Monday, July 14, 2008

Mission accomplished

I got the outer border on the quilt as planned!
I also layered up the baby quilt. I did not start to quilt it because I have to decide what color thread I am going to use. That is on tap for today.

Peck's bad dog refused to go to the kitchen last night. She escaped into the living room once and when I put her back, she was sooo bad that I gave up. I tried putting her in the bathroom but that didn't work either. Finally threw in the towel and gated her in the bedroom. She was still on the bed this morning when I went to let her out. No wet spot, at least! I guess she feels that the kitchen is benaeth her!

Great rain yesterday, on and off all afternoon, and no lightening. Also the rain kept the temperature down. All and all, a nice day!

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