Saturday, December 17, 2011

Thimbles Weekend Part 1, Orca Bay Part 5

I LOVE my thimbles peeps! Since I was on vacation this week, I am doing a double Thimble. I decided to work on little projects to start. The December meeting brings lots of food (an understatement). What a spread yesterday! So much that my 10 minute table runner took an hour and a half! Time out for eating and sampling AND doing a little jigsaw puzzle that Marti was giving away. Cute little quilt puzzle.
Downloaded Orca part 5 before I went over to Grayson. Cut 700 little triangles to add on to Part 3. This is going to take awhile. I am cutting and sewing batches. Today I also need to cut some pieces for Havenstone Dark and Creepy.

Henry update: He is still suffering thru his cone but doing better. He is not walking into things anymore and last night he even got under the covers in bed. The sore on his back is nice and dry but I can still feel some cellulitis under it. I think he has enjoyed having me home and every time I sit down, he is on my lap. Spooky is no longer growling and also on the bed at night. Things are almost back to normal here!


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