Saturday, December 31, 2011

Orca Bay-7 and Henry

 Henry is a happy boy.  He went to the vet this morning.  That was not the happy part.  There was a lot of meowing going on on the ride back and forth.  But the good news is that his back is healed and he no longer needs to wear the cone.  I actually took it off last night to see what he would do.  The area is completely healed but the vet says that the fur may not grow back.  (not the worst thing in the world).

Bonnie put up part 7 yesterday.  We are in the home stretch and final construction.  I started working on it last night and finished it up today.  I am still in the dark as to how it will finally go together.  I,m thinking that the red string pieces will somehow surround  the Ohio stars.  But what's with the 2 quarter square triangles and what about those blue blocks?   Part 8 goes live tomorrow and then we'll know!

Henry, Willie, Spooky and I are planning a quiet evening watching tv and waiting for the new year.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

I have been fooling around with blog all morning.  And I am frustrated.  Must get my tech support to help me.  If this goes, I will be very surprised!

Working on Orca Bay Part 6  Half done.  The meatballs were made yesterday and the coffeecake is on it's rise.  And I seem to be a head of schdedule.

Here goes.....did it work?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I luv this face

I luv this little girl too!  Alice is all set for Santa to come down the chimney.  Sure hope he knows about Ayla and brings a dog cookie

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Silver Thimbles-Part Deux

Thimbles is responsible for any weight gain. Man more food today! I don't want to think about all the carbs and fat that were on the counter. It was awesome! I forgot to take my camera today. Sarah no blog continued working on pg 71 of THE BOOK. She is doing Pat's creation in color as opposed to neutrals. I can't wait to see it finished. Kristie is also doing Orca Bay and spent a good portion of the time cutting the 700 triangles needed for part 5. Cindi was cutting-working on Christmas presents.

I continued working on part 5 as well. I think I have about 100 more to go. I ran out of triangles and need to cut some more.

After Thimbles some of us went over to Patchwork Cottage. I am sad that Mita is closing. This is the closest shop to me. I did pick up a couple of pieces of fabric.
Now I am home...and guess who is sitting on my lap. (clue: he is sweet and orange).

Thimbles Weekend Part 1, Orca Bay Part 5

I LOVE my thimbles peeps! Since I was on vacation this week, I am doing a double Thimble. I decided to work on little projects to start. The December meeting brings lots of food (an understatement). What a spread yesterday! So much that my 10 minute table runner took an hour and a half! Time out for eating and sampling AND doing a little jigsaw puzzle that Marti was giving away. Cute little quilt puzzle.
Downloaded Orca part 5 before I went over to Grayson. Cut 700 little triangles to add on to Part 3. This is going to take awhile. I am cutting and sewing batches. Today I also need to cut some pieces for Havenstone Dark and Creepy.

Henry update: He is still suffering thru his cone but doing better. He is not walking into things anymore and last night he even got under the covers in bed. The sore on his back is nice and dry but I can still feel some cellulitis under it. I think he has enjoyed having me home and every time I sit down, he is on my lap. Spooky is no longer growling and also on the bed at night. Things are almost back to normal here!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Henry's not so excellent adventure

How pitiful is this precious face? My poor boy had to visit the vet this morning. He developed a sore on his back and has licked the fur off of it. It looked clean but I knew that we needed a cone to keep the pesky tongue away. The sore is about quarter size. There is some underlying cellulitis as well. He got an antibiotic shot (cha-ching). I feel so bad as he keeps walking into things. It is going to be a long few days. He has to wear the cone. I'm not sure about how we are going to sleep tonight. i will worry about that later.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Orca Bay-Part 4

Finally some red in the directions. More paper piecing. Back to the yellow pages-64 pieces 5.5 inch squares. Makes me laugh-cut up the phone book, cut up fabric into assorted size strips. Then sew the strips together. Then after squaring the block, cut it in half, remove the yellow pages now in itty pieces. Quilters (piecers are a funny bunch!

Now that I have finished this step, I guess I really should start thinking about Christmas (2 weeks from today). I guess I will start tomorrow. Because today I am not getting dressed! I am still eating on the stew I made last weekend. And there is cookies from the girls cookie bake yesterday. I am good to go!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Care Package from Mahopac

Some things you just can't get in Georgia. Drake's cakes and chocolate pudding are the two things I miss. I've lived here almost 12 years. My import source is Kathy. Drake's cakes are available on Amazon (who knew) but who knows how old they are either. As for the chocolate pudding, Jello just doesn't cut it. It leaves an after taste. And I have been eating My-T-Fine since I was a little girl.
The presents are sitting on the stove. Yes, I have one. No, I don't use it (except to make chocolate pudding).

And here is the proof. I bought this stove in 2008. It does not have a self-cleaning oven. I have yet to need to clean it. the aluminum foil- sometimes I change it, if it gets yucky. Can't remember the last time. This baby does not have much mileage on her!

I am now going to make myself a cup of coffee and enjoy a crumb cake.

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Bad Boy

I don't think I am a bad boy. I think I am just a quite handsome feline with lots of imagination. I used to like to play in the bathroom with this funny roll. I could unroll lots of paper and it was fun to shred. My person was not happy when I did it and THEN she stopped putting it on the roller thing. No more fun. I had to chase Spooky or Henry for some entertainment.

Then lately, I noticed the paper was back. Take a break guys, I found a new toy to play with. Boy was she mad when she got up this morning and found the mountain! She told me I was a very bad boy. I still don't think it is a big deal. What do you think?

Sincerely, Wild Willie

Weekend Finish

Kris needed a mantle cover for her living room. Yesterday was the day. I asked her if she wanted "traditional" fabric or fun. She chose fun. I had pattern that I liked so much that I bought it twice. It is called Candied Tile Runner and Mantle Scarf. I did not read the table runner directions )and maybe I should have) but the mantle scarf directions were not great. But it is done and ready to be delivered.

Henry is not happy with me this morning.. I disturbed him by getting out of bed and then insisted on taking his picture while he was sitting on my lap. Sorry, Henry

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Orca Bay-Part 3

Bag o' half square triangles completed. Yes, Gretch I have finished it. But in my defense, I have to work it on the weekend because by the time I get home from that awful place where I spend my weekdays, I am so tired all I can do is vegg on the couch.

Being the Bonnie Hunter groupie, I looked in my notebook and last year's mystery required 600 of these little HSQs. This step only required 350! But it does go quickly using the Easy Angle ruler.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Princess Alice

don't you just want to gobble this one up? I was talking to her mommy last night and she wanted to see me. It was all I could do not to get in the car and go there. But it was her bedtime anyway. Soon my sweet Alice, soon. And Meena's got something to give you too!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Orca Bay-Part 2

72 string pieced squares completed. These guys are small-only 3.5 inches square. It is nice that I was able to complete this this weekend. I also completed the 20 blocks of Dark and Creepy. I need to take a picture of that as well. I guess that just leaves getting dressed for today.....or maybe why bother as it is already 2 PM.

Good day..sewing and playing in fabric and NCIS marathon on.. Life is good. Also Henry close by. He is sitting on my lap every chance he gets.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Gobblle Jog-2011

Here is Sweet Sarah. Sarah coordinates. Notice the braces?-match the jacket. Sarah got her ears pierced this week and the earrings match as well. Sarah got her ears pierced now because her Mom got hers pierced when she was two months short of 10 as well.

Here we are waiting at the start of the race. Laurie was acting as the photographer. I look a whole lot better than I did at the end of the race. Note to self: probably not a good idea to try to walk when your back is already stiff and hurting. But I made the whole race!

Mass of humanity. I think someone said there were about ten thousand walkers/runners. Also lots of dogs.

Back to Alpharetta after the race. Lots of good food and family. It was a good Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Orca Bay Part 1

Bonnie's directions: make 244 quarter square triangles. Done! I think I have a few extra to boot.
Ready for next step-due Friday .......and I am work for 4 days.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Second half of my Thimbles Weekend

I went back today to play some more. And I took my camera to capture our red wagons. Sarah has decorated her with garlands. She really has a great horn! Henry and Alice were visiting as you can see in Sarah's wagon. If you look REALLY close, you can spot Moda Man in the basket!

I worked some on Dark and Creepy HavenStone. I finished one block but forgot some of the pieces at home, so did not get much done. also worked on the binding for Emily Jane.

Yipee skippy!!!!

I have to say that I checked Bonnie's site before I left for work yesterday to see if clue #1 was up and it was. No need to go to work before I download it! I am ready to get started on all those quarter square triangles...448? I will try to get a few done this weekend.

Last night I went to Thimbles just because I could! I didn't really intend to sew much or stay that long but I did not get home until after ten. (Elizabeth, it's the big one!). I worked on the binding for Emily Jane. I am doing the two color binding and had to have Grandma Pat show me what to do to connect them. I will be going back today for another session. this time GRANDMA PAT will be helping me with Dark and Creepy. (I am so happy for Pat and of course Andy that they will have a grandbaby to spoil come the spring.) Emily and Russ must know that there is going to be no living with GRANDMA PAT. Can't wait to see the designs for quilts for this little bundle.

Sarah (no blog) brought her red wagon decorated with garland and Alice and Henry inside. We parked our wagons together for a photo. Moda Man and Fat Quarter (the S. H.) were in their compartment (the basket). I need to replace my horn and get one like Sarah has. Mine is just too wimpy! I will take my camera today for a picture.

As for matters not whether I sew there. I so enjoy being with some of the nicest ladies in Atlanta. We used to be called Stitchin Sisters before the advent of Silver Thimbles and we truly are. We share our sewing and our fabbies but we share in so many other ways. I love you all!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

In search of The Big Chicken

I needed to go to Little Quilts. I NEEDED to!! I have misplaced (lost seems so harsh) my big scissors. I have searched high and low for it and all I found was dust bunnies. I knew Mary Ellen had the scissor I wanted so I set out for Little Quilts bright and early this morning. I don't go there much as it is on the other side of the world. But every time I do go, I manage to get myself lost. I am okay if I go to tiny Stitches first but otherwise.....
And sure enough I took the wrong turn off of I75 and ended up heading toward beautiful downtown Marietta. So I took a right turn and then another right turn and I finally spotted The Big Chicken. I don't know the address of Little Quilts but I do know that it is down the road from said Chicken. And every direction in Marietta is related to where it is in relations to the Big Chicken.

Mission accomplished-I got my scissors. Place was hopping as it was a pick up day for a block of the month. Thought I was going to have to park in Smyrna! Brenda was there and we chatted and checked out some fat quarters that will be used in the next Bonnie Hunter mystery (coming this Friday). I needed some blacks to perk up my stash. Also ran into another Thimble there-Danita.

I was good and did not detour to Tiny Stitches but headed over to Alpharetta to drop off my Thksg dinner contribution-turkey gravy base from Wm Sonoma.

As for the rest of the weekend?........who knows. I need to get back to Dark and Creepy

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

HavenStone AKA Dark and Creepy

I first saw Pat's pattern when she brought it to a Thimbles meeting back when. I knew I had to make this one. It is the first one in her book that I want to make. I will not be making the one on pg 71! I have been collecting my neutrals. Would you believe shortage of white fabric?

At any rate, this past weekend, I started wacking up fabric. I have learned a couple of things. This block really does need good contrast and quarter inch seams are important in this block. that is not new, but I have had to start over because my blocks just don't come out at the proper size or my points don't match. I might have to wait for a tutorial on this one from the Head Thimble.

I will be keeping her busy as I need help on the binding construction for Emily Jane as well. At least I won't be whining about heinous applique. She should be happy about that!

Crazy thing happened yesterday at work. A new employee came up to me and asked me if I was from NY. Long story short-we worked in the same nursing home in NY 13 years ago! And she remembered me. Unfortunately I drew a blank.

I met with Sir Quilt Dude after work yesterday to discuss when I will be able to retire. He will be working on the numbers. Stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed!

Friday, November 4, 2011

At last...Friday

There were times this week, that I thought it would never come. I am really tired of this whining. I don't want to whine I would really like to go back to when I enjoyed my job. It was not that long ago. It is a combination of new owners of the facility and the government who controls Medicare/Medicaid funding. An 11% cut across the board Oct 1 has caused companies nationwide to scramble and attempt to be able to care for our frail elderly. As a result, those of us in the "industry" are caught between a rock and a hard place. I am drowning in paperwork and jumping through hoops. But I am fortunate to still have a job. I know of people whose jobs have been eliminated. I know of employees who are told to do the job in less hours. I am too old for this garbage. But the sad thing is that we are aging rapidly in this country and things are going to get much worse. Who is going to take care of you when you are unable to do so?

Enough of feeling sorry for myself.....don't have any cheese to go with the whine anyway. I did make a list one night this week of works in progress or projects high up on my to do list:
1- Roll roll Cotton Boll-needs a backing and then quilting
1-Emily Jane-needs binding-only I can't figure out how to do the 2 color binding. Thimbles project-Pat will help with that
3-HavenStone-have started cutting the pieces for it
4-Quilt Camp Swap-need to continue making blocks. Swap blocks are done and ready for exchange after the holidays
5-quilt Camp project-working on the border for this one. I am over this quilt-just want it done. I would donate this top except I promised it to Laurie
6-comfort and Joy AKA Pain and Suffering-a moment of weakness. I love this pattern but I wish an applique fairy would appear and do it for me. Maybe I should put it under my pillow when I go to sleep and see if she comes
7-Scrappy Hunter's Star-the fabbie is in a container waiting to go
8-Perfect 10 ditto
9-Kris need a mantel cover
9- I think I signed up for the Nov project at Thimbles it is a beauty
10- Bonnie Hunter mystery starts Nov 18. I am on board for this one-pulling together my colors

But for now....I am going to bed. I will worry about it tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's coming.....

It is is almost time.....

I am not quite sure when I became a Bonnie Hunter groupie. I so love playing with little pieces. at any rate, her next mystery quilt will debut in a couple of weeks. Must get my fabbies together. I am going to use the same colors she used.
The first Bonnie Hunter quilt I made was called Orange Crush. she likes orange, me not so much. I did finish the top but I really did not like my color selection once the whole thing was together. I have collected all of her mysteries in the book.
I have made Double Delight and Carolina Christmas. I have Bonnie's autograph on the quilt label for Double Delight. Roll, Roll is done but needs to be quilted. I don't think the fabric I bought last week is enough. I will have to go to option next!

Not much sewing going on here. I have mostly done the preliminary cutting for Havenstone AKA Dark and Creepy. I am ready to start but just too darn tired to play at the end of the day. Maybe this weekend.

How many days until then? 2......16 scheduled work hours....that is 960 minutes.......I love my job...NOT

Had to get new toner for my printer. It only took me 20 minutes to figure out where the cartridges were and how to get them out.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Quick visit to Bad Melisa's (Sweet Home)

Gretchen and I decided to meet at Sweet Home yesterday morning. I have not seen her in (would you believe) 3 months since both of us missed Thimbles-me in Aug and Gretch in Sept and Oct. This is unacceptable!!!! At any rate, we have decided play dates are in order. I picked up that pink/green fabric in the tub room and it will become the backing for roll, roll. Gotta get that done and done. Bonnie's new mystery is starting in Nov. I needed the new Schnibbles book. The little purple fat quarters I did not need but I liked them. (They came from another shop)

I was on a hunt for white fabric. All that mess in the sewing room and could not find any white fabric. I have had that pile of tan/brown on my coffee table for some time. Since I am a lover of scrap quilts, I decided that I will do the planned quilt in Pat's new book scrappy. I needed white and may add some of the gray that I picked up. And look who has surfaced after the summer! Mum is the word as to where he has been but he seems to be in the thick of it! Sure hope he hasn't been fooling around with the Polly Pockets again!

I had such good intention for yesterday. did not happen. I ended up napping on the couch with the boys. Could be because the house is a bit chilly. At least it is not snowing

I am attempting to be a bit more productive today

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just Alice

Yesterday baby Alice turned two years old. Won't be able to call her Baby Alice much longer. She had her paraty on Sunday. Shr really liked being in the jumpy. (Meena not so much)

Half way thru the work week. There is a God! I want to play with fabric but am just too tired-will have to wait until Saturday.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Alice's birthday

Today was the first chance I got to see the quilt on her big girl bed. I had some anxious moments about it but it seems to fit. It ended up being long as you can see.
Kris and Tyler got a bouncy house for her birthday. She really enjoyed it. I couldn't snap fast enough to get her laughing!
Birthday cupcake was enjoyed as well. And there is Miss Emma helping. What a good daisy girl scout she is.

My 3 little girls at the photo shoot last month.

postscript from yesterday's blog: I did ask Rich if he has turned the heat on and he replied he has! But I'm not sure if it is at his house or Laurie's house as he is taking care of Lily while Laur is in Vegas. the times they are a changin'

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Baby, it's brisk inside

So it is getting cooler out....I whine (and have no cheese)! Way too early to turn the heat on.. My remedy.....quilts......I have a few! Here is my Scrappy Nine quilt on my bed. This quilt is featured in Pat's book. I wasn't collecting neutrals when I made this quilt. and by the way, there is one quilt in the book that I won't be making....because it involves heinous applique. It is beautiful and I would love to have one but...........NOT IN THIS LIFETIME. Besides Comfort and Joy is hanging over me...haunting me....staplique just won't cut it.

My other remedy for the chill-the flannel sheets are on the bed. My bed making assistant seems to be happy about this. Wild Willie never lets me make the bed alone. I can't figure out why he feels he needs to help me every day! And won't my new quilt look wonderful when covering these cozy sheets. Gotta go gather my neutrals.

see below for book and check out page 71. I am heading for pg 22. Tempted???? You need this book-get it now

The book is in the house!

I got my copy of Queen Thimble's first book. Pat shared some of the process in the past months with us at Silver Thimbles. We even got to see some preliminary ideas. I anxiously waited for my very own copy as there is one quilt that I absolutely fell in love with when I saw it. I HAVE TO MAKE THIS ONE. I have made the one on the cover. It was an independent pattern and I made mine scrappy. I call it Scrappy scrappy nines as it is all different colors. It is currently residing on my bed as it is cold in the house and I WILL NOT turn on the heat. (as my ex would say, " save it until you really need it".) I'll ask him if he has turned on the heat yet tomorrow when we are at Alice's birthday party.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A quilt for Baby

Alice has a "baby" that she carries around (along with Elmo and something else). Baby is well traveled as he/she (?) went to the Caribbean back in May. Anyway, since Alice is going to be the big 2 next week, I made baby a quilt to go with Alice's big girl quilt.

Do you think that Henry is registering a complaint since he does not have his own quilt? But then again he claims all of them as his own!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

An excellent Adventure

My life lately has been rather vanilla. Work has consumed my days and sleep my evenings and nights. Not complaining (much). I have a job! Work has involved cleaning up after a former coworker who really didn't do his job. And then all the new stuff that has come down from the govt for medicare/medicaid. When I get home after work, all I can do is sit on the couch and fall asleep. Not much sewing going on but I did finish Alice's big girl quilt. I delivered it yesterday and hopefully will get a pix on her bed next week. Her birthday party is next Sunday.

So to make a long story, longer....yesterday I decided I needed an outing. Actually I made that decision, Friday night. Friends of mine (above) were vending at a quilt show in Blairsville, Ga. I headed up there to check them out bright and early. The Garmen sent me on Ga 129. There is no way to get to Blairsville except over the mountains. It was a beautiful Fall day thankfully because that rode on a wet day would not be fun. A friend from NY asked me if the road was like a road there that is called "the goat path". It is route 6 going from Peekskill to the Bear Mt. Bridge. It is a 2 lane road that winds up this mountain-no guard rails to speak of except some large boulders and a sheer drop to the Hudson River. Another not so much fun road. But 129 is oh so much worse. Hairpin turns, squiggly turns, squeeze the steering wheel and pray.

But I got to Blairsville and had a good time. Nice quilts but I really went to see the girls at P. S. Goin' Sewin'. Peggy (on the right) is the designer of the quilt I made at quilt camp in Aug. And that is Marti on the left- one of my Thimble buddies. (Shannon was off at a wedding.)
I took no pix of the fall foliage but it was beautiful-probably will peak next week. And then I headed home, determined NOT to go 129. The trip back was not as bad, but not great either!

I meant to post this picture a couple of weeks ago. Laurie's friend Walter took some beautiful pictures of the family. I have to figure out how to get a few more over so I can show off my little girls.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Alzheimer Walk 2011

Got up bright and early this morning and headed off to Atlantic Station to do the memory walk. I must admit I had second thoughts this morning...what was I thinking??? It was a beautiful day this fact it was a little chilly. We had a group from work and I walked with one gal...we kept each other going. By mile 2 I was really thinking I needed my head examined but that was at the top of an incline. But I did it. And took to advil at the finish line. The rest of the day was a wash...spent on the couch.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Absent...yet again

..and no good excuses.

well, there is work. The job has gone from good to I can't wait to retire in 2011. The company was purchased by another and it has not been fun. The government implemented a new tool for medicare/medicaid payments in 2010 and the learning curve has been a little slow and now we have revisions starting Oct. 1 I have been working with a person who got on my very last nerve just about every day. I knew there was issues with his work but no one listened when I dropped hints. It all came crashing down this week and now he is gone and it is left to the rest of us. to fix the mess. And it is a royal mess. The only good thing is that I am no longer salaried but hourly, so at least I will get paid to get it cleaned up. Enough from the cranky old woman! Nancy Near Philadelphia calls them C.O.W. S. so moo!

I have been working on my friend Pat's (Her royal highness the Head Thimble) pattern Emily Jane. Little log cabins set between blocks and set on the diagonal. All the cabins are complete and now I am just sewing the streets together. It is slow going since I am so tired. I have done a lot of unsewing but I really need the fabric fondling for my mental health~

Speaking on mental health. I am doing an Alzheimer walk next weekend (if I remember) at Atlantic Station with the work group. Getting a tee shirt and everything!
Also have been reading a series of books that my friend Kathy told me about. I am up to # 5. The main character is a female Episcopal priest in a small town in upstate NY. She gets into lots of problems when she is not in the pulpit!

Now I am caught up....the COW is signing off

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A is for Alice quilt

I finished the half square triangles during the week and started cutting out the sashing. That is when I realized that my half square triangles were not the same size as the pattern since I used the easy angle thingy but made my strips 3 inches instead of 2.5. I needed to adjust the rest of the pattern. That seemed easier than trimming 396 blocks! Today I started putting the rows together. I have to construct one row at a time so the pinwheels are right. I have 4 rows made. Three rows (above) are together. It is going to be one happy quilt. Maybe tomorrow I can get some more rows done. I need 10 rows all together.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day..end of summer

and hopefully some cool weather will be here soon. I am kind of glad to see the end of a beastly hot summer. (I hope someone will remind me of this when I start whining that I cam cold!)
Going to go to work today because it is going to rain and if I stay home, I probably would end up sleeping on the couch. I will make it a short day.

I started on the quilt for Alice's big girl bed yesterday. I finally decided that I would not change the size of the blocks in the pattern after I got some graph paper and sketched it out. I just need to double the size of the pattern. I think I need to make 394 half square triangles to start. I made about half of that number yesterday. They work up fast using the easy angle ruler. I delivered the reworked curtains yesterday. Kris posted a picture of them on her facebook page.

Laurie decided we needed family pictures and yesterday we all got together in a park in Norcross and had pictures taken. We are a funny bunch when all together. Laurie's friend Walter was the picture taker. He also did Kris and Tyler's wedding.

On a sadder note, my friend Gretchen lost one of her beloved cats this weekend. I only met Morph once but he was one special cat. Then again, all of our four-footers are special. I am sad that he is gone and sad for my friend

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Party on the Porch and other stuff

Last night was the annual Party on the Porch at Sweet Home. Since this summer has been SO HOT, Bad Melisa moved the party indoors. We played games, munched on goodies and fondled fabric! I participated in yoyo's right up there with heinous applique(staplique). I should have picked up the last block for Comfort and Joy. The last month is still sitting on the table unopened. I will get around to it someday! I could not resist those pretty Christmas ornaments and the fabric that went with it. So it came home with me.
After Party on the Porch, Cindi, Sarah-no blog, and I went to Brewster's for ice cream. We did this last year as well. Sarah has pictures to prove it!

Today was a day to rid myself of the green tootsies. The toes are now a more traditional red. Then it was over to see Miss Alice. Kris wanted to see the fabric I picked up for her new quilt. Alice got her big girl bed this week, so I need to get busy making the quilt. Kris was doing artwork on her wall. Lots of owls and cute!! We decided that one of the fabrics we had picked up several months ago would look great bordering the curtains. The curtains came home with me and I did some unsewing on the fabric I had added to them for the nursery.

Now about that second picture.......the car made a wrong turn and somehow I ended up at Patchwork Cottage! Look at what Moda did! 1-800-GOTTA HAVE. Don't often see gray and this is a good one. Mita has this line right as you walk in-just grab the bolts and have her cut it. She even has that great pattern. Instant project....another one. Still haven't figured out the border for last week's project-work got in the way

I am hoping I can do Alice's curtain tomorrow

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Quilt Camp-2011 now only a memory

I was here by 7:30 in the morning. I figured by the time I would be on unfamiliar roads, it would be light. I left home at 6AM. This is a new place for us and I LOVE it. A cabin in the woods-outside of Dahlonaga, Ga in the middle of nowhere! Well actually we were not too far from the Kangaroo rescue place-didn't see it-too busy sewing and laughing. 14 gals all together-how fun is that???

Here is Peggy talking about our project. We had to name this bad boy...some of the names can not be published. It was not an easy quilt top to master. Some of the star points are "lost in space". I am having a problem with the border as I made mine larger. I have to rethink how I will finish it off.

Here is our workspace. It was a little small but I loved the natural light and the fact that you can eat when you are hungry and do not have to get dressed unless you feel the need.

The living room/kitchen area. The food was wonderful. Sharon and Shannon are not to be believed. They deserve a long vacation with people waiting on them hand and foot. OMG I ate too much! The bedrooms all on one level made for a fun bed tour of quilts.. Hot tub outside your door!

Here is precious Louise. I love this woman. She is just the funniest person. She came to quilt camp for the first time several years ago, not knowing a soul. She was so quiet. And there is Becky pressing stars.

We laughed so hard all weekend long-that is until today when we had to come back to the real world. BLEAH!!!!!

Went to a new quilt shop up in Dahlonaga. Sure hope I can find this one again. It is worth the trip. It is not the too much fabric, poor lighting, can't see a thing shop there that is not worth the time or gas to travel to.

I was missed by the guys. They ate the food that I had put in the CASSEROLE dish and felt the need to chew through a bagof food. My boys know self service. They are glad I am home and have not left my side.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quilt camp

I am off to quilt camp in a little while. have to wait for it to get light out! Don't like to drive in the dark anymore. This year is a new adventure as the location and date were changed. This is year 8 or 9 of this annual event. It is August this year instead of Sept and an emergency change of location as well.
So it is somewhere outside of Dahlonaga. I just need to load the car with my stuff and I am good to go. I have not packed any clothes yet...who needs clothes...when I get out s suitcase, the guys get "funny". I wonder if others' four-footers act the same? Don't need more than a couple of outfits and clean undies...not much to pack.

doubt that much will be accomplished in the next couple of days but I know that I will have a good time.

Camera is to follow

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Quilt Inspectors at work..

Last evening I finished sewing the last rows together of Long Road Home. It is our latest Thimble friends swap. Lots and lots of little pieces. After I finished it, the boys had to check it out. Spooky takes his job a little more seriously than Wild Willie, as you can see! Now I have to make a decision about the back...piece it or get a wide back fabric. What do you think?

After I finished the top, I finished the book "The Help". I want to see the movie but I wanted to finish the book first. I really enjoyed the book. I am glad times have changed in the South from the sixties.

One more week until quilt camp..woot woot!!