Saturday, June 7, 2008

Check the calendar....

it may be early June but here it is Hotlanta! We have had high 80's-into the 90's for almost a week now. I managed to hold off putting the as on until June 1st but it is running now. To top off the early high temps, I have come down with a summer cold and am MISERABLE!!

Today was sisters and I ended up working on the pieced border for Orange Crush. It took me pretty much the whole time to construct the 48 blocks that I needed. Now I have to sew them together and figure out the math for the inner most border. It was good to see my buds today-I missed the May sisters

I went over to sue's house to watch the girls while mom and dad went out for dinner and must admit was not a very good grandma. I just sat in the recliner and vegged. We watched the Disney channel and when Sarh told me she was bored, I told her to watch tv or go to bed. I've never done that before. But now I am back home with all of the four footers and I am heading for the couch and a little grown up tv. I'll probably fall asleep but I need to let Bailey socialize for awhile as she has been pretty muc alone all day.

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Becky said...

Hope that you are on the mend with your cold. Saturday was wonderful. It will be a long time until our July Sisters. We might have to "plan" something before then.