Wednesday, June 18, 2008

blah blah blah........

Bailey has not had one of her better weeks-behavior wise. There was the episodes where she attacked Spiff when he wanted to come out of the bedroom. Boy, did she know that I was not happy with her. This morning, I was greeted with a puddle. This is the second puddle in 2 weeks. I guess tonight, she will be spending more time outside in the dark. I was feeling bad about her being in the dark in the backyard, so I took her out front. Only thing is I don't like standing outside with her.

On a brighter side...I was reading Pat's blog yesterday and she is doing a workshop in Fla in January. Peggy Barkle will also be there. I am thinking that I need to take some time off the end of January. I have never been to that part of Fla. and I will be pretty much sick of winter by that time. Gotta think some more about it, before I commit. I would go down a couple of days ahead of the workshop and just look at the Gulf of Mexico. Since summer plans have been put on hold, it gives me time to save some money for a winter vacation.

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Silver Thimble Talk said...

Did you really sign up for our Florida trip...I'm so excited. I'll be the one teaching applique'


Gretchen said...

Poor Bailey!!! She is just missing her mama. I think more time outside is a good idea for Spiff and Bailey! Great news about going to the retreat in FL; I'm so happy for you!! You can give testimonials about how applique isn't really that bad for Pat's class LOL!!!!!