Saturday, October 1, 2011

Absent...yet again

..and no good excuses.

well, there is work. The job has gone from good to I can't wait to retire in 2011. The company was purchased by another and it has not been fun. The government implemented a new tool for medicare/medicaid payments in 2010 and the learning curve has been a little slow and now we have revisions starting Oct. 1 I have been working with a person who got on my very last nerve just about every day. I knew there was issues with his work but no one listened when I dropped hints. It all came crashing down this week and now he is gone and it is left to the rest of us. to fix the mess. And it is a royal mess. The only good thing is that I am no longer salaried but hourly, so at least I will get paid to get it cleaned up. Enough from the cranky old woman! Nancy Near Philadelphia calls them C.O.W. S. so moo!

I have been working on my friend Pat's (Her royal highness the Head Thimble) pattern Emily Jane. Little log cabins set between blocks and set on the diagonal. All the cabins are complete and now I am just sewing the streets together. It is slow going since I am so tired. I have done a lot of unsewing but I really need the fabric fondling for my mental health~

Speaking on mental health. I am doing an Alzheimer walk next weekend (if I remember) at Atlantic Station with the work group. Getting a tee shirt and everything!
Also have been reading a series of books that my friend Kathy told me about. I am up to # 5. The main character is a female Episcopal priest in a small town in upstate NY. She gets into lots of problems when she is not in the pulpit!

Now I am caught up....the COW is signing off

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A Quilter Awakens said...

Oh dear (about the job) and oh wow (about Emily Jane). That is one beautiful quilt! Glad the old bozo-dude is gone so you can get some real work done. I am now exactly nine years at my current job.(You know what I mean.) Karmen

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

I for one will be glad of your retirement...does this mean I will get to spend more time with you? I will promote you to head "Lady in Waiting" right now..waiting for retirement that is.

Glad the dude is gone, you may have ended up in jail instead of retired.


Anonymous said...

So Glad you love Claire Fergusson! She is fun, isn't she? Beautiful quilt as usual. G is back in the hosp. as of today- multiple pulmonary emboli. On Lovenox, coumadin, and we'll see.

Brenda said...

Love your Emily Jane, sorry to hear that work is not going well. I feel your pain