Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's a good day.....

This past week the summer stitch-in has been going on at the LQS. I was unable to do it this time-work interferes.....but I think I got quite a bit accomplshed!
This morning after doing a bit of cleaning around here, I headed down to Intown Quilters to see if I could find something that I could put on the back of the baby quilt. I didn't want to drive back over to Marietta. (for 2 reasons-one the gas and the other I would find too many "gotta haves" over there.) I did find a great back with frogs on it. The baby's momma is in to frogs so this is a good thing. I came home and unpinned the back that I had put on but just didn't work for me.

I also made the backs for 2 quilt tops-Firecracker which I finished yesterday and Shagra La, I made the binding for the quilt I did at quilt camp last Sept. It is at the shop now awaiting quilting. It will be ready in time to take to camp this Sept. Have to get some thread for it.

I called Peggy Barkle this afternoon and I will drop off the 2 quilts on Monday for her to quilt...#16 and 17 for 2008!!! Tomorrow I hope to make the binding for these 2 quilts. I also started working on the quilt from the Jelly roll book called Garden Trellis. My friend Gretch made this one and it is dynomite!!

So even though i did not get to do the stitch in, I did!!

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Gretchen said...

I was having my own little stitch in at my house yesterday also; finished one top and Peace is done except for borders. WOW 17 quilts--now are you going to just not quilt for the rest of the year once you reach 20???!!!??