Friday, December 31, 2010

Farewell 2010

Bonnie Hunter published step 7 this morning of Roll Roll, Cotton Boll. I so wanted to work on this today but alas, I had to go to work. (And that is another story!) But I did manage to construct one block this evening. My plan is to do some serious sewing on this project as well as the Thimbles swap quilt. I have made 24 blocks on that one and need to start putting it together. I need to make progress on these two projects because soon I will be dealing with Comfort and Joy.....what was I thinking. I sure hope my support group is out there waiting for me. If it weren't so dang pretty, I would not do it it but I luv, luv, luv it.

I am not sure what Wild Willie is thinking about in this picture. He looks like he is a bit annoyed. But he has been fed and watered, his toys are all over the place.
To all my friends in blogland, I hope you have a very happy new year and all your quilty dreams come true! Looking forward to 2 quilt retreats-one in Feb and the other in August. Also pretty excited about the cruise on the big boat!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Roll Roll Cotton Boll-Part 6

Cranking out the sections for the half square triangle units..ended up with 598 instead of 600.
But after a quick fix, I have completed this part of the mystery ahead of Friday!!!

And now maybe I can do a little work on our Thimble swap top-Morning Star

More pix of Christmas Eve

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas Eve and the family is all together. Sarah and Emma, baby Alice getting a refill

Her is Laurie with Lainey no brainey!

Rob checking ou his Holiday Eggnog. He had a hard time selling it to the rest of us. The picture I took of Sue was not good and I value my life-(she would have killed me if I put it on the blog) Trust me..she looked cute

Tyler and Alice getting ready for presents and Santa!

Christmas Day we were back at the Frieds for more festivities and more food. Snow started in the afternoon and I headed home while it was still light.
Today it is cold and I am playing with RRCB. Lots of blocks still need to be put together in step 6.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

It is almost here...and I am just about ready! Tomorrow is the cooking-Swedish coffee cake and Swedish meatballs. Tradition for me since I was a little girl. My mother would do every Christmas Eve. She would gather the ingredients, mix and let the dough rise. She would put the bowl on top of the radiator. I haven't seen an old radiator in many a year. I have to struggle to find a warm place for my dough to rise. This year I will be baking and cooking with Laur. One of the girls better know how to do this-I won't be around forever!

I have to wrap a couple of gifts but I need tape. Tomorrow that will happen.

Here in the Atl, there is a chance of Christmas snow. Not too exciting for me as I really HATE snow but it would be a treat for the kids. Laurie's B & B is open so I am good to go!!

I have finished Step 5 of RRCB mystery quilt. 600 half square triangles. They went together much faster than I thought they would. It took me longer to get step 3 done. Tomorrow the next step is published. I can not figure out what the pattern will be yet. Maybe tomorrow it will be a little clearer.

So to all my blogging buddies and all my friends, near and far....MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Roll,roll, cotton boll-step 5: make 600 half square triangle from reds and neutrals. Last Friday this sort of overwhelmed me but I decided to approach it one bite at a time. I've been working at it in the evening...go figure I'm awake! since the red fabbie I am using is trimmings from a backing, my lengths are not the same.
I've finished the step 3 blocks-the paper pieced string blocks as well. I might even be ready when the next step is published! I still can't figure out the design-where does that step one fit in? I wonder how many more steps are still ahead.
Must hit Publix today (old people discount day) to get the stuff for my next venture into the kitchen Christmas Eve. Laur says I am the only one who can make the Swedish coffeecake since I have the big bowl. This from the one who makes pots that are fabo. I gave all 3 of the girls the recipe last year. Sure hope the tradition does not die when I do! And on that thought, I will go have some coffee!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

No batteries

I was so excited to snap a picture of my completed step 3 on the Bonnie Hunter mystery. But the camera is out of juice. I will take a picture after I get some fresh batteries. It has been a good weekend. It always is when the Thimble gang is involved. We had our bring a thing in a thing day and ate some pretty great food. As Gretch says-no friut or veggies were present! We were all working on different projects this month. Gretch was working on Bonnie mystery. Kristi worked on our swap project and shorted herself 2 little squares..not bad because she did cut 846 of them. Cindi worked on an old project called plaid goose. As I recall-I finished one block on that and now haven't got a clue what happened to the rest of it. Somewhere in the sewing room? Becky was working on scrappy nines. We were all quite productive!

I am seeking members for my support group. Next month begins comfort and joy(?) I probably will rename this baby after it is completed I asked Pat if I could use a glue gun or maybe staples on all that durned applique.

Today I ventured into Laurie's kitchen to make her birthday breakfast..french toast and bacon. Kris and Alice joined us.

And now it is almost time to wind down the sad

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter-my least favorite season

And it is not officially winter yet. We have been dealing with unseasonably cold weather for the ATL for many days now-seems like forever. And now we have sleet and ice. While Northerners can deal with this, here in the South not so much. Would you believe the city of Atlanta has 8 salt trucks. I have to go to work this morning but I am waiting until it is light so I can see the ice!

I have not done any sewing on the Bonnie mystery this week. All I do is come home and get under quilts and hibernate until it is time to go to bed. Hopefully the temperature will moderate soon

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's cold!!!

Probably not as cold as it is in the north but way too cold for me. Flurries all day yesterday and I guess this morning and temps in the teens right now. After delivering Sarah and Emma to the Christmas pageant, meeting Laurie for breakfast and picking up my new Kindle (!!!!!!!!) I headed home to the couch and hibernated the rest of the day and evening.

My garage door opener died on Saturday so I need to get that replaced. Will have to see about that today (if the state doesn't come).

Didn't do much sewing this weekend. In fact, didn't do much of anything this weekend.

Friday, December 10, 2010

roll.roll cotton boll....part 4

Bonnie published the next step today. I have not finished part 3 yet! That step is 60 of those suckers on the top. So far, I have 29. My dilemma..finish step 3 or do step 4. The committee decided that I should proceed to the next step and then work more on the strip blocks. And now I have another week to finish the other 31 blocks!
Heading out to Bad Melisa tomorrow with Cindi and Becky to check out the happenings. And then Sarah and Emma are coming over for a sleepover. I think I am in deep trouble as Christmas is approaching but there is hardly a sign of it in my tree, no outside stuff, no nothing. Just not in the mood to drag all the stuff out (and then have to put it away again in a couple of weeks). I was scolded by Sue because I said I didn't think I would do Christmas cards either. Just call me Ms. Scrooge!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

4 down...56 to go..

I noticed on the yahoo group there are already posted pictures of this step. And m y friends Cindi and Gretch call me an overachiever? I actually now have 6 made!! My goal for this weekend is to have 15 done. Only time will tell on that one.
This morning bright and early, we headed out to Sweet Home for Groovy Girls. applique this month. I was bad. But it is partly Sarah-no blog's fault. She picks out things that I need to have. She did show me one item-a mini portable Ott light. Unfortunately, I need to get batteries for it but I sure could use it this evening. I also got a few zippers for the project demo today and a few pieces of fabric. Then I headed home to wait for the Direct TV man to come.
I bought myself a new tv last week because the old one was doing funky things. Turns out, it wasn't the tv but the cable box was going bad. At any rate three and a half hours later, he was on his way. He had more roof time than Santa Claus. I had planned to hit Publix when he left but by then it was late and cold and I wanted only to sit on the couch under a quilt.
Sewing binding on the retreat quilt while I watch the Hallmark channel movies.

Wild Friday night

I lead quite the crazy life...not. This week at work was, in a word, horrible. It just went on and on. I felt like I was on a treadmill. All I want is to be able to keep up and it just isn't happening with the new assessment process.

But now it is the weekend and I don't plan on thinking about that place until Monday morning. Last night we won't even discuss what I ate for "supper". Let's just say....well nothing! I decided to get the laundry done last night instead of doing it today.
Bonnie's next step arrived this morning. I knew easy had to end and it did. This step is not hard but first I had to make 8.5 inch paper squares to do foundation piecing. Done. I had thought about another project some time ago and had printed on some Carol Doak paper. Reused for the squares. Also worked a little on the Thimble swap.

Today is Groovy Girls....please Melisa......NO APPLIQUE. I will report back later.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Latest Thimbles Swap

I am so excited-I have finished 8 of the blocks for the swap we did earl er in the Fall. I have not finished sewing all of the teeny pieces yet-I think there are still 100+ of those bad boys. I really do love scrappy quilts and this one is no exception. I wanted to do more last night but Henry made me sit on the couch to keep him warm!
Groovy girls in 2 days...yipee. Hope there is no applique involved!
Need to make a binding for the X Block quilt and I'm not sure if I already have the fabric for it.