Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Closer

Last night the new season of "The Closer" started. I got hooked on this show half way through the first season. I have awaited anxiously for the new season to start. My biggest fear was that I would fall asleep half way through like I usually do on shows that start past nine PM! But i didn't!!! I love Brenda Leigh Johnson "thank you, thank you very much". It was a good show. The only problem is that I think there are only 6 shows in the season.

Today I have to go to a workshop in Stockbridge. Yuck. It will be a long day. Bailey had a good night-no puddles. Yesterday I chnaged the kitchen barricade a little bit and it seems to have contained her in the kitchen while I was at work. Hopefully it will work again today because it will be a long day. Yesterday day was a 2 puddle day. How many days, Laurie???

LQS called yesterday and my quilt is ready for pick up. Actually 2 calls-first one dealt with thread selection-my choice had insufficent thread to do the quilt. Please call back. Didn't get the message. Second call-there was enough thread and it was done! Can't wait to see it. I will pick it up on Saturday at sisters. Need to think about a backing for the Shangra La quilt as well.

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