Thursday, June 5, 2008

Orange Crush

This morning I looked at all the pieces I have and decided to begin to sew a couple of rows together before work. I managed one row! Then I decided I needed to count the leftover pieces. I have 48 blocks from step2 which means I need to make 48 more if I want to do the border as Bonnie has done hers. I think it really makes a difference in the look of the top. Ergo this afternoon, it is back to cutting! I am thinking I want the narrow first border to be either a brown or black with a small pattern. I hope I have enough of the red to make the outer border. Otherwise, it is back to the stash!

Meanwhile I have developed a summer cold. It started night before last with a scratachy throat and cough. I have been trying vitamin c (when I think of it!) and drinking lots of oj. If only I did not have to go to work and be nice!!

3 wonderful peoplecomments:

Melisa @ Sweet Home said...

So sorry you're feeling puny, Karen. There is nothing worse than having a cold when it is 90+ degrees outside!
Can't wait to see your finished Orange Crush!

Silver Thimble Talk said...

Get well and get to Sisters this weekend. Can't wait to see the "Crush". Summer cold yuk...I'll applique' you a hankie teehee


Becky said...

Now you are ahead of me. I can't decide what I will do about borders on Orange Crush. Keep going so that you can inspire me. Sorry that you are not feeling well. Could it be allergies? The air quality is in the dangerous zone. Hope to see you tomorrow!!!!! Bring quilt tops so we can have a great show and tell.