Sunday, June 8, 2008

Me and my Granddog

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Bailey has been a good roommate today and very attentive! The cold wears on and I decided that today I would just try to rest. Bailey and I have hung out together on the couch. It is quite warm outside and she does not want to stay out longer than necessary.

I did work on the border of the orange crush quilt today and have sewed the blocks into the 4 strips. Now I am up to the math part to fugure out the inner border but I am just not up to doing any math today.
I had a good time at sisters yesterday. It was good seeing Pat up and about and her ususal self! Go Sister Superior. I spent the whole time finishing up the blocks for the border.
Last evening I was with the little girls but just a warm body. I feel bad because I didn't play with them. We watched the Disney channel. Nex time I'll do better!

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laurie said...

that is one of my favorite pictures of her!!! I love it!