Thursday, July 31, 2008

Decision made...

When I finished the top of Garden Trellis, I could not find anything in the sewing room that was suitable for a backing (go figure!). So I studided all of the fabrics in the top and decided that it would have to be one of them. I bet I changed my mind 10 times on which one to choose. I had already made the binding in the dark green paisley. I finally decided on the one of the darker reds. I ordered it from FatQuarterShop Monday morning. The fabric was in my mailbox yesterday afternoon. Yipee. Guess I will piece the back this weekend but this weekend is dedicated to the baby quilt. Peggy Barkle told me my sewing machine senses fear about quilting. Maybe she is right. But I did by it it's own special fancy light AND I finally mounted it on the machine. (I have yet to try it out because I have to get down on the floor and plug it steps!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The sewing machine was smoking...

I have had a good weekend. I just finished Garden Trellis quilt top that Gretchen has already made. I used the Portugual line from Moda. I don't know what I will use for a backing but I am thinking of piecing it. It has some very distinctive colors in it ( not ones that I usually use) so a back may be tough!

I also made binding for the 2 quilts that I am taking to Peggy tomorrow. The sun is in the sewing room now, so I have to stop for awhile. I have the binding for Garden Trellis and I want to make that too.

Gretchen mentioned in her blog that I was going to run out of fabric-not likely! There are places in the sewing room where the floor is buried under piles of fabric. Since I have been playing all day, it is now almost 6 PM and I have yet to get dressed! I have 2 options: one- is not to bother to get dressed ande eat cereal for supper (nothing to eat in the frig) or two-clean myself up, throw on some clothes and go fast food. I did make chocolate pudding this afternoon, I guess I could eat that! I'll soon have to beg Kathy to send more My-t-Fine.

Spiff and Spooky spent the day lounging on the bed. I guess Henry was in the closet. Bailey is just chilling!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's a good day.....

This past week the summer stitch-in has been going on at the LQS. I was unable to do it this time-work interferes.....but I think I got quite a bit accomplshed!
This morning after doing a bit of cleaning around here, I headed down to Intown Quilters to see if I could find something that I could put on the back of the baby quilt. I didn't want to drive back over to Marietta. (for 2 reasons-one the gas and the other I would find too many "gotta haves" over there.) I did find a great back with frogs on it. The baby's momma is in to frogs so this is a good thing. I came home and unpinned the back that I had put on but just didn't work for me.

I also made the backs for 2 quilt tops-Firecracker which I finished yesterday and Shagra La, I made the binding for the quilt I did at quilt camp last Sept. It is at the shop now awaiting quilting. It will be ready in time to take to camp this Sept. Have to get some thread for it.

I called Peggy Barkle this afternoon and I will drop off the 2 quilts on Monday for her to quilt...#16 and 17 for 2008!!! Tomorrow I hope to make the binding for these 2 quilts. I also started working on the quilt from the Jelly roll book called Garden Trellis. My friend Gretch made this one and it is dynomite!!

So even though i did not get to do the stitch in, I did!!

It's a good day...

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Animal Conspiracy....

Certain animals that currently reside in this house think that dark thirty is an appropriate time for me to get up and feed them. I have been up way before 5AM everyday this week. This morning I wass forced out of bed at 4:15. Spooky starts meowing in my ear and then Bailey starts to wimper. I have been able to ignore Spooky in the past-just push him off the bed. But I can not ignore Bailey or I will be cleaning up a puddle before coffee. That is just not acceptable in my book, so I get up and let her out. She now has had her breakfast and is on the couch waiting for me to turn on the TV. In case I have not mentioned it recently, 5 weeks from today, Laurie comes home-and 5 weeks from this evening, Bailey goes home!!!!!!!!!Almost time to begin the hour countdown! But I am too tired to try to figure it out.

I am on to the borders of the firecracker quilt. I will have it finished this weekend. I am looking at the pile of fabric next to me. It took me a minute to remember what pattern I had planned to use on this pretty pastel collection that I bought at Sweet Home awhile ago. I finally figured it ou! I need to revise my projects I have purchased fabric for list. Then I can add it to the tops pieced and need to be quilted list. I made progress on that list the first half of the year having completed 14 quilts this year. My goal is to complete 20 in 2008.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Not the Committee this morning

I bet a lot of people don't know that you can watch poker at 3AM. I did not watch it but I woke up and heard it! Then I heard Bailey, so at 3:30 I got up to let her out. Then I fed her and we both laid down on the couch for a little more shut eye. The good thing is that this early morning gets me going and after I got up the second time, I finished sewing the blocks together for the firecracker sister quilt. This afternoon I can arrange the blocks and sew them (maybe). There are only 12 blocks, so I can arrange them but the sewing room is hot in the afternoon as it faces the west. Well, there is always tomorrow morning!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Another senior moment....

I forgot to put the pictures on.......


This quilt is from a book called Strip Happy. It is made with the fresh squeezed line of fabric from Moda. I used a jelly roll for the front and layer cake for the back. It is really reversible. The quilting pattern is sunflowers and it was quilted with a varegated thread that shows up especially well on the "back" of the quilt. The pattern was called "Sunshine makes me Happy". It is a very happy quilt.

On another note-Bailey ws barricaded in the kitchen again today. I reversed the chairs to make them less accessible. Once again I came home to find no dog in the kitchen! Then I did the barefoot test throughout the rest of the house in search of wet spots. There were none. I can't figure this dog out. I am thinking I am dealing at least in some part with behavioral issues. 41 days! Cindi wanted to know when I was going to begin counting hours....that will be soon!

Saturday Sisters.....

This was a really good day. I spent time doing my favorite pasttime and being around really neat people. We were really productive today. Captured on the above pictures are Gretchen (StellaBella Quilts), Cindi (Knapsackquilts) and Becky (Quilting Book Lady) with Pat AKA Sister Superior in the background. Her blog is Silver Thimble. I also took pictures of my latest quilt but since I am computer challenged, I will add that on another blog!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Houdini Dog

I am being controlled by a 25 pound dog!
This afternoon I got home after work and the dog is not in the kitchen. I can't believe this. The barricade is 4 feet tall and spans the opening of the kitchen. It is secured with 3 chairs butted up to it on the kitchen side and wedged next to the open laundry closet door. When I left this morning it didn't move at all. I can't believe that she jumped up on the chair and then jumped over the barricade. The chairs are pub style height. There was one puddle in the kitchen but the rest of the house was puddle free. SHE IS MAKING ME CRAZY!!!!!
Laurie comes home 6 weeks from today. By then I will need to be admitted to Senior Mental Health!

Committee Meeting

My friend Pat (Sister Superior) has committee meetings in her head-using at ungodly hours of the morning. I think her committee decided on a road trip this morning because as I was on the computer I read an email from Gretch and she was up. After the committee left her house, they stopped here. At least I did not have to watch poker on tv. I wish some channel would run something other than infomercials in the middle of the night for those of us whose eyes won't close. I guess my sleep pattern is off because I have to stay up until 11 to take Bailey out. It is now a little after 5 AM and she has already been out and had breakfast. She's now on the couch watching the news! I think I am heading for the sewing room for a little while. I need to finish a back so that I can leave it at the shop tomorrow. It is the project from last quilt camp. Of course it has been done for many. many months-another one waiting a backing!

I am looking forward to visiting with the Saturday sisters. Might even make a stop this evening and check in on what is happening tonight at the friday evening sisters (if I am able to stay awake). It is a vicious cycle!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Closer

Last night the new season of "The Closer" started. I got hooked on this show half way through the first season. I have awaited anxiously for the new season to start. My biggest fear was that I would fall asleep half way through like I usually do on shows that start past nine PM! But i didn't!!! I love Brenda Leigh Johnson "thank you, thank you very much". It was a good show. The only problem is that I think there are only 6 shows in the season.

Today I have to go to a workshop in Stockbridge. Yuck. It will be a long day. Bailey had a good night-no puddles. Yesterday I chnaged the kitchen barricade a little bit and it seems to have contained her in the kitchen while I was at work. Hopefully it will work again today because it will be a long day. Yesterday day was a 2 puddle day. How many days, Laurie???

LQS called yesterday and my quilt is ready for pick up. Actually 2 calls-first one dealt with thread selection-my choice had insufficent thread to do the quilt. Please call back. Didn't get the message. Second call-there was enough thread and it was done! Can't wait to see it. I will pick it up on Saturday at sisters. Need to think about a backing for the Shangra La quilt as well.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mission accomplished

I got the outer border on the quilt as planned!
I also layered up the baby quilt. I did not start to quilt it because I have to decide what color thread I am going to use. That is on tap for today.

Peck's bad dog refused to go to the kitchen last night. She escaped into the living room once and when I put her back, she was sooo bad that I gave up. I tried putting her in the bathroom but that didn't work either. Finally threw in the towel and gated her in the bedroom. She was still on the bed this morning when I went to let her out. No wet spot, at least! I guess she feels that the kitchen is benaeth her!

Great rain yesterday, on and off all afternoon, and no lightening. Also the rain kept the temperature down. All and all, a nice day!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I' m inspired...finally....

My friend Gretchen (see StellaBella Quilts) has been busy. I don't know how she does it while working a million hours a week. Anyway she cranked out a great quilt top this weekend. I have been looking at the pattern for awhile. It is a jelly roll book and I have some of those in my stash! I guess I will go looking when it gets light out.
My plan for the weekend is to do some really serious work on the baby quilt and put the last border on the qullt top I started 2 weeks ago. Yesterday I pieced the back for the baby quilt, so today I am going to layer it up.

Bailey is still making me crazy...good one day and then the next, accident city. I told her this morning that tonight it is back to the kitche for her. Funny thing is that during the day when I am at home she is fine and doesn't need to go outside that much. Damn dog!!!!! 47 days.......and then she is Laurie's problem again. Nothing like walking into a puddle with bare feet..yuk!

Yesterday I had some serious couch time so today I have no excuse. I just could not stay awake yesterday afternoon. I had to run up to LQS yesterday morning-needed help with piecing the back of the baby quilt. Two heads are better than one-Renee, Joan and to a lesser extent, I came up with the plan. I peeked in the quilting room and orange crush will be quilted this week. I will be able to pick it up at sisters on Saturday. Becky's quilt is right behind mine-so (#4 in line)!! It is such a dynomite quilt!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

how boring am I?

Lately I seem to be working in slow-mo....Fully intended to be productive yesterday afternoon after the MD visit. But it didn't happen. I did get the inner border cut and sewn on the shangra la quilt. For such an easy pattern, it is taking me forever! Too much napping.
My friend Kathy's new grandbaby is coming soon and I still have to finish the backing for the quilt. It is my plan that this weekend is going to be a productive one!
Bailey decided to be up at 4:30 this morning as she was not happy with her incarceration in the kitchen. She is good when I am at home but when I leave, the old tinkle machine is very active, ergo banished to the kitchen! Come on...
Aug 29th!!!

The good thing about today is that it is Thursday and the weekend is almost upon us....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Watching too much tv?

I guess I have watched too many hours of A&E and "court tv". My imagination went into overdrive this evening. I had not heard from Laurie. She emailed just before she left Singapore on what was our Saturday. She had not updated her blog and no email that she was safely back in Japan. So this evening I got on good old skype and called answer....where is she at 8AM...maybe she is in the shower....called again...still no answer. So I call Sue...have you heard from your sister? No...okay...I will wait. Then I got the bright idea to call her office....they don't answer in English.....Imagination is now way past overdrive.....I email her again...where are you???? Didn't hear about a plane accident....US embassy? Hello I am looking for my adult daughter who has not checked in with her mother!!!!George is in Japan, maybe I should call him and ask him to send some of his people to make sure my little girl is okay!

Then the phone rang......
Laur is, of course, fine. I feel so much better now. Besides, she has to come home and take back her dog!

I wonder if all mothers are like me?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Lost weekend.....

I have had three days off....and what have I accomplished? not much!

Took Bailey back to the vet-$176 and change. Giving her medication and frequent trips outside......

Worked on the quilt kit I got at Sweet Home last weekend. At least alittle bit. I still have to put the borders on it but it is coming along.

Napped a whole lot. I can't remember the last time I spent so much time on the couch. Kitchen counter is a hoot-between my meds and Bailey's meds, it looks like a pharmacy! It is a good thing Bailey's antibiotics have a paw on the lid of the medication. Got to keep our antibiotics separate! The house is a mess but I just don't have the energy to clean right now.

Tomorrow- back to work. I beleive it will be a better week.....

Friday, July 4, 2008

Bailey celebrates the 4th

Bailey and I are chilling out this morning. She is out of the kitchen for the moment. She still seems to be having "issues" so I guess I will be going back to the vet tomorrow morning. I am not convinced that this is a UTI but we will see.

I have been playing around with the kit that I bought last week at Sweet Home. The pattern is called "Virginia Fireflies" by Bloom Creek. The pattern was designed for charm squares and Melissa kitted it with Shangra La by Moda. And I do love Moda!

Nothing much on tap for today. Just some time to rest and relax. Had to leave work early yesterday because I felt so yucky. Came home and vegged on the couch, sleeping on and off. But I feel better today.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Doctor visists all around

I have been feeling under the weather for pretty much the whole month of June. I attributed it to a summer cold and doctored myself. Last week I through in the towel and decided perhaps I needed a little professional help. Yesterday I went to the doctor. And I came home with a bag of drugs! antibiotic, decongestant, high test cough medication! This morning I have to go for a chest xray just in case! I really like this doc-she is our medical director and she is really sweet and easy to talk to. Finally after many trys, I think I've got it. The last MD was like going to visit Doogie Howser-he didn't even shave yet!
Then it was on to part 2. Bailey has been tinkling like crazy (allover the place) since the weekend. It seems to have started after she started her new medication. So back to Alpharetta I go (after cleaning up the kitchen for the second time in one day) All the way over there and they can't get any urine. I guess she was peed out. I am doing a test-I am not going to give her the medicine and see if the problem stops. If it doesn't, I will make another trip back to the vet. If it does, I guess I will buy a case of paper towels. 57 more days!!!!!
On the bright side, I think the cats are happy as Bailey is now baracaded in the kitchen, so they can come out. They must know because this morning I found one of Bailey's rubber balls in my bedroom! A case of the glass half full!