Friday, July 25, 2008

The Animal Conspiracy....

Certain animals that currently reside in this house think that dark thirty is an appropriate time for me to get up and feed them. I have been up way before 5AM everyday this week. This morning I wass forced out of bed at 4:15. Spooky starts meowing in my ear and then Bailey starts to wimper. I have been able to ignore Spooky in the past-just push him off the bed. But I can not ignore Bailey or I will be cleaning up a puddle before coffee. That is just not acceptable in my book, so I get up and let her out. She now has had her breakfast and is on the couch waiting for me to turn on the TV. In case I have not mentioned it recently, 5 weeks from today, Laurie comes home-and 5 weeks from this evening, Bailey goes home!!!!!!!!!Almost time to begin the hour countdown! But I am too tired to try to figure it out.

I am on to the borders of the firecracker quilt. I will have it finished this weekend. I am looking at the pile of fabric next to me. It took me a minute to remember what pattern I had planned to use on this pretty pastel collection that I bought at Sweet Home awhile ago. I finally figured it ou! I need to revise my projects I have purchased fabric for list. Then I can add it to the tops pieced and need to be quilted list. I made progress on that list the first half of the year having completed 14 quilts this year. My goal is to complete 20 in 2008.

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Gretchen said...

Hmmm I think I know who is running the household now--Spooky AND Bailey. Although, I question that there is anything to watch on TV at dark thirty in the AM--more poker? Morph wakes me up really early too. I stumble around, throw food in their dishes and go back to bed. 14 (!!!!!) quilts is quite an accomlishment--you go girl!