Thursday, July 3, 2008

Doctor visists all around

I have been feeling under the weather for pretty much the whole month of June. I attributed it to a summer cold and doctored myself. Last week I through in the towel and decided perhaps I needed a little professional help. Yesterday I went to the doctor. And I came home with a bag of drugs! antibiotic, decongestant, high test cough medication! This morning I have to go for a chest xray just in case! I really like this doc-she is our medical director and she is really sweet and easy to talk to. Finally after many trys, I think I've got it. The last MD was like going to visit Doogie Howser-he didn't even shave yet!
Then it was on to part 2. Bailey has been tinkling like crazy (allover the place) since the weekend. It seems to have started after she started her new medication. So back to Alpharetta I go (after cleaning up the kitchen for the second time in one day) All the way over there and they can't get any urine. I guess she was peed out. I am doing a test-I am not going to give her the medicine and see if the problem stops. If it doesn't, I will make another trip back to the vet. If it does, I guess I will buy a case of paper towels. 57 more days!!!!!
On the bright side, I think the cats are happy as Bailey is now baracaded in the kitchen, so they can come out. They must know because this morning I found one of Bailey's rubber balls in my bedroom! A case of the glass half full!

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Melisa @ Sweet Home said...

So sorry you're still feeling puny! And I'm sure the Bailey piddle party isn't helping matters much! Take your meds, get some rest and pamper yourself this weekend! Feel better...