Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Butt crack of dawn...

What a night.....not one of my best for sleeping. I noticed last evening that my throat was scratchy. My nose a little stuffy. I tossed and turned all night. I finally gave up and got up. It is 4:30 in the morning!!! Bailey has had her breakfast and I am eating mine. I took some advil for the throat. I will have to forage for some vitamin c!

Last evening, I was playing around in the livingroom trying to straigthen up a bit and the power went off. No storms in the area, not a cloud in the sky. I called Sue and Kris and they had lights so it must have been local. I sat in the dark for about an hour. and then the power came back on. I tried sitting outside but it was still too hot. Summer has arrived here in Atl. Today it again is supposed to be 90. I was forced to turn on the air conditioning although after I initally got the temp down, I bumped the thermostat up to 78. The house stays pretty cool as the windows don't face directly south and I keep the blinds closed.

After I finish work this afternoon, I will continue the straightening process. I need to pull some stuff together for sisters on Saturday. I am thinking of taking the "Kathy project" to sisters or maybe the back of the far east quilt. Both need to be worked on. I did manage to clean up the kitchen table before the lights when out.

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Carol said...

Just turned my air on this Sunday. I keep it at 78 but I do have a personal window unit in my sewing room with a remote control. Plan to attend Friday night Sisters since I am working at the Park on Saturday.

Becky said...

Gosh, our air conditioner has been on since early May. My husband likes it cold.

Hope that you sleep better tonight. I'm trying to decide which project to bring on Saturday, too.

Did you see that the final step to Orange Crush has been posted?

Gretchen said...

I'm bringing OC on Saturday since I am so behind (still) and can't stay long. See you then!!!!