sisters tonight since I missed the May meeting. "Rotten vegetables" is ready to be picked up, so I could trim it and put the binding on there and visit with some friends.

Next week will be a tough week at work as Q is on vacation. I will need to do all of the medicare assessments, admissions, discharges, etc. And for some reason our medicare census is higher than it has ever been.

My other news that I can now post, is that Laurie is coming home July 19th. Originally she was due home July 4th but got extended. I suppose she is not as happy as I am. I have really missed her. What a goof ball I am. I have talked to her at least a couple of times a week since she has been gone. But it is just not the same. Of course she will have to be instructed in the proper care and feeding of Bailey. Spiff, Henry and Spooky will be so excited when they can come out of the bedroom. Harry doesn't care-she likes her crate. I leave the door open but she only comes out when I sit on the floor. Henry has taken to going in and keeping her company.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

blah blah blah........

Bailey has not had one of her better weeks-behavior wise. There was the episodes where she attacked Spiff when he wanted to come out of the bedroom. Boy, did she know that I was not happy with her. This morning, I was greeted with a puddle. This is the second puddle in 2 weeks. I guess tonight, she will be spending more time outside in the dark. I was feeling bad about her being in the dark in the backyard, so I took her out front. Only thing is I don't like standing outside with her.

On a brighter side...I was reading Pat's blog yesterday and she is doing a workshop in Fla in January. Peggy Barkle will also be there. I am thinking that I need to take some time off the end of January. I have never been to that part of Fla. and I will be pretty much sick of winter by that time. Gotta think some more about it, before I commit. I would go down a couple of days ahead of the workshop and just look at the Gulf of Mexico. Since summer plans have been put on hold, it gives me time to save some money for a winter vacation.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Finally on the mend

After the wasted weekend (on he couch), I went back to work yesterday and was feeling not too bad. At least my eyes looked a lot better. I did pretty well until about noon and then the bottom fell out. One of my coworkers said this morning you looked good but now you look awful. No shit, Sherlock! I finished up some more work and then headed home for the couch. I stopped on the way home and got some won ton soup and boy did it taste good. This morning I am feeling better again but I am thinking about a shortened day today too. Truth be known, I felt better yesterday morning. Not as young as I used to be I guess, I am not bouncing back!

Bailey was a bad girl yesterday. Spiff wanted to come out in the living room and actually did but then Bailey cornered him. My poor Spiff is not a happy boy. Bailey knew she was in deep doo!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wasted Week

The cold came on the end of last week and I pretty much ignored it and lived with it dragging myself to work all week. Finally Friday morning, I gave in-by this time I have conjunctivitis in both eyes and I look pretty bad. The cold is finally getting better and I am not coughing nearly as much as I was. The congestion is just about gone and with antibiotic eye drops, my eyes seem to be getting better. Yesterday I spent the day on the couch, dozing on and off. Not working and not accomplishing anything. I hate that. I know I probably needed it but it still irritates me!

Today I am going to attempt to get something (anything) done. Ihave to get the emissions done on the car so I can get the tag done this week. Cindi called last night and needs a little retail therapy. We plan on a trip out to Sweet Home to check on Melisa. Other than the usual weekend stuff, I plan to not do too much.

Heard on the news-another earthquake in Japan but Laur has already blogged. Imagine..getting used to earthquakes. Bailey is ready for her to come home!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


"Orange Crush" mystery quilt completed!!!

I added 4" border on the outside to finish it off. Now I need to think about a backing. I am planning to piece the back as well. Then on to the next project

Orange Crush-the borders.....

I have turned the corner with the cold (I think) and yesterday was able to do the math and put the borders on the quilt. I held my breath as I was pinning the pieced border to the plain inner border BUT it worked!!! My original plan was that the outer border would be the reddish fabric that is in the body of the top. However, the quilt top is bigger than I thought and I do not have enough fabric. So this morning I went into the sewing room to see what I had so that I would not have to piece the outer border. My first thought was that it should be a dark green. I found one but when I laid it next to the quilt, it just didn't do anything for me! Back to the drawing board. I found a tone on tone tan/brown that I like, so I think I am good to go. I will hopefully be able to cut the border and finish the top after work today. Picture to follow.

Laurie sent pix uploaded to shutterfly. Lots of sumo men-I guess she likes her men pretty much naked. Hope she does not bring one of them home! Bailey would not approve! I enjoyed the diversity of the pictures and landscapes of Japan that she uploaded-temples and the Ginza strip, Tokyo and more rural Japan.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

senility seems to have struck!

I posted last memory ergo what I wrote today is old news!!!

Can't figure out why the picture of orange crush did not come I will try again.

Me and my Granddog

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Bailey has been a good roommate today and very attentive! The cold wears on and I decided that today I would just try to rest. Bailey and I have hung out together on the couch. It is quite warm outside and she does not want to stay out longer than necessary.

I did work on the border of the orange crush quilt today and have sewed the blocks into the 4 strips. Now I am up to the math part to fugure out the inner border but I am just not up to doing any math today.
I had a good time at sisters yesterday. It was good seeing Pat up and about and her ususal self! Go Sister Superior. I spent the whole time finishing up the blocks for the border.
Last evening I was with the little girls but just a warm body. I feel bad because I didn't play with them. We watched the Disney channel. Nex time I'll do better!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Check the calendar....

it may be early June but here it is Hotlanta! We have had high 80's-into the 90's for almost a week now. I managed to hold off putting the as on until June 1st but it is running now. To top off the early high temps, I have come down with a summer cold and am MISERABLE!!

Today was sisters and I ended up working on the pieced border for Orange Crush. It took me pretty much the whole time to construct the 48 blocks that I needed. Now I have to sew them together and figure out the math for the inner most border. It was good to see my buds today-I missed the May sisters

I went over to sue's house to watch the girls while mom and dad went out for dinner and must admit was not a very good grandma. I just sat in the recliner and vegged. We watched the Disney channel and when Sarh told me she was bored, I told her to watch tv or go to bed. I've never done that before. But now I am back home with all of the four footers and I am heading for the couch and a little grown up tv. I'll probably fall asleep but I need to let Bailey socialize for awhile as she has been pretty muc alone all day.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Orange Crush

This morning I looked at all the pieces I have and decided to begin to sew a couple of rows together before work. I managed one row! Then I decided I needed to count the leftover pieces. I have 48 blocks from step2 which means I need to make 48 more if I want to do the border as Bonnie has done hers. I think it really makes a difference in the look of the top. Ergo this afternoon, it is back to cutting! I am thinking I want the narrow first border to be either a brown or black with a small pattern. I hope I have enough of the red to make the outer border. Otherwise, it is back to the stash!

Meanwhile I have developed a summer cold. It started night before last with a scratachy throat and cough. I have been trying vitamin c (when I think of it!) and drinking lots of oj. If only I did not have to go to work and be nice!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Orange Crush-step 6 published!!!

Now I have another choice for Saturday sister group. The last step of the mystery quilt was published today-actually just pictures as the directions are not complete yet. I do love the quilt top. I could not figure out what was going to happen to all those extra pieces. Of course, when it is completed-don't know what I will do with the top either! For now, it will go in the pile of other finished tops without backs. I think tomorrow I can put all the pieces down for the body of the top and begin to sew it together. Can't wait to see Becky's quilt top. Bring it on Sat, Becky!!

If I weren't so tired tonight, I would start. But tomorrow is another day!

Butt crack of dawn...

What a night.....not one of my best for sleeping. I noticed last evening that my throat was scratchy. My nose a little stuffy. I tossed and turned all night. I finally gave up and got up. It is 4:30 in the morning!!! Bailey has had her breakfast and I am eating mine. I took some advil for the throat. I will have to forage for some vitamin c!

Last evening, I was playing around in the livingroom trying to straigthen up a bit and the power went off. No storms in the area, not a cloud in the sky. I called Sue and Kris and they had lights so it must have been local. I sat in the dark for about an hour. and then the power came back on. I tried sitting outside but it was still too hot. Summer has arrived here in Atl. Today it again is supposed to be 90. I was forced to turn on the air conditioning although after I initally got the temp down, I bumped the thermostat up to 78. The house stays pretty cool as the windows don't face directly south and I keep the blinds closed.

After I finish work this afternoon, I will continue the straightening process. I need to pull some stuff together for sisters on Saturday. I am thinking of taking the "Kathy project" to sisters or maybe the back of the far east quilt. Both need to be worked on. I did manage to clean up the kitchen table before the lights when out.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fresh Squeezed back done

Woot woot-this morning I finished piecing the back for my happy summer quilt! I used the layer cake pieces and now the back will match the front-two-two-two quilts in one!

Now on to the next project: do the back for the far east quilt, the baby quilt for Kathy's grandbaby, Kathy's birthday surprize. I gotta choose!!

Still recovering from the weekend. I guess I am not as young as I used to be and it is taking a tad longer! Bailey is still recovering too! She went to bed before me last night. I guess it is tough being the star at the vet! She is pretty much back into her routine-eat and sleep!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

what a weekend!!!

The plans for the wedding kept changing. I found out thrs night that we were staying closer to the wedding site-we headed out east on I 20. We were told to be there at 2. We made it at 2:30 which is not bad for us!

Weddings in a dysfunctional family are pretty much not fun and this one fit right in. But first our accomdodations: Kris and Tyler were in a hotel at the Reynolds Plantation-not the Ritz but a very nice one. Linda, her mother and I were to stay at a "cottage" owned by friends of the brides's parents. Also part of Reynold's Plantation! This was like no cottage I have been in before. Suffice it to say that it was on the fairway! The bride's parent home is on Lake Oconee! Not too shabby! And to think I thought about throwing towels in my suitcase so we could shower!

The weekend was awkward to say the least but thank goodness it is over! Unfortunatly, Tyler and Wim (Krista's fiance) ate soemthing at the reception that gave them gastroenteritis. As today was the travel day home for the "Northerners", this was not a good thing. Poor Tyler made it home this morning with just one stop. And I called Kris awhile ago and he seems to be a bit better. Haven't heard on Wim yet. They were flying to NY and then driving to Vermont. I guess this should go down as one of those "let's forget this weekend"!

Ballet recital this afternoon for Sarah. She quite a little ballerina! I picked up Bailey at the vet. She had her bath today and is all fluffy. Right now she is on the bed! I think I should think about a bed too but I still have to do a load of laundry.