Sunday, December 19, 2010

No batteries

I was so excited to snap a picture of my completed step 3 on the Bonnie Hunter mystery. But the camera is out of juice. I will take a picture after I get some fresh batteries. It has been a good weekend. It always is when the Thimble gang is involved. We had our bring a thing in a thing day and ate some pretty great food. As Gretch says-no friut or veggies were present! We were all working on different projects this month. Gretch was working on Bonnie mystery. Kristi worked on our swap project and shorted herself 2 little squares..not bad because she did cut 846 of them. Cindi worked on an old project called plaid goose. As I recall-I finished one block on that and now haven't got a clue what happened to the rest of it. Somewhere in the sewing room? Becky was working on scrappy nines. We were all quite productive!

I am seeking members for my support group. Next month begins comfort and joy(?) I probably will rename this baby after it is completed I asked Pat if I could use a glue gun or maybe staples on all that durned applique.

Today I ventured into Laurie's kitchen to make her birthday breakfast..french toast and bacon. Kris and Alice joined us.

And now it is almost time to wind down the sad

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