Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's coming.....

It is is almost time.....

I am not quite sure when I became a Bonnie Hunter groupie. I so love playing with little pieces. at any rate, her next mystery quilt will debut in a couple of weeks. Must get my fabbies together. I am going to use the same colors she used.
The first Bonnie Hunter quilt I made was called Orange Crush. she likes orange, me not so much. I did finish the top but I really did not like my color selection once the whole thing was together. I have collected all of her mysteries in the book.
I have made Double Delight and Carolina Christmas. I have Bonnie's autograph on the quilt label for Double Delight. Roll, Roll is done but needs to be quilted. I don't think the fabric I bought last week is enough. I will have to go to option next!

Not much sewing going on here. I have mostly done the preliminary cutting for Havenstone AKA Dark and Creepy. I am ready to start but just too darn tired to play at the end of the day. Maybe this weekend.

How many days until then? 2......16 scheduled work hours....that is 960 minutes.......I love my job...NOT

Had to get new toner for my printer. It only took me 20 minutes to figure out where the cartridges were and how to get them out.

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Brenda said...

I am planning on doing the new Bonnie Hunter quilt with her colors. Can't wait to get started.