Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Watching too much tv?

I guess I have watched too many hours of A&E and "court tv". My imagination went into overdrive this evening. I had not heard from Laurie. She emailed just before she left Singapore on what was our Saturday. She had not updated her blog and no email that she was safely back in Japan. So this evening I got on good old skype and called her....no answer....where is she at 8AM...maybe she is in the shower....called again...still no answer. So I call Sue...have you heard from your sister? No...okay...I will wait. Then I got the bright idea to call her office....they don't answer in English.....Imagination is now way past overdrive.....I email her again...where are you???? Didn't hear about a plane accident....US embassy? Hello I am looking for my adult daughter who has not checked in with her mother!!!!George is in Japan, maybe I should call him and ask him to send some of his people to make sure my little girl is okay!

Then the phone rang......
Laur is, of course, fine. I feel so much better now. Besides, she has to come home and take back her dog!

I wonder if all mothers are like me?

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Carol said...

Even with my kids living local, I still have the same issues. My daughter does not answer the phone while they are watching a movie!! They have caller ID so they it is me. When do you stop worring about them.